Woman Beats Boyfriend Up Because Of Bad Oral Sex

Jennie Scott, victim of denied oral sex

Jennie Scott, a 50 year old Floridian woman has assaulted her 32 year old boyfriend, Jilberto Deleon for an oral sex gone wrong. You see, they were pleasuring each other when Jilberto orgasm'd before Jennie AND then proceeded to stop pleasuring her. That was when all hell broke lose. I know what you must be thinking at this time: didn't Vera blog this story already??? Well, yes and no. Just last month, I blogged about Racquel Gonzalez, a 24 year lady from Florida who also assaulted her Continue Reading

Midnight Bluez: I Don’t Know How To Go Down On Him

Dear Vera & Co, I really like the idea of your Midnight Bluez series and I wonder why you didn't start sooner. I've been coming back for a second installment since then. I didn't want to be the next installment because of the similar topics of oral sex, but mine is a different story. I'm 32 years old and have been married for almost three years. Before I got married, I had dated a few men but was intimate with only one, the one that took my virginity when I was 23. I never gave oral Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About [Oral] Sex

I can just see the excitement on everyone's face.  You sex-deprived lot!  Consider this post a rejoinder to my post, Bless Me Father For I Have Kissed.  Now, in case no one noticed, the operative word in the title of that post was KISSED.  As in, we were supposed to be talking about the critical issue at hand aka my predicament: the taboo in kissing before marriage.  I happened to mention (in one tiny little sentence) that it was also mentioned during the dinner/conference that oral sex between Continue Reading

Oral Sex: To Do Or Not To Do???

Weird topic, I know. Interesting topic, I know that too.Last week, I attended an African American group meeting where an interesting conversation ensued. As you should know by now, the topic is whether or not oral sex should be done/given. For the most part of the conversation, I sat laughing at what everyone else had to say. I never really said where I stood or did not stand. I just listened. And laughed.Before I tell you what people had to say, let me tell you that this group consisted of Continue Reading