Anne Hathaway’s Nipples: They’re Just Like Mine

Anne Hathaway's sewn-on nipples

During the Oscars on Sunday, a lot of things happened, and a lot of questions were asked. Like, who was the best and worst dressed? Was Seth MacFarlane actually funny? When did Jamie Foxx's daughter grow up to be so beautiful? How come our First Lady, Michelle Obama is so cool? And the most important question of all: what on earth was going on with Anne Hathaway's nipples? Anne wore a Prada dress that looked very nice on her - conservative in the front and liberal at the back. I don't know Continue Reading

Biko Nu, I Am NOT Pregnant!!!

So, my last post about my mysterious hard nipples got more pregnancy-related comments than I cared to have. I currently do not care to have any. I now feel the need to come back and explain further. At the beginning of the post, I said, "Lately, my nipples have become advanced ..." I should have explained that by lately, I meant, Since December 2009 or thereabout. If I were pregnant ... oh, never mind! I don't even know why I'm entertaining this thought. Secondly, there are two questions Continue Reading

The Mysterious Case Of Vera Ezimora’s Hard Nipples

Lately, my nipples have become advanced. They're like Vera's nipples 2.0! They seem to have evolved and gotten technologically, environmentally, emotionally, crazily in tune with the higher powers of Nipple-o-city. In other words, they have become very sensitive to everything, and I don't know why. Sometimes, I don't even know what everything means.Naturally, these nipples get hard when the temperature drops around them --- like when I step outside and it's cold, like when the air conditioner Continue Reading