Spot The Guy In This Bra Ad

Mood Bra

This is one bra ad that has a surprising twist at the end. Do you think it's the same person? I feel like they started with a woman and ended with a man who looks like her. I am almost completely sure that the initial person had boobs. What do you think? UPDATE: Thanks to Phyfie's comment, I can now confirm that it is completely a guy from beginning to end. Watch the behind-the-scenes video below. Amazing! Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday: Bless Me Father, For I Have Kissed


This post was originally posted in March 2009, and I find it even more interesting now. Since I cannot commit to putting up an old picture of me every Thursday - not even on Instagram - I can at least put up old posts - not every Thursday though. Enjoy. ______________________________________ … My last kiss was —- well, let’s leave that alone. There is no need to put that on here now, is there? You and I both know the answer. Let’s leave it between me, You, and him. A while ago, I Continue Reading

The Thing About Geraldo Rivera Being Naked

Naked Geraldo Rivera

  ... Is that this is a side of him we are not used to. Early Sunday morning, Geraldo decided to tweet his half naked picture and most people who saw the picture had a reaction that looked something like this:   And like this ...   And it was followed by this ...   The 70 year old Geraldo tweeted the picture, saying that 70 is the new 50. Let's be real, the man looks very, very good - even if he is 50. But he's 70. And he's Geraldo. One is Continue Reading

If The Royal Baby Was Nigerian …

William & Kate

The royal baby is finally here. He came today at 4:24pm U.K. time and weighed 8lbs and 6oz. He is the third heir to the throne. Peeps are excited, and maybe it's me, but it seems like Americans are even more excited about the baby. He's probably already a U.S. citizen. Igwe and I talked about it, and we have come up with a hypothetical sequence of events, if the royal baby was Nigerian: 1.  The street neighboring town to where the baby was born would be blocked off from the commoners. 2. Continue Reading

How To Keep Jehovah’s Witnesses From Knocking On Your Day

Jehovah's Witness

I don't think I have ever met a denomination as persistent as Jehovah's Witnesses. They hunt you down in the parking lot, stalk you in the grocery store, and invade your peace at home. There are times that I flat out say, "No, thanks." And then, other times I take whatever flyer they're giving, squeeze it, and put in the trash. I don't think I have actually ever bothered to read it. Maybe just the title, but nothing more than that. While I have not figured out a way to stop them from Continue Reading

Chronicles Of A Falling Graduate

Falling Graduate

I still remember what my graduation was like, and I definitely remember what Uju's graduation was like in Miami just a few days ago (post coming up soon with loads of pictures!). I can tell you that neither one of us had this kind of memorable graduation. The video is only 26 seconds long. Watch and learn. This poor girl just keeps on falling. I don't think I've ever seen someone fall so many times in such a short amount of time. The shoes don't look so high, so I wonder what was really Continue Reading

Attention, All You No Filter, Picture-Taking Ladies!

No Filter

If you are on any kind of social media - Instagram especially - then you'd notice pictures tagged with #NoFilter. These are supposed to be pictures showing natural beauty et al, sans make-up. Great idea, right? Well, not really. At least not all the time. I have put up at least one picture of me with no make-up, but I didn't tag it as no filter, not that I see anything wrong with that. Usually, when I put up pictures with no makeup, it's not because I want you to see what I look like without Continue Reading

3 Year Old Explains Childbirth

The lil 3 year old that could ...

This man asked his 3 year old daughter, Adela a question about her mommy, and she told him the truth. Watch and laugh (it's only nine seconds long). This may make you think differently about if you should tell your child certain things. Don't you just love little kids? Makes me look forward to having a three year old who will also know what to expect from mommy's vagina :D Continue Reading

How To Know He’s A Player – Part 2

Player vs Non Player

I first told you about a sure, no-fail way of how to know he's a player. By the way, that post sparked a debate at home as one of my beereeful readers commented and said that by virtue of Igwe putting his phone down, he's definitely a player. Igwe in turn accused me of being a player, too because I also (allegedly) put my phone down (when it's not night). I still have no idea what he was talking about. I think it was that thing men do when they turn things around and try to make you feel like Continue Reading