For The Woman Who Is Still Waiting For Her Man

Janette ...ikz

I watched this video for the first time about two years ago. I had forgotten about it until I came across it again. It's about a woman who is still waiting for her man. I'm sure some of you have watched it. If you have, that's okay. But for those who haven't watched it, or who have watched it and forgotten the message, please enjoy it again. It's a poem by Janette ...ikz, and it's called, I will wait ... for you. Continue Reading

Any 40 Year Olds In The House???

The big Four OH

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am super excited. I came across this list of 20 things that people should master by the age of 40. Though I still have over a decade to turn 40, I should already be working on and mastering these skills. It's a lengthy read, but you'll enjoy reading it. I started by underlining the things I really connect with, but I was underlining everything, so there goes that idea. Meanwhile, pre-happy birthday to me. When I come back tomorrow, I will officially be one day Continue Reading

Be Absolutely Amazing

Like my Pastor always says, "I don't know why this is coming to my spirit," but I just want to tell you - dear wonderful readers of mine - that you should be nothing less than absolutely amazing. Don't be afraid of success. Don't be afraid of shining. Don't be afraid of being at the top. Don't be afraid of being the best. And don't let the fear of being all these keep you away from what is sure to be a glorious life.  Continue Reading