Do You Poop At Work?

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No, seriously, this is a serious question. I'm very weird with my poop: I don't like leaving it in other people's houses. The only place I feel truly comfortable pooping is in my house. Beside the fact that I don't like using public restrooms, there's also the issue of poop being stinky --- although, of course, my poop doesn't stink *straight face* I refuse to poop at work. I can't. I won't. I actually try to poop at night or in the morning because I don't want to do it at work. There is this Continue Reading

So This Guy With The Romney Tattoo On His Face …

Eric Hartsburg and his Romney face tattoo

As much as I loved and supported Barack Obama during both of his campaigns, I did not stick any of the bumper stickers on my car. Not because I was skeptical that he will win, but because (1) I don't like bumper stickers. I like reading them, as long as they are not on my car and (2) How long am I expected to carry an election bumper sticker? But wait till I tell you about this guy. He's 30 year old Eric Hartsburg from Indiana, and yes, that is the Romney logo he has tattooed on his face. Continue Reading

Another Big Man Has Fallen Because Of A Woman

They traveled extensively while she was writing his biography

I don't know if it's fair to say that from the time of Adam and Eve, men have fallen because of women, but I will say it anyway. Granted, men - Adam included - should know better. By now, I'm sure you have all heard about the "disgraced General" who cheated on his wife of 38 years with a woman who is married with two kids. Yes, General David Petraeus. What is it that will compel a man of such power, such achievement, such caliber, and such responsibility to do that which he knew before Continue Reading

Your First Lady Is Back. And You Are Celebrating Because …???

Look! It's Super Woman!!

I hear your first lady, Dame Patience, is back from her two month disappearance. They say she was in Germany. I did not bother blogging about her disappearance because I figured, what's the big deal about the first lady of Nigeria disappearing?  We once had a missing president (Yar'Adua), so this is definitely a fly on the wall. In retrospect, I wish I had blogged about it. So many missed opportunities to crack jokes on her. But she's back now. And she (and all these people) are not Continue Reading

If There Was A Hole, Paul Ryan Would Have Crawled Into It

This was the look on his face 95% of the time. Okay, maybe 94%

Did you watch the Vice Presidential debate last night? Lord have mercy. Paul Ryan of the republican party took a beating, and it was not cute. You know the look you have on your face when someone has just told it to you? No comeback. No smart comment. Only you and the silence. Do you know what that face looks like? Wait, I took a screen shot on my phone. While Joe Biden did not say it exactly, his actions and tone did. And the words they said were, "Ryan chile, you need to take several Continue Reading

Holy Cow … It Does Exist!

Presidential Office At Aso Rock

For as far back as I can remember, I have always known that the Nigerian presidential villa is called Aso Rock. Problem is, I have never known anything else about it. What does it look like? What color is it? How big is it? What street is it on? Mba. Nothing. As far as the inside is concerned, I was sure that I'd have an easier time laying an egg. At a point, I started thinking it may not even exist sef. Continue Reading

My President

Although I am not a politics person at all, I have been following - best as I can - the events of this election season, just like I did four years ago when I was fired up for Obama. I still am. Some days ago, it was the Republican National Convention where Mitt Romney officially accepted his nomination to be the republican nominee. And yesterday, President Barack Obama accepted his. I rushed home from my Zumba class because I could not afford to miss a thing from the speech; I was in such a Continue Reading