Does Being A Gay Man Make You A Fashionista?

Derek J

There's a trend going on. I don't know when, why, or how it started, but it's out there and it might be here to stay. There are gay men, and there are gay men who think they are fashionistas. And well, both of these things can in fact be mutually exclusive - contrary to what popular media may think.  It's like anything that's fashion related cannot be complete without gay men. Really, really gay men. You know who has inspired me to write this post? It's Derek J. Derek J, the celebrity Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian In A See-Through Dress. Do We Like?


Recently, I have found myself being very attracted to see-through clothes. I can't wear them to work (without a camisole under), but when I'm not going to work, I wear the heck out of it. Not too much, but I do love it. Anyway, I saw pictures of Kim Kardashian in this see-through dress, and I just love it! I may not have the guts to wear see-through top to bottom, but maybe just the top. I don't know who made the dress, but it's beautiful, and Kim Kardashian wears it well. Maybe it's the Continue Reading

Oscar Red Carpet Look-Alike Kids: So Cute!!!

Lupita Nyong'o

Photographer, Tricia Messeroux just won't stop with the cuteness overload in her Toddlers In Hollywood project. Every single picture just leaves me saying awww. Just too cute. It's always adorable when kids are dressed like adults. Well, depending on what the clothes look like, but the starts of the 86th annual Oscars are just adorable.                     Absolutely Continue Reading

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Talks Fashion In Elle March 2014 Issue

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Elle March 2014 Issue

There I was, reading through my Elle Magazine March 2014 issue, and there she was: Chimamanda --- my favorite best friend who doesn't know it yet. The title of the article is, "Why Can't A Smart Woman Love Fashion?" And yes, why not? I know that people typically think of fashion magazines as picture books, but I quite enjoy reading the articles. I don't read everything, but when I do, I enjoy it. And I especially enjoyed this one. Read it Continue Reading

A Onesie For My Future Son

My son's onesie

I cannot possibly be the only one who buys clothes for my unborn children, right? Don't worry, I don't have a trunk full of them, just a few. I started buying clothes for my unborn children long time ago. They're not anything too serious, but just items with funny one-liners written on them, like the yellow pair of socks and matching hat that says, 'Daddy's Little Alarm Clock.' I totally agree! I also have a bunch of onesies, and I LOVE onesies. In fact, I intend to get myself an adult onesie. Continue Reading

Best Dressed Woman Of 2013: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

I've always loved Kerry Washington, but we cannot deny that Scandal has done even so much more for her reputation. If you did not know her before, then you definitely know her now. If you don't know she's Kerry Washington, then you know that she is Olivia Pope. Whether as Kerry Washington or as Olivia Pope, she's got some break-necking style --- which is why People Magazine has named her the best dressed woman of 2013. Now, I won't lie to you and tell you that I absolutely love everything she Continue Reading

My Fashion Disaster

My Closet

Ladies and gentlemen of Verastic, we have a problem. It appears that I don't like my clothes anymore. Well, I like some of them, but most of them, I'm just not in love with. My favorite clothes are my skirts, and I almost have no problem with them. I love wearing skirts. If I could, I'd wear a skirt everyday. Only a skirt. But that's just how I feel today. Knowing me, I might change my mind tomorrow. After all, it wasn't too long ago that I only loved pants. How the tides have Continue Reading

Why Men Should Not Wear Leggings

Don't. Do. It

Actually, for men, they are called meggings. If I did not have a picture to accompany this post, I would have thought about a list of reasons why men shouldn't wear leggings. But I have a picture. And a picture is a thousand words reasons. Just out of curiosity, are there male Verastic readers that wear this (or are willing to wear this)? And are there female Verastic readers who know men who wear this? Would you want your man, son, brother, father (ugh) to wear this? I don't know what Continue Reading

Ladies, Let’s Talk About Going Out With Your Sleeping Cap

Woman who looks good in a sleeping cap AND isn't an accurate representative of the women I see outside in sleeping caps

I don't know if this is a new trend or if I just started noticing it, but all I know is that everywhere I go, there are women - Black women - walking around with sleeping caps on their heads. These women can be found at Walmart, at the gas station, at the pharmacy, driving on the road, at the mall, and every damn where in between. What is going on??? You see, the thing about the sleeping cap is that it is actually meant for sleeping. What that means is that you put it on your head when you Continue Reading