His Name Was Muyiwa – The Conclusion

If you have no idea who Muyiwa is, you should read this short post about him first before reading this one. So, when I wrote about Muyiwa the first time, most of the people that commented were more interested in what happened after the Igbo boy tried to rub my back and I allegedly ran away. Err, it was not alleged o! I did run away. But let me give you the conclusion of the story. Remember I told you that Bianca and I sneaked out of school? Classes were over at 2pm, but we always had to stay Continue Reading

How Many Panties Do You Own?


The title of this post probably doesn't make your eyes widen with excitement, and that's normal, especially if you are a woman. There are really four interesting things about this latest discovery in the women's panties world. 1.  This average of 34 panties is three times what it was in 1999. 2.  58% of women say that big, white knickers are their favorite. My mom and grand mom are the only women I can think of who like white knickers. 3.  Many women have admitted that reading books Continue Reading

Reason Number 9058342 Why I Love America: I Can Join The Force!


I've had a broken tail light for a minute, and I've known about it for just as long. But I deliberately refused to fix it. Why should I fix it? I didn't kill it. In my quest to not get pulled over by cops, I adopted the first half of Romney's campaign strategy: deny. deny. deny. [The other half is avoid. avoid. avoid]. But on this fateful day, I just knew I could no longer hide. It was a Saturday morning, and a State Trooper was driving behind me. The only way I could stop him from noticing Continue Reading

His Name Was Muyiwa

While I was driving to wherever I was driving to two days ago, I remembered my friend, Bianca - not her real  name, but close enough - and how we rapidly became close. Both of her parents were half Nigerian and half Lebanese, so I don't know what that made her - quarter cast? - but she looked like a very light-skinned black girl. Her hair was the same texture as mine, except longer. She was beautiful. She had big eyeballs, pink lips, and big breasts. They weren't that big really, but next to Continue Reading

The Baby In The Trash Can Story

Burrito Baby

I'm sure that most of us have at least heard one story or two about babies being found in dumpsters, on the streets, on door steps, etc. It's never a good thing to hear. And just last week, the incident repeated itself. It was at a Wal-Mart in Mountain View. Naturally, people did the only logical thing they could do at the time: they called the cops. Upon arrival, however, the cops discovered that it was not a baby. In fact, it was worse. Continue to see this horrific discovery. Continue Reading

Reason Number 8026391 Why I Love America[ns]: It’s The Dog Ish.

Over the past few days, Colorado Springs, Colorado has been in flames. More than 30, 000 people have been evacuated, and lots of homes have been lost (I don’t know the exact number). The reason for the flames is the temperature and weather: high heat, low humidity, and wild winds. Thankfully, no homes were lost yesterday, but two days ago (Wednesday), victims and evacuees were being interviewed about the fire and their homes, and one woman stood out to me. She was sobbing like most of the Continue Reading

You Ratchet!

I saw this video a couple weeks ago, and it got my attention. It's one of those things you're laughing at (because it's funny) and frowning at (because it's true). You have to know at least one girl that these women men errr people remind you of. Some of the funniest lines ... "Girl, let me tell you what I got my Mister-Mister ... a baby boy, and it came with a sister ..." "Go on beef it up ... moooooooooove tramp!" "It's the 15th, I got my foood stamp ... " "Got a brand new Continue Reading

Twitter Went Down Today. Some Y2K Ish!


Twitter went down today, and if you are a twitter (twitterer?), then you would know the implication of not having Twitter. It means there's no place for you to complain about not having Twitter. I noticed a couple hours ago while I was attempting to tweet from my iPad that the tweets were not posting. I thought I had bad internet connection in the bedroom, so I moved to the living room. But the problem persisted. Then I tried to tweet from my phone. It still didn't post. So I moved on to my Continue Reading