Sex With A Robot Can Give You Orgasms? Oh, And Extend Your Life, Too

Who wants a robot lover?

I know that all kinds of crazy things happen in this world, and in spite of how many crazy things I have read and written about, I never really stop being shocked. So here comes the robot sex thing: according to a study, women who have longer orgasms tend to live longer. This isn't just about how many orgasms a woman has, but also about how long they last. The longer, the better. Apparently, "[Sexbots will] be more desirable, patient, eager, and altruistic than their meat-bag competition, Continue Reading

Woman Beats Boyfriend Up Because Of Bad Oral Sex

Jennie Scott, victim of denied oral sex

Jennie Scott, a 50 year old Floridian woman has assaulted her 32 year old boyfriend, Jilberto Deleon for an oral sex gone wrong. You see, they were pleasuring each other when Jilberto orgasm'd before Jennie AND then proceeded to stop pleasuring her. That was when all hell broke lose. I know what you must be thinking at this time: didn't Vera blog this story already??? Well, yes and no. Just last month, I blogged about Racquel Gonzalez, a 24 year lady from Florida who also assaulted her Continue Reading

Woman Assaults Man For Daring To Climax First

Racquel Gonzalez, victim denied of an orgasm

The thing about orgasms is that everyone wants one. I don't think anyone wants to start the process of sex and not get to that happy point. The happy point is the whole point of the sex in the first place, isn't it? So keeping that in mind, you would understand why 24 year old Racquel Gonzalez of Florida got violently pissed off after her boyfriend, 30 year old Esric Davis climaxed without her. The nerves! Naturally, she did what any other sane woman would do: she started beating and Continue Reading

There Are Breast Orgasms?! Shut The Front Door!


When I read the 50 Shades trilogy and got to the part where Christian Grey gave Anastasia Steele an orgasm simply by doing whatever he was doing to her nipples, I was not really impressed because, well, I was reading a novel. And it was all fiction. So yes, of course, orgasm by nipple-playing is very possible.   But then I came across this, and my mind was blown away! Wait, there are actually women who orgasm in their breasts? This is not about having an orgasm only via Continue Reading

99% Of A Woman’s Orgasm Is Mental


But who has that kind of time???  When I heard that 99% of a woman's orgasm is mental, I went through a series of emotions that I cannot even put a name to. There are so many reasons why this percentage did not (and still does not) sit with me. Continue to find out. Excuse the White-woman picture. I couldn't find one of a Black woman that did not look like it was hard core porn - not that I would know what that looks like anyway. Continue Reading

The Orgasmic Rabbit

For the sake of this upcoming Verastically Speakin' show, What Your Mother Didn't Tell You About Sex Toys, I will go through almost anything - including, but not limited to learning about the rabbit that is capable of giving you an orgasm.  Since I started talking about this upcoming sex toys show, I have exposed myself to all manner of things and people. I have started learning bad, bad things oh! Continue Reading