That Time My Mommy Found A Porn DVD In My Bedroom

Consider this picture to be the porn picture placeholder

Of all the awkward situations I'd rather never have with my mother, this is definitely high up there. My friend, Solachi (Busola) got married in 2007. But before she got married, we had a surprise bridal shower for her. At this bridal shower, one of her friends gave her about 3 or 4 porn DVDs to prepare her for marriage (she was a virgin). Out of curiosity, we - Uju, Solachi, and I - decided to watch a couple of them. I remember we watched one in Uju's house, and then somehow, I ended up with Continue Reading

Goodbye 2013 … Hello 2014!

Happy New Year 2014

If I start this post by saying that 2013 has zoomed by so quickly, it would sound like a cliché because everyone else is probably saying the same thing (and everyone says the same thing every year), but it's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It's 2014 today, and in 13 days (January 14th), I will be one year older. Wow. Of course, I had to plugin my birthday in this post. Why shall I shy? I am so, so grateful for this year. I started doing something that has been Continue Reading

Would You Use A Birth Photographer?

Image source: Birth Photographers

I just recently found out about birth photography. I mean, I've always known that people take pictures of child birth, but I've always pictured it more as a friend or member of the family taking pictures. However, you can actually hire a birth photographer to take professional pictures. I know it's not about the vagina, but I don't think I can ever, ever let someone take pictures of my vagina. Or my breasts. No way. Some people don't have vagina pictures of their child birth, but some other Continue Reading

Dear Christian Swingers Website, You’re Going To Hell


You are going on a first class ticket to hell. No stop overs. No plane change. Straight. My people, this is no joke. There is a dating(?) website for Christians who are swingers, where they can meet fellow swingers. But only Christian ones, of course. Heaven forbid that a Christian swinger swings with a non-Christian swinger. That would be unholy! I know that we are in 2013 where everything is just peachy. We live in a live-and-let-live world. Everything is okay. There are a lot of crazy Continue Reading

Does The Bible Really Say, “Touch Not My Anointed?”

What the bible actually says

Well, yes, it really does say it. But in what context? Yesterday, I blogged about Ese Walter and the robust Pastor Biodun, to which my very own Funmie gave us the classic Nigerian response (yes, I'm calling Funmie out here. What are friends for?). Read her comment and my reply. It's the part in capital letters that we're focusing on today.     See, this is part of why I'm suspicious of Pastors. Even when I didn't know much else about the bible, I knew that it said to Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday: Bless Me Father, For I Have Kissed


This post was originally posted in March 2009, and I find it even more interesting now. Since I cannot commit to putting up an old picture of me every Thursday - not even on Instagram - I can at least put up old posts - not every Thursday though. Enjoy. ______________________________________ … My last kiss was —- well, let’s leave that alone. There is no need to put that on here now, is there? You and I both know the answer. Let’s leave it between me, You, and him. A while ago, I Continue Reading

My Big News: Igwe And I Are Expecting :D


I stared at this blank page forever because I couldn't figure out how to start it. I didn't know what to say first, or how to say it. For the past seven years, I have shared my life with you on here. You have been with me from when I was a student, from when I was very single, from when I was dating other guys, from when my relationships failed, from when I met men, from when I met Igwe, from when Igwe proposed, and till now. I always imagined the day I'd tell you this, but I never knew how it Continue Reading

Give Me A Spouse Or I Die!

Church program: Give me a spouse or I die

My regret is that I did not blog of this event sooner. I knew of it a while ago, but I completely forgot to share it here so that people who are now on the brink of death caused by spouselessness can go to this event. The funny part is that there are people who actually feel this way. And there are people who attended this event ... AND these people said this prayer to God. I can just see it happening. The pastor will say, "Now, say, FATHER!!! GIVE ME A SPOUSE OR I DIE! DON'T ALLOW MY ENEMIES Continue Reading

This One Is For Joe

My Joe Bracelet

Yesterday, Igwe and I went to a new church - Life Source, located on Rossville Boulevard, here in Baltimore, Maryland.  Since we moved, I have been driving past the church, and each time I pass, I feel an inclination to go in there. So I googled them and found their website where I figured out their service time.  9am and 11am. I told Igwe that we had to go, and so we did.  We finally made it there yesterday. It was mixed. Black people. White people. Hispanic people. African people. Asian Continue Reading

So What Does The Bible Actually Say About Divorce?


Honestly, I think God wants me to blog about this. The other day, I picked up my Teen Bible - which I love and have missed using since I stopped being a teenager (two years ago, of course), and I opened it to a random page - The book of Mark, Chapter 10. It was talking about divorce. I read Verses 1 to 12, which were the verses that discussed divorce. After reading it, I started studying my bookshelf in admiration. It was the last part of the house that I needed to organize, so since doing that, Continue Reading