Journey To Baby: How Igwe & I Knew We Were Pregnant

Pregnancy Test - DP

First of all, I have to apologize for not blogging much last week. Every time I tried to type, Ada Verastic needed my attention. I was starting to wonder if she was doing it on purpose. For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a blessed one. Apart from the efo I cooked a day before Thanksgiving, I didn't do any other cooking. We spent the evening with my family. Oh, and Happy month of December! Can you believe it's December already? My birthday is next month (14th) ... woo Continue Reading

If Balaam Was Nigerian (And His Donkey Talked)

Balaam's donkey

Igwe and I are still reading the bible and trying to know God better. Currently, we're in the first book of Samuel. We have not gone as far as we should have because for a couple of weeks, we slacked. I cannot speak for Igwe, but for me, I wish I was a better child of God. I'm disappointed in how many times I dishonor Him in a day. But for now, let's focus on the humor I find in the bible. I especially love comparing some of these stories to the characters being Nigerian. Today, we're looking at Continue Reading

Top 9 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Detest Homosexuality

Top 9 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Detest Homosexuality

Long before America made gay marriage legal across the country, Nigerians have always detested the entire concept of same-sex marriage and sex, and have always looked at America suspiciously for allowing it. It's not as if America is the only country where gay people exist, and even within Nigeria itself, there are gay people, but Nigerians do not wear it like a badge of honor because it is in fact a detestable thing. How can a man be attracted to a fellow man? But there are many valid reasons Continue Reading

Church Just Isn’t What It Used To Be


I know it probably sounds a bit crazy, considering there's nothing new under the sun, and there isn't anything happening now that has never happened before. But for my short life on earth and for the experiences such life has given me the opportunity to have, church, for me, isn't what it used to be. Church used to be a safe haven. When you're in church, you felt like you were hidden under God's big wings - or at least that's how I felt anyway. The Charleston shooting happened last week Continue Reading

If Moses Was American In 2015


Remember I told you that Igwe and I have been reading the bible and I have so much to blog about. We're currently on the book of Numbers, and this book is true to its name. So many numbers. Anyway, I want to talk about Moses today. As you may know, at some point in Moses's life, he killed an Egyptian and Pharoah wanted him dead, so he flew to another country (don't remember the name now). Anyway, while in this other country, God appeared to him in the form of a burning bush and told him to go Continue Reading

What Does Church Mean To You?


I was born and raised a Catholic. I even went to a Catholic high school in Nigeria (St. Louis College, Jos). When we moved to America, we continued attending Catholic churches. But I have never been fully invested in the Catholic church. I liked (still like) some of their doctrines, but spiritually, I just wasn't connecting. So here in America, my friend, Uju invited me to a Nigerian church once, and I loved a lot of things about it. It wasn't Catholic, and it was full of people who had names I Continue Reading

But First, Let Me Wish You A Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I planned on putting up a good ol' post, but then I realized that I haven't even said Happy New Year to you yet, and my mommy taught me well about starting sentences without first greeting. She said it's rude. So Happy New Year to you. Thank you for following me into another New Year. It proves that the juju I did on you to keep you reading is working very well. On New Year's Eve, I found a letter that I wrote to myself on December 28th 2013, and on the envelop, I instructed myself to not Continue Reading

2014: My Year Of Favor


I've probably told this story on here before, but I'll tell it again. In maybe 2008, I started attending a Redeemed church here in Baltimore. It was my first time ever regularly attending a church that wasn't Catholic. I was born and raised Catholic. That year, the Pastor declared the next year the year of Joy Unspeakable. So 2009 came, and naturally, I expected joy unspeakable, but I got anything but that. That was my year of graduation, but I thought I wouldn't make it because I didn't have Continue Reading

Merry Christmas To You And Yours

merry christmas

Sweet Potatoes!! Merry Christmas to you and yours. May your hearts be filled with joy on this precious day. I'm not doing anything today, apart from going to church at 11:00 AM and going to deliver gifts to my family later in the day. Yesterday we went to church for a Christmas Day service, and it was beautiful as usual. However, this is the best Christmas I have had in a very long time. It's not because of what's happening, but because of what isn't happening, and I am so very grateful Continue Reading

That Time My Mommy Found A Porn DVD In My Bedroom

Consider this picture to be the porn picture placeholder

Of all the awkward situations I'd rather never have with my mother, this is definitely high up there. My friend, Solachi (Busola) got married in 2007. But before she got married, we had a surprise bridal shower for her. At this bridal shower, one of her friends gave her about 3 or 4 porn DVDs to prepare her for marriage (she was a virgin). Out of curiosity, we - Uju, Solachi, and I - decided to watch a couple of them. I remember we watched one in Uju's house, and then somehow, I ended up with Continue Reading