If Only I Had A Blackberry Bold 9900 …

Something frightening happened to me on Friday night (yes, I mean last week). I had a nightmare. I know you must be curious about the correlation between this nightmare and the Blackberry Bold 9900. Keep reading. By the end of the story, you too, will agree with me.  I dreamt about Mercy Johnson. Before you hiss, let me just say that it is an absolute coincidence that I'm blogging about Mercy Johnson in what seems like a back to back post. Continue Reading

So Princess Mercy Johnson Haf Marry

Mercy Johnson and Prince Odi Traditional Marriage

Last weekend on Verastically Speakin,' we had a random show. For those that are unfamiliar with the show and/or its Randomisity series, the random show is basically true to its name. We dedicate two hours to talking about anything and everything. It can be something that I think of, something that my co-host thinks of, something that the callers think of, or something that people on the social networks suggest (chat room, Twitter, Facebook, etc). On that note, Mercy Johnson's impending wedding Continue Reading