Who Started The Trend Of Nigerian Celebrities Releasing ‘Hot New Photos?’

Who are you, and what have you done with Halima's body?

I notice that recently, there has been a lot of hot new photos from our Nigerian celebrities. I make it a point to say 'Nigerian' because I know that not all my readers are Nigerian, so they may not recognize some of the names in this post. These hot new photos are usually of them in different clothes and poses, for no apparent reason. Well, they are called 'promo' photos, but I and the rest of the word just don't know what they're supposed to be promoting. I am  not a(n) pop Continue Reading

7 Things You Did Not Know About Banky W

Banky W

I had a chat with award-winning Nigerian artist and song writer, Banky W, and these are the seven things you did not know about him: 1.  I like grocery shopping. While I'm not a fan of markets or spending the whole day in retail stores at the mall, I actually love going to big grocery stores and walking through all the aisles, picking up random stuff to try cooking with. 2.  I have very random sleeping habits. On average, I don't get nearly enough sleep ... maybe three to four hours Continue Reading

7 Things You Did Not Know About …

Mystery Person

I'm starting a new thing on my blog. Every now and then, I will tell you 7 interesting things about some of our most loved and respected Nigerian celebrities. I will not Google the information, nor will I copy and paste from a number of blogs. I will personally have a chat with them (not their PR or representative), and I will come here and tell you what they tell me. DISCLAIMER: This series will be biased, as I will only blog about celebrities that I personally like and whose work I respect and Continue Reading

Hol’ Up! Ice Prince Dumped Yvonne For Yvonne?

Ice Prince & Yvonne Nelson

                Well, that ain't right! News filtering through the world wide web is that Ice Prince used to date Yvonne [Nelson] until she left him to date Iyanya ... until Iyanya left her to date Tonto Dike ... until Iyanya said he's actually not dating Tonto Dike ... and then Ice Prince went to Yvonne [Nwosu] ... until Yvonne [Nelson] became single again and wanted back what she did not want before ... and errr, so now, Ice Continue Reading

Lessons Hollywood Can Learn From Nollywood


Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of watching the Golden Globe Awards. While I enjoy watching almost most awards of this kind, I usually do not get to watch the red carpet. They’re just going to tell me what they are wearing, and since I cannot afford them yet, what does it matter? But this time, I sat in front of my television at 6pm, searched for Channel E, and enjoyed the red carpet. From the red carpet to the actual award show, I could not help but notice some differences between Continue Reading

Tonto, But Why?

Yeah. Okay.

Remember when I put up that post about Tonto cursing her fans (or foes) out on twitter because they dared to judge her songs before hearing them? Well, breaking news: they were right! And I am somewhat surprised because the way she cursed people out, I began to wonder if maybe she can actually sing. The temerity! (Spoken like a true Nigerian girl). Tonto has released two things which she's referring to as songs. Listening to these songs is not for the faint-hearted. It takes real courage. Real Continue Reading

Tonto Dike Is Fighting With Her Fans … But That’s Not Why I’m Vexing


Yesterday, a twitter fight broke out between Tonto Dike and her fans. Apparently, she dared to tweet about her new song. Fans (or maybe not fans) were not happy. They criticized her for being an actor who is trying to sing. I'm still stuck on her being referred to as an actor. But a singer, too? Yeah, whatever. Anyway, that is not even the point. The point for me - and consequently the reason why I'm vexing - is that I cannot understand a friggin' tweet. Is it just me? Continue Reading

VIDEO: Stephanie Okereke’s Wedding

Stephanie said she's always wanted a fairy tale wedding, and this is one heck of a fairy tale video. While watching it, I almost swore it was a movie, like maybe they're tricking us and this is really a preview for an upcoming movie starring Stephanie Okereke and her husband - shot in Paris (or a place that closely resembles it). They look soooo happy. And I couldn't help but smile while watching it. Enjoy the video when you continue.     Continue Reading

Ramsey Nouah Has Quit Acting

Ramsey Nouah

It is with a heavy heart and deepest sorrow that I regret to announce the retirement of Nollywood actor, Ramsey Noah who has been in the business for over twenty years in the business (really?). He has not acted in a while, but he is now retiring to do other things. Continue Reading