10 Types Of Men Who Won’t Marry You

Group of men

Usually, when a relationship is over, that's when you look back objectively and face reality. But most times, we can know these things before the relationship even starts. I culled this from Huffington Post, and I think it's spot on! It's a list of 10 men who will NOT marry you (and who, in my opinion, you we should not want to marry anyway). It was written by Samantha Daniels, a professional match maker and relationship Continue Reading

Give Me A Spouse Or I Die!

Church program: Give me a spouse or I die

My regret is that I did not blog of this event sooner. I knew of it a while ago, but I completely forgot to share it here so that people who are now on the brink of death caused by spouselessness can go to this event. The funny part is that there are people who actually feel this way. And there are people who attended this event ... AND these people said this prayer to God. I can just see it happening. The pastor will say, "Now, say, FATHER!!! GIVE ME A SPOUSE OR I DIE! DON'T ALLOW MY ENEMIES Continue Reading

Remember That Bastard Married Guy I Blogged About?


If you have no idea what bastard married guy I'm talking about, it's okay. Rest easy, I've got this covered. The post is about Omoba, a married man with a standard bastard behavior who had the balls to say he dreamt of me and wanted to know what I thought about it. Read it HERE. The post was written in 2011. So why am I bringing this up now? Because sometime last week, I received an e-mail from a girl called, Seun. I've never met her before, but somehow, she stumbled on my blog, and her Continue Reading

So What Does The Bible Actually Say About Divorce?


Honestly, I think God wants me to blog about this. The other day, I picked up my Teen Bible - which I love and have missed using since I stopped being a teenager (two years ago, of course), and I opened it to a random page - The book of Mark, Chapter 10. It was talking about divorce. I read Verses 1 to 12, which were the verses that discussed divorce. After reading it, I started studying my bookshelf in admiration. It was the last part of the house that I needed to organize, so since doing that, Continue Reading

VIDEO: Igwe Proposed … And This Is How He Did It

Sitting outside church. It was cold!

So I am soooo excited! Igwe and I were over at Olu and Uzo's house yesterday and he handed us our DVD. Soon as we got home, we popped it in. The entire video itself is about 45 minutes long, but the montage - which is absolutely beautiful - is less than five minutes. If you missed Igwe's proposal, please read it here, complete with the story and pictures. Meanwhile, before we went to dinner, we took a few pictures outside of church. Just to be clear, I still had no idea at this time what Continue Reading

Should A Wife Confront Her Husband’s Ex Over BBM Messages? Discuss.

Blackberry Dude

This is an issue that I have been tackling on Twitter with one of my followers. Well, I think she’s a follower, not entirely sure. I’m too lazy to find the original tweet, so I’m going to paraphrase the question. Question: Should a wife add her husband’s ex on her BBM to tell her to stop sending BBM messages to him late at night? In case you’re confused, the question is should a wife confront her husband’s ex because she’s sending him messages late at night? These messages include Happy Continue Reading

Another Big Man Has Fallen Because Of A Woman

They traveled extensively while she was writing his biography

I don't know if it's fair to say that from the time of Adam and Eve, men have fallen because of women, but I will say it anyway. Granted, men - Adam included - should know better. By now, I'm sure you have all heard about the "disgraced General" who cheated on his wife of 38 years with a woman who is married with two kids. Yes, General David Petraeus. What is it that will compel a man of such power, such achievement, such caliber, and such responsibility to do that which he knew before Continue Reading

Nigerian Man Is Raped To Death By His Six Wives

Three days ago, Mr. Uroko of Benue State died from being raped by his six wives. Well, four actually because he died in action as one wife was still on her way to the bed, and the other had not even begun her journey yet, so something tells me that she might still be horny. Mr. Uroko - according to this article - was a successful man and a philanthropist. His love for sex encouraged him to acquire more women. Continue Reading

So What The Heck Is Scientology?

Tom and Katie

The past week has been buzzing with the news of Katie Holmes filing for a divorce from her husband, Tom Cruise. People have been wondering what happened to their passionate love - the one that had Tom jumping on Oprah's couch.  I didn't ask that question. Not because I know what happened to the love, but because I know that things change sometimes. We don't want them to change, and we can work hard at making them change only for the better. But really, one should not expect him to be jumping on Continue Reading

My Lanre Is Married — To His Kemi


Two years ago, I decided to do a Valentine-inspired something called, Show Me Your Love where couples sent me their stories and pictures for me to feature on my blog. It was fun doing the something, but it was time consuming, and when May came around, I did it again, but this time to celebrate Mother's Day.  So when the following year came around (2011), I skipped it (same for this year). You can view the 2010 edition here, but it's practically useless because I lost the images when I moved from Continue Reading