2015 Grammys Red Carpet Fashion


I have a strange relationship with red carpet fashion. Sometimes I watch it, and other times I don't. Same thing for blogging about it. Sometimes I do, and other times I don't. Today, I'm doing. My favorites are Taylor Swift, Ciara, Ne-Yo, Gwen Stefani, and Rihanna. Let me explain Rihanna: It was not love at first sight, but then on a second and closer look, I like it better. But I realize that I like it Continue Reading

About My Birthday (And What I Wore)


First, thank you so much for all the birthday love! I am so very grateful. You guys are the best, walahi. Now, let me tell you how my birthday went. This year, I decided to take pictures for my birthday because I had never done so before. So we took the pictures on Sunday (January 11th 2015), but we didn't calculate our moves very well. We went out there (Downtown Baltimore) all confidently like we we had our weather destiny in our hands. Wrong. It was so freaking cold! And to make it worse, it Continue Reading

What I Wore To Our Wedding Photoshoot

These earrings might be my new favorite. Might be.

If the title of this post is totally confusing to you, it means you didn't read the post about our wedding. Or about our marriage. Or our union. Whatever you want to call it. But the post is here. Please read it. That said, although you have already seen all of what I wore in that post, I just really like doing these posts. I did not have a color code or theme, but I knew that I wanted Igwe to wear all black, and he obliged me. All I knew about my outfit was that I wanted a skirt. Everything Continue Reading

What I Wore To Girls’ Night Out


I recently went to girls' night out with Solachi, Funmie, Ibukun, and Tim, but that's not the girls' night out I'm talking about. I had another girls' night out with another group of girls. This one was with my work friends, Lisa, Tasha, Jemela, and Jennifer. Coincidentally, we had it at TGIF, too. No, I didn't pick the venue. As a matter of fact, it's mere coincidence that I have gone to TGIF twice in such short time. It happened on Saturday. We talked about how most of us are pretty much Continue Reading

What I Wore To Faith’s Wedding


This past weekend, I attended Faith's wedding. Faith is a friend that I met in church some years ago, and she's just really sweet. I like her a lot cause my spirit agrees with her. I don't know how else to describe it, but sometimes you meet people and your spirit likes them, too. Faith is one of those people. I think we have an older sister-younger sister understanding, too. Anyway, Faith got married to her love, and Igwe and I were there to witness it. We missed the ceremony, but we made the Continue Reading

My Entire Thoughts On Boycotting Target

Altuzarra For Target (Image via Target)

I was online today doing some browsing when I saw a hashtag #BoycottingTarget and I had to find out why. So apparently, designer Altuzarra is collaborating with Target to release some pieces, but none of them go past a size 16. Therefore, the plus-size community is furious, reasonably. Disclaimer: I don't like the word plus-size, but I'm using it here because that's what they use. Maybe it's because I'm not in the fashion industry, but I tend to assume that not all brands will come in all Continue Reading

Shoe Crush: Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pump

Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pump - Black & Blue

My Sweet Potatoes, these shoes have been chasing me in my dreams. I dream of owning them. I dream of wearing them. I have a pair of black panty hose that in my head will go perfectly with a short skater dress or skirt ... and of course these pumps. I want them in black and in blue. Oh, my good Lord, I want them BADLY. But they cost $215. Each. If you are reading this post right now, please know that this is a sign from the good God Almighty that you should buy me one (or both) of these shoes. Continue Reading

What I Wore To Sade’s & Pelumi’s Wedding

What I Wore

I blogged about Sade's and Pelumi's wedding, so you have already seen what I wore. But I drove to Funmie's house to take these pictures, so you're gonna look at them, damn it! Because Igwe slept at the hotel with the wedding party on Friday night, I had no one to take my pictures on Saturday afternoon, so I drove to Funmie's house (about 10 minutes away from me). These pictures were rushed cause I had to drive an hour and 28 minutes to the wedding in Washington D.C. I forgot to take an up Continue Reading

What I Wore To Dinner At Morgan State University

Wasn't sure how formal or informal dinner would be, so I was trying to stay in between

Yesterday I told you about the infamous dinner I attended at Morgan State University. Today, I'm showing you what I wore. By the way, the reason why I'm doing these outfit posts is because it's something I've always wanted to do but never really had any clothes I wanted to show you because as you know, I'm currently going through a fashion disaster. I still haven't updated my closet, but I decided to start where I am with what I have, and then we can grow together, no? Anyway, the dinner was Continue Reading

What I Wore On Easter Sunday


First of all, Happy Easter. Yes, I realize that it's Friday, but see, what had had happened was that I didn't go to bed early on Saturday before Easter. I was up till about 2:00 AM and I typed up a Happy Easter post, and I thought I clicked publish. But apparently I didn't publish it. Why is this important now? Because (1) I just realized that the post never came up and it's still draft and (2) In the post, I mentioned that I don't get new dresses for Easter anymore, but that I would endeavor to Continue Reading