Journey To Baby: My First Baby Shower In Pictures

Left to right: Lisa, Elizabeth (and look where her hand is), Antonia, and Jemela (her new son is just beautiful)

If nothing else, there is one thing that has become increasingly obvious to us: this baby it truly blessed and highly favored. So many things have been happening and falling into place, and we seriously believe that this child is bringing a lot of favor and blessings - in a way that neither of us have quite experienced before. Okay, so about my first baby shower. It was organized by my dear work friends, and it was a surprise. Although we usually organize small baby showers for pregnant Continue Reading

Funmie’s Birthday In Pictures

Looking all drunk and stuff

Funmie's birthday was on Thursday, May 15th, and as usual, she did not plan anything. Igwe and I had a pretty busy day because we had to first attend Dayo's dinner in school - where we met the infamous Professor. We left dinner early - sometime close to 9pm, I think - and headed over to Funmie's house. We took cake, Moscato , disposable plates and cups, and a pair of gold shoes for Funmie. She specifically called me and told me that she wanted either gold or silver shoes. I found gold. When Continue Reading

Who Started The Trend Of Nigerian Celebrities Releasing ‘Hot New Photos?’

Who are you, and what have you done with Halima's body?

I notice that recently, there has been a lot of hot new photos from our Nigerian celebrities. I make it a point to say 'Nigerian' because I know that not all my readers are Nigerian, so they may not recognize some of the names in this post. These hot new photos are usually of them in different clothes and poses, for no apparent reason. Well, they are called 'promo' photos, but I and the rest of the word just don't know what they're supposed to be promoting. I am  not a(n) pop Continue Reading

Attention, All You No Filter, Picture-Taking Ladies!

No Filter

If you are on any kind of social media - Instagram especially - then you'd notice pictures tagged with #NoFilter. These are supposed to be pictures showing natural beauty et al, sans make-up. Great idea, right? Well, not really. At least not all the time. I have put up at least one picture of me with no make-up, but I didn't tag it as no filter, not that I see anything wrong with that. Usually, when I put up pictures with no makeup, it's not because I want you to see what I look like without Continue Reading

Eye Candy For The Ladies: Chris

The many packs of Chris

There isn't much to say in a post like this. I think the packs speak for themselves. This is Chris; he's Ghanaian, and he's packing. Chris and I actually go to the same gym, but all I have is one pack. I'm thinking about suing the gym for not giving me his kind of results. Granted, he's been doing this for years, and I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks. But still, will it hurt to have at least two packs?     So this is Chris. Hot, sizzling Chris. We can Continue Reading

Igwe Proposed … And This Is How It Happened

Long before I knew what I was in for.

Lonnnnnnggggg post alert! Extreme picture overload!! Exit now!!! I have to start by really, really, really thanking every one of you for reading my blog. I honestly feel like I have a family here. You have been with me since 2006 when I started blogging, and I have blogged about all kinds of things: love, men, marriage, money, and my period, of course. That said, here’s how Igwe proposed. I mentioned on our anniversary day that we were going to have dinner with friends to celebrate. I Continue Reading

I’m Not Comfortable With This Relationship

This is just strange.

This is Mary-Kate Olsen and her boyfriend,  Olivier Sarkozy on an NBA date night. That's right, her boyfriend. She's 26. He's 42. See, it's not that I am against May-December love, and it's not that I think the age gap is too much - 16 years - it's just that at first glance, you'd think he's her father, no? There are lots of May-December lovers who don't look so disturbing, for lack of a better word. Like Beyonce and Jay-Z (she's 12 years younger); Bruce Willis and Emma Heming (she's 21 years Continue Reading

My Weekend Recount: Igwe’s Surprise Birthday Parties (Picture & Post Overload!)

Birthday Boy

Thank you to everyone for Igwe's birthday wishes. His face still hurts from all the blushing. His birthday was on Monday, October 29th, but we celebrated on Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th. This post is coming in a week late, I apologize. Let me try my best to break it down as much as I can. For his birthday, I planned him two surprises: a get-together on Saturday and a bowling party on Sunday. Let's start from Friday. Friday: Funmie came over to cook and fry the meats while Continue Reading