My Weekend Recount: Our Miami Trip In Pictures!

Bad ass doc

Maimi was so amazing, and now, I don't know what to tell you. I don't know where to start or how to start it. I'll try starting from what I think is the beginning of the journey. Igwe, Funmie, and I were on the same flight from Baltimore to Miami through American Airlines. The flight was scheduled for sometime past 5pm. At about 2pm, we received a text that the flight had been rescheduled for about 6pm. Still, we drove to the airport like our flight was still at 5pm. As soon as we checked in Continue Reading

Vera Goes To Miami, Florida


I know, I know. I just got back from Florida last week for Arinze's wedding. This time, I'm going to a different part of Florida. I'm going to Miami for Uju's graduation. My dear friend finished Med School last year, and now, it's time to walk the stage and snag that degree. I don't have the words to say how proud I am of this girl. She's just too much. I love you, Obianuju! I'll be travelling with Igwe and Funmie. Our flight is later this evening, and I'm grateful for the evening flight. My Continue Reading

My Weekend Recount: Arinze’s Wedding Was Craaazzzzzyyyyy!

Kissy, kissy (this wasn't the first kiss)

This weekend recount is a week late. It's from my trip to Tampa for Arinze's wedding. First of all, I missed my flight. Wait till you hear why I missed it. I was seated comfortably at Gate B1, flipping through my magazine and imagining myself buying expensive items that I currently cannot afford. An $846 pair of flip flops? Sure. Meanwhile, at Gate B3, my flight was boarding. By the time I realized I was at the wrong gate, my flight was reversing and leaving without me, and I was running to Continue Reading

Vera Goes To Tampa, Florida

Clothes, shoes, and girl stuff

My cousin, Arinze (AKA Aribaba of Jaguda) is getting married tomorrow in Tampa, Florida, so off I go. It's not my first time in Florida, but it's my first time in Tampa. It literally took me like ten hours to pack yesterday, and I'm only going for two nights. It's not that I'm packing so much really, but that I was working on so little stamina. I was sleep deprived and exhausted. In fact, when I went to the nail salon to get my nails done, I was sleeping while the lady was working. I apologized Continue Reading

Woman Beats Boyfriend Up Because Of Bad Oral Sex

Jennie Scott, victim of denied oral sex

Jennie Scott, a 50 year old Floridian woman has assaulted her 32 year old boyfriend, Jilberto Deleon for an oral sex gone wrong. You see, they were pleasuring each other when Jilberto orgasm'd before Jennie AND then proceeded to stop pleasuring her. That was when all hell broke lose. I know what you must be thinking at this time: didn't Vera blog this story already??? Well, yes and no. Just last month, I blogged about Racquel Gonzalez, a 24 year lady from Florida who also assaulted her Continue Reading

Woman Assaults Man For Daring To Climax First

Racquel Gonzalez, victim denied of an orgasm

The thing about orgasms is that everyone wants one. I don't think anyone wants to start the process of sex and not get to that happy point. The happy point is the whole point of the sex in the first place, isn't it? So keeping that in mind, you would understand why 24 year old Racquel Gonzalez of Florida got violently pissed off after her boyfriend, 30 year old Esric Davis climaxed without her. The nerves! Naturally, she did what any other sane woman would do: she started beating and Continue Reading