The State Of My Love Life – According To This

Bared To You - Sylvia Day

I don't even remember where I saw this thing, but I instantly saved it and promised myself to come back and do it, just to see what the state of my love life is. Who wouldn't want to know? I love doing these things. Now, to be completely honest, I didn't have a book next to me, as I am not currently reading any book (shame on me). I barely have enough time to blog as it is (and let's not even talk about writing my book. Yeah, that project isn't dead - yet), so reading, well, there's no real Continue Reading

Happy Birthday To The Igwe Of Life!

The Igwe himself

It's my Igwe's birthday again. I am so grateful to what God has done between last year's birthday and this birthday. It's only been a year, but so much has changed for him, and I am so proud of him. This year's birthday, however, can afford to be a lot better. Igwe isn't here. He's X thousand miles away from me, all the way in Nigeria. So I got to tell him happy birthday over the phone, and I hated it. Just hated it. Birthdays shouldn't be celebrated virtually. And I am a person who absolutely Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Love-Needs


This week's Throwback Thursday post is from January 2010. I wrote the post because I was going to discuss life lists on The Verastic Show with Just Joxy. However, I included part of my "love list" in the post. I wrote my list after watching an episode of Oprah where she and her guest talked about the importance of writing things down. I have always written things down anyway, but I didn't have a love list - a list of things I wanted in my partner. So I went ahead and created one after Continue Reading

My Weekend Recount: I Hosted A 40th Birthday (Pictures & Video Included)

More dancing, more money

My, has this week flown by! It's Friday already, and I'm just doing my weekend recount from Saturday (August 17th). I had the pleasure of MCing the 40th birthday of Ms. Bimbo. I did not know her before the event, but she said I was recommended to her by someone who reads Verastic (Thank you!). The event was in Bowie, and I went alone. This was my first time ever going for a hosting gig by myself. My favorite, all-time company, Igwe is out of the country again. Funmie was supposed to come with Continue Reading

Our Proposal Video Is On TV?

... And then, he presented me with the gift

I have been getting tweets and e-mails about our proposal video being shown on AMC, a TV channel in Nigeria. I have never heard of this channel, nor do I know where/how to find it.  Has anyone else seen it? It's kind of exciting and strange all at once to know that a bunch of people who I don't know have been watching our proposal video. And it's ironic even that I feel this way, considering that our video is already on YouTube for anyone and everyone to see. Igwe was surprised that they Continue Reading

So … Igwe Bought Me A Car

Zoe Front

Remember the sponsored post where I told you that I have been stalking the Kia website for the Forte? Well, I am now the very proud and blushing owner of a 2014 Kia Forte. Let me try to start from the beginning. Before Igwe traveled to Nigeria in March, he wanted me to get a new car.  Not necessarily a brand new car, but something better than what I had. What I had was a 1998 Toyota Corolla (Black). But my very first car was a white 1998 Toyota Corolla, and I loved it him so much. His name was Continue Reading

Igwe Traveled For Three Months … And I Learned Some Lessons

Long Distance Relationships

So Igwe traveled to Nigeria in March and only came back last week.  I was very anxious about him being away because since we started this journey of ours, we have never been apart. I mean, we've both traveled separately, but not three freaking months. Every time I remembered he was traveling, my heart would literally start beating really fast. The first night he was gone was the hardest. I didn't really know what to do with myself. The house was so quiet, too quiet. It was just me and my Continue Reading

Vera Goes To Miami, Florida


I know, I know. I just got back from Florida last week for Arinze's wedding. This time, I'm going to a different part of Florida. I'm going to Miami for Uju's graduation. My dear friend finished Med School last year, and now, it's time to walk the stage and snag that degree. I don't have the words to say how proud I am of this girl. She's just too much. I love you, Obianuju! I'll be travelling with Igwe and Funmie. Our flight is later this evening, and I'm grateful for the evening flight. My Continue Reading

For Those Times Igwe Isn’t Here …

Each of them have a story

And I still need someone to talk to (not on the phone), these will just have to do. And they listen, too. Unlike Igwe who sometimes pretends to be listening to me when he's really checking scores on ESPN and thinks I don't know, these munchkins here actually give me their full attention. Another thing: They don't scream, "I'm hungry!" when I'm done talking (and sometimes while I'm even still talking). Igwe, please take note for future references. Sincerely, Management. Continue Reading