Nigerians Have Been Arrested For Fraud — AGAIN

Identity Theft

This just in from Tuesday, July 21st. I wasn't going to even blog about it because it's not like we don't have enough bad things being said and written about us, but the more I thought about it, the angrier I became. These people are making it bad for the rest of us! This time, the names listed are three young Nigerians, all right here in my 'hood (Maryland). And no, I don't know any of them. Their names are Omolaja Terry Iginla, age 25, of Laurel, Maryland; Mayowa Olabiyi Towobola, age 24, of Continue Reading

Top 9 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Detest Homosexuality

Top 9 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Detest Homosexuality

Long before America made gay marriage legal across the country, Nigerians have always detested the entire concept of same-sex marriage and sex, and have always looked at America suspiciously for allowing it. It's not as if America is the only country where gay people exist, and even within Nigeria itself, there are gay people, but Nigerians do not wear it like a badge of honor because it is in fact a detestable thing. How can a man be attracted to a fellow man? But there are many valid reasons Continue Reading

Igwe Got Into A Verbal Fight For Being Yoruba

Welcome to Nigeia

This all happened because of goat meat. Let me explain. Usually, Funmie is the one who helps me get goat meat whenever she goes to D.C. This time, however, Igwe went (not to D.C, but to Pennsylvania).  I know, I know, the distance we'll travel for goat meat.  He had been planning on going for months with his friend, but something always came up. This time, up until the morning they actually went, he did not know whether they would make it there or not. He left the house early, like maybe Continue Reading

“You Can Pass For One Of Us,” He Told Me

Nigerian American

I was with the doctor yesterday (not my personal doctor), but it was my first time meeting him. He called me by my Igbo name and asked if he said it right. I said yes. Honestly, he did a great job, considering that he's American. Then he asked me where I'm from, and I proudly said Nigeria. The doc then responded by saying, "Oh, wow, you speak really good English." I don't know what my face looked like (since I couldn't see it), but I imagine that my eyebrows were raised defensively and my lips Continue Reading

Buhari Does Not Promise To Bring Back Our Girls — And I Respect Him For That


I know what you’re thinking: two back to back posts about Nigeria? Well, even if you’re not thinking it, I definitely am. I don’t usually like blogging about anything back to back, but I read Buhari’s op-ed on New York Times yesterday, and I just had to mention it here. I am not into politics at all, and I am even less into Nigerian politics. When GEJ was President (yes, I am deliberately referring to his administration as past tense), I used to get boiling mad whenever I read something from Continue Reading

We Are Not One Nigeria


In America, we are dealing with racial tensions. It's never over really, but sometimes, it dies down a little bit, and temporarily, people sleep with both eyes closed. And then cases like Walter Scott unfortunately happen, and we have to wonder yet again why another Black man has been murdered, and will we be next? In Nigeria, we deal with tribal tensions and discord. I might be wrong, but I tend to think that our tribal discord is worse than the racial discord in America because in America, Continue Reading

What Buhari’s Election Means To Me


Although I was aware of what was going on during the election, I was not actively or purposely following it. But it was hard to miss it. Everywhere I turned, there was one update or the other with the #NigeriaDecides. I read views from both PDP and APC supporters. I read about the infamous debate between the youths representing both parties. Igwe started to watch the video, but I just could not be bothered. Maybe it's my lack of political wisdom, but I did not understand why people who would Continue Reading

Why Didn’t They Teach Me About Biafra In School?


I was going to title this post, "Why didn't they teach US about Biafra in school?" but I realized that I cannot speak for everyone. Maybe you were taught, but I wasn't. This past Saturday - January 24th - it was my grandma's birthday, so Igwe and I bought her a yummy cake and took her out to dinner. While waiting for our food, we somehow started talking about politics. We talked about upcoming election in Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, Buhari, what Nigeria used to be, and then, Biafra. Grandma Continue Reading

About The Nigerian Woman In The Leaked Sex Tape


Last week on Nigerian Twitter, it was all about the leaked sex tape featuring a Nigerian woman. Allegedly, she's a married woman, a mother of five children, and a Registered Nurse in the DMV area, and the man whose penis she's sucking and who she's sexing doggy style is an African-American man who works as a janitor --- and is not her husband. I don't know how popular this story is off Twitter, but I live in the DMV area, so due to geographical location, the story is hot off Twitter Continue Reading

She Asked Me If Nigeria Was On Another Planet

Questions About Nigeria

At the closeout party at the BlogHer Conference, Rev Run was on the 1s and 2s, and it was just wonderful. Did I ever think the day would come when "Tricky" would be booming through the speakers and Rev Run would be rapping along, right in front of me? No, but it happened anyway, and I enjoyed every bit of it. After he left, we still had about 45 minutes to network and chat among each other. I was sitting and chatting with a blogger with whom I had made an acquaintance the day before. And Continue Reading