So You Just Allowed A Yoruba Man To Carry You Away? She Asked Me

My man crush

I've always known that there is tribal tension among the tribes in Nigeria, but nothing has put it in perspective for me as much as being an Igbo girl married to a Yoruba man. Some of my [Igbo] people look at me like I'm crazy and naive for marrying a Yoruba man, and some of Igwe's [Yoruba] people look at him like he's some kind of god for being bold and strong enough to marry an Igbo  girl. Ah, Omo Igbo??? They treat him like he just told them that he'll be deploying to Iraq to fight the war Continue Reading

Pre-Wedding Feature: Angela & Kenna


Another Sweet Potato is getting married. There is definitely love in the air! When I hear/read of a Sweet Potato getting married, I get all giddy as if I'm part of the wedding, and I guess with posting pictures here, I kind of am part of the wedding. Today's Sweet Potato is Angela. Her fiance is Kenna, and they live right here in Maryland. Their wedding is on August 29th 2015 and I can hardly wait! Yes, I know it's not my wedding, but a girl is allowed to be excited. Usually, when I ask a Continue Reading

Wedding On Verastic: Tosin & Mohammed

Wedding On Verastic: Tosin & Mohammed

Our Sweet Potato, Tosin has married the love of her life, Mohammed, and she's sharing pictures from her special day with us. This is a picture-heavy post, and I love it. I stared at Tosin's and Mohammed's pictures over and over. They just look so --- so --- real and happy. You know what I mean? I don't want to make this post longer by typing on and on, so let's just read their story, in Tosin's words. We had our Introduction in November 2013 before he Proposed (which is outside the norm and was Continue Reading

Pre-Wedding On Verastic: Ada & Manre

Wedding On Verastic: Ada and Manre

Ladies and Gentlemen of Verastic, I am too, too proud to introduce Ada and Manre to you, our first Verastic couple. I have never met any of these lovely people in person, but I e-knew them online individually, before they knew each other. So when I found out that they started dating, it felt so special to me, and when I found out they were engaged and planning a wedding, I did mental back flips. Ada and Manre met on Twitter.  Ada said ... Manre and I met mid 2010 on twitter. Lol. We tweeted Continue Reading

Dear Vera, How Did You Know Igwe Is The One?


Hey Vera, I want to know how you became certain Igwe is 'the one' i.e how you became so confident to share his pictures on social media and things like that. I don't know if you know what I mean. Also, how can I be more sensitive to my Boyfriend? He thinks I'm too laid back and nonchalant. My Sweet Potato, Surprisingly, this seemingly simple question is much harder to answer because there are elements of our relationship that I don't want to talk about yet. That said, how did I know that Continue Reading

So Igbos And Yorubas Hang Out In America?

Fear of lipstick is the beginning of wisdom

Igwe and I were at Morgan State University on Thursday last week for a dinner held by the Engineering Department. It was called the Graduates and Parents Reception.  Igwe's baby brother, Dayo was about to graduate, so that was the dinner celebrating the graduates (and the family that helped them get there). While Igwe and I were trying to get our meals, there was a Nigerian man behind us. We knew he was Nigerian because we had heard his voice and accent. Eventually, he asked us if we were Continue Reading

Dear Vera, I’m Married, But I’m Still In Love With My Ex-Husband


Dear Verastic, I'm new to your page but thought maybe some advice from you could help me. I'm still very much in love with my ex-husband and I know that he wants me back too. However I'm married to someone else, I love and care about him and wish only good things for him but since a few weeks after we married I just didn't love him the same. I came from a big family and always wanted children, we talked about it before marriage and he said yes. Now all I get is no or he evades the question. Continue Reading

Wayment! Dwayne Wade Just Had A Baby — And Not With Gabrielle Union?

Gabrielle Union's ring that's making the single ladies forget their size

When I heard the news that Dwayne Wade had put a ring on Gabrielle's finger, I didn't think too much of it because for some reason, I thought they were already engaged. I cannot tell you how many times I saw this famous picture of the ring on Gabrielle's finger on Instagram. Chics were posting the picture talmbout "I love this ring ... I cannot wait for my turn ... My dream ring ..." Haaa! Dream on. I'm yimuing all the way. Dream ring ko. You want to steal it??? Cockroach oh ... lizard oh Continue Reading