Journey To Baby: Why We Decided To Have A Baby

Black baby

Igwe and I got married in December 2011, and before we got married, we discussed children and us not being ready to have them yet. We got married in December and I started using birth control in January 2012. If you want to know about what birth control I used and my experience with it, I would be more than happy to blog about it. Just let me know. I'm an open book - sometimes. Anyway, our reason for not yet wanting children was not because we wanted to "see the world" but because we were Continue Reading

All Babies Should Look Like Their Mommy

Ada Verastic

This was supposed to be a Journey To Baby post. I was going to write and tell you about the two major arguments Igwe and I were having about the baby: whether we were having a boy or a girl and who the baby would look like. I already blogged about us not know whether it was a boy or a girl [read here], but also, Igwe wanted a girl who would look like him while I wanted a boy who would look like me. Well, I really wanted confusingly identical twin boys who would look like me, but since I knew Continue Reading

Happy Birthday To My Igwe Of Life

Igwe of Verastic

It's Igwe's birthday today, but it's different from all the other birthdays I have celebrated with him. This time, he's a daddy, and I am continuously entertained by his antics. Igwe is a dadzilla (and I'll blog about this later). I am so proud of who Igwe has become since we started this journey in 2010. He has grown so much and learned so much, and I couldn't  be happier that part of his change is because of me. I thank God everyday that I chose him. When Igwe started "pursuing" me, I could Continue Reading

Igwe And I Are Having A Baby

Journey to baby for Verastic

No jokes. And it's not April's Fool's Day. But if you don't believe me, you're not alone. Everyone's first reaction is, Really? Seriously? Are you serious? You're joking. No way! I know what you want. You want me to give you details. You want pictures. You want stories. You expressed so clearly and loudly in the survey that you want personal stories. And I promised in my response that you will have just that. And you will not complain oh! I remember a Sweet Potato saying that judging Continue Reading

The Thing About Being Igbo Is That I’m Not Yoruba

Couple Silhouette

I'm Igbo. Have I told you that before? Probably. Igwe, my husband, is Yoruba. By the way, this might be the first time I have referred to Igwe as "my husband" in a blog post. Aaarrrggghh. So weird. Yes, we've been three years married, but it's still so. darn. weird. Fine girl like me, how can I be referring to someone as my husband? Anyway, the difference in our tribes has never been more obvious to me --- until now that I'm married. Between Igwe and me, we don't ever remember that we come Continue Reading

Ladies & Gentlemen, Igwe And I Are Now God Parents!

Baby Amaka Ezimora

I am so freaking excited right now. Well, I've been excited for the past week since Solachi had a baby and we became god parents. I couldn't mention the pregnancy on the blog because Solachi warned me to never, ever mention on the blog or on social media that she's pregnant. Our baby finally came on Wednesday, March 11th 2015, weighing a little over six pounds, and two days ago (March 18th), we celebrated my baby's naming. I won't even bother telling you her official names because what matters Continue Reading

Who Needs A Baby When You Have A Husband?


My Igwe has been "sick," and he's not been afraid to tell me. He's been huffing and puffing and trying to tear his nose off his face. In fact, if he sneezes one more time, his nose might just fall off. Let me tell you all about it. On Sunday morning, we didn't go to church because Igwe was feeling worse than he was the previous day, so we rushed off to Patient First. Patient First is like the emergency room ... it takes forever. So after sitting there for hours, Igwe finally had a diagnosis: Continue Reading

So You Just Allowed A Yoruba Man To Carry You Away? She Asked Me

My man crush

I've always known that there is tribal tension among the tribes in Nigeria, but nothing has put it in perspective for me as much as being an Igbo girl married to a Yoruba man. Some of my [Igbo] people look at me like I'm crazy and naive for marrying a Yoruba man, and some of Igwe's [Yoruba] people look at him like he's some kind of god for being bold and strong enough to marry an Igbo  girl. Ah, Omo Igbo??? They treat him like he just told them that he'll be deploying to Iraq to fight the war Continue Reading

My Secret: Igwe And I Are Married

Funmie made us strike this pose

Yup. That's my big, bad secret. A lot of you already guessed as much, but what no one guessed was how long I have been married. Sit back and enjoy the long post ahead. 2011: Igwe and I were still dating. He talked about marriage like every other day, and a lot of times, I shut the conversation down because as much as I loved him, I just felt like there was no point talking about it so much since we weren't planning on doing it yet. Fast forward to November 2011, Igwe just randomly told me one Continue Reading

Igwe & I Were Bamboozled At The Mall

Deja Vu Skin care products

So the other day, Igwe and I went to the Towson Mall because we had to go to Macy's for me to return a top and buy it back. The top originally cost $50, but I returned it and bought it for $20. Yes to coupons! We could have gone to Macy's in White Marsh, which is a lot closer to us, but we went to Towson because I wanted to stop at H&M to check for a belt. We were at H&M couple days earlier and I had seen this beautiful belt. I picked it up, then I left it at the cashier, but when I got Continue Reading