All Babies Should Look Like Their Mommy

Ada Verastic

This was supposed to be a Journey To Baby post. I was going to write and tell you about the two major arguments Igwe and I were having about the baby: whether we were having a boy or a girl and who the baby would look like. I already blogged about us not know whether it was a boy or a girl [read here], but also, Igwe wanted a girl who would look like him while I wanted a boy who would look like me. Well, I really wanted confusingly identical twin boys who would look like me, but since I knew Continue Reading

Vera, When Are You Having A Baby?

Baby Bump + Pregnancy

I have been wanting to blog about this for a while, but I couldn't blog about it because I hadn't blogged about our marriage yet. Now that I have [see here], let me tell you the immense and incredible pressure that I and my womb have been under. Before I got married, the pressure was to be married. One mention of a friend or acquaintance getting married, and the next question is, Vera, when are you getting married? When are we going to come and eat your own rice? As if I even promised to serve Continue Reading

Lil’ Kim Is Pregnant

Lil' Kim and her baby bump

I woke up this morning and tended to my bad habit: going through my phone before even getting out of bed. While on my phone, I went through my Instagram timeline and had to scratch my eyes when I thought I saw Lil' Kim with a baby bump on FashionBombDaily's timeline. Well, I was right. It was a baby bump! Still, I had to come and Google it, and lo and behold, it is true. Lil' Kim is pregnant. You're probably wondering what I'm wondering, too: who the heck got Lil' Kim pregnant? Well, I Continue Reading

Being Nigerian: The Due Date Edition

Baby Bump

Some days ago at work, I was in Elizabeth's office as usual. Elizabeth is my very cool and friendly co-worker. She's Puerto Rican and pregnant, and everyone knows when she's due because the month and date is posted on her door. It's in April. Anyway, while at her office, her unborn baby decided to show us (Lisa and me) his moves. I could see her belly going up and down, and I thought it was so beautiful and glorious - the miracle of a life jumping inside of her. It reminded me of when my aunt Continue Reading

Wayment! Dwayne Wade Just Had A Baby — And Not With Gabrielle Union?

Gabrielle Union's ring that's making the single ladies forget their size

When I heard the news that Dwayne Wade had put a ring on Gabrielle's finger, I didn't think too much of it because for some reason, I thought they were already engaged. I cannot tell you how many times I saw this famous picture of the ring on Gabrielle's finger on Instagram. Chics were posting the picture talmbout "I love this ring ... I cannot wait for my turn ... My dream ring ..." Haaa! Dream on. I'm yimuing all the way. Dream ring ko. You want to steal it??? Cockroach oh ... lizard oh Continue Reading

Top Reason Why Men Have Small Penises

Picture source: Daily Mail

For the men who have - or think they have - small penises and have wondered why they were dealt this fate, here's your chance to find out why: it's your mother. Apparently, when she was pregnant, she ate a lot of chicken wings, and chicken wings have been found to contain a certain small-penis-causing chemical called, phthalate. Unfortunately for me, after reading this and seeing the high-definition picture of chicken wings attached, all I want to do now is eat chicken wings. But I'm not Continue Reading

3 Year Old Explains Childbirth

The lil 3 year old that could ...

This man asked his 3 year old daughter, Adela a question about her mommy, and she told him the truth. Watch and laugh (it's only nine seconds long). This may make you think differently about if you should tell your child certain things. Don't you just love little kids? Makes me look forward to having a three year old who will also know what to expect from mommy's vagina :D Continue Reading

So … About My Pregnancy

Baby Bump

It was totally Funmie's idea to lie to you people AND to not tell you the truth until today. I refused, but she made a convincing argument. I haven't read all the comments yet because yesterday was cray-cray for me, but judging from Funmie's laughter when she called me last night, I anticipate some good, good stuff. I'm gonna go reply the comments once this is posted. Igwe was in on it, too. He told people on Twitter that I was indeed pregnant, and he accepted the congratulations that people Continue Reading

My Big News: Igwe And I Are Expecting :D


I stared at this blank page forever because I couldn't figure out how to start it. I didn't know what to say first, or how to say it. For the past seven years, I have shared my life with you on here. You have been with me from when I was a student, from when I was very single, from when I was dating other guys, from when my relationships failed, from when I met men, from when I met Igwe, from when Igwe proposed, and till now. I always imagined the day I'd tell you this, but I never knew how it Continue Reading

Ever Since Kim Kardashian Got Pregnant …

Kim Kardashian

She's been confusing the hell outta me with her clothes. While a lot of people have said that they "love" this dress on her, I personally find it strange. There is too much breast going on in there.  And it feels like she's attempting too much to cover up the bump, which I don't understand. Pregnant women are all kinds of sexy. Some more sexier, of course. I think she just doesn't know what to do with this new body she has. And the more people criticize her and put her on the worst dressed Continue Reading