I Got A Love Letter! So I Wrote Back


This isn't the traditional pen and paper love letter, but it counts as something. I always receive these messages on Facebook from men confessing all kinds of love, and I don't usually respond to them because I'm sure that they just type and send this message to random girls. But this time, I decided to respond. Read and learn.   Not bad, huh? He has not replied yet. I'll update you when he does. Continue Reading

Why Would An Adult Shop Need To Stay Open 24/7?

Adult Shop

I have noticed that a lot of the adult shops I drive by have signs that say they are open 24/7. My favorite pizza shop is literally next to an adult shop. The order is adult shop, pizza shop, mattress shop, and Dunkin' Donuts. Every single time I go to get my pizza, I ask myself the same question: why would an adult shop need to stay open 24/7? When I think of shops and businesses that are (or should be) open 24/7, I think about hospitals, gas stations, grocery stores, mechanics, police Continue Reading

How To Eat Meat At A Nigerian Event … And Still Look Cute

The little meat that couldn't :(

If you find out how, please let me know. I don't know if men have this problem, too, but for women - me especially - eating meat and looking cute at the same time [at a Nigerian event] is next to impossible. The cause: The meat is too hard Who's fault: The caterer(s) Solution: Softer meat, please! When you go to an American event, the menu has well done, soft food. The meats - chicken, lamb, beef, turkey - and fish are always easy to cut through with a fork and knife and also Continue Reading

Top Reason Why Men Have Small Penises

Picture source: Daily Mail

For the men who have - or think they have - small penises and have wondered why they were dealt this fate, here's your chance to find out why: it's your mother. Apparently, when she was pregnant, she ate a lot of chicken wings, and chicken wings have been found to contain a certain small-penis-causing chemical called, phthalate. Unfortunately for me, after reading this and seeing the high-definition picture of chicken wings attached, all I want to do now is eat chicken wings. But I'm not Continue Reading

Ads I Love: Geico Sushi

Geico Sushi Ad

I'm one of those people who watch television and find entertainment, even in the commercials.  So far, my favorite brand is Geico. I'm not in love with all of their ads, but most of them have me laughing my head off. An example is this ad from years ago, which just doesn't stop being funny. I actually go on YouTube to look for the ad and watch it myself. It hasn't been on TV for a while, but thanks to YouTube for keeping me commercially satisfied. I would actually  totally love to be in a Continue Reading

Bad Strip Club Names – According To Twitter

Picture source: Twitter

I've never, ever been to a strip club. Have you? I'm kinda curious to see for myself what goes on in there,  but it's not on my bucket list. Yesterday, I followed up on a Twitter trend that had me in stitches! Folks were tweeting about bad strip club names, and some of them were just laugh out loud funny. I tell you, Twitter is hiding some undiscovered comedians. Here are some of my faves, in no particular order: 1.  Hot & Crusty 2.  The C Section 3.  Krusty Krab 4.  The Continue Reading

Who Started The Trend Of Nigerian Celebrities Releasing ‘Hot New Photos?’

Who are you, and what have you done with Halima's body?

I notice that recently, there has been a lot of hot new photos from our Nigerian celebrities. I make it a point to say 'Nigerian' because I know that not all my readers are Nigerian, so they may not recognize some of the names in this post. These hot new photos are usually of them in different clothes and poses, for no apparent reason. Well, they are called 'promo' photos, but I and the rest of the word just don't know what they're supposed to be promoting. I am  not a(n) pop Continue Reading

Spot The Guy In This Bra Ad

Mood Bra

This is one bra ad that has a surprising twist at the end. Do you think it's the same person? I feel like they started with a woman and ended with a man who looks like her. I am almost completely sure that the initial person had boobs. What do you think? UPDATE: Thanks to Phyfie's comment, I can now confirm that it is completely a guy from beginning to end. Watch the behind-the-scenes video below. Amazing! Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday: Bless Me Father, For I Have Kissed


This post was originally posted in March 2009, and I find it even more interesting now. Since I cannot commit to putting up an old picture of me every Thursday - not even on Instagram - I can at least put up old posts - not every Thursday though. Enjoy. ______________________________________ … My last kiss was —- well, let’s leave that alone. There is no need to put that on here now, is there? You and I both know the answer. Let’s leave it between me, You, and him. A while ago, I Continue Reading

The Thing About Geraldo Rivera Being Naked

Naked Geraldo Rivera

  ... Is that this is a side of him we are not used to. Early Sunday morning, Geraldo decided to tweet his half naked picture and most people who saw the picture had a reaction that looked something like this:   And like this ...   And it was followed by this ...   The 70 year old Geraldo tweeted the picture, saying that 70 is the new 50. Let's be real, the man looks very, very good - even if he is 50. But he's 70. And he's Geraldo. One is Continue Reading