This One Is For Joe

My Joe Bracelet

Yesterday, Igwe and I went to a new church - Life Source, located on Rossville Boulevard, here in Baltimore, Maryland.  Since we moved, I have been driving past the church, and each time I pass, I feel an inclination to go in there. So I googled them and found their website where I figured out their service time.  9am and 11am. I told Igwe that we had to go, and so we did.  We finally made it there yesterday. It was mixed. Black people. White people. Hispanic people. African people. Asian Continue Reading

Faith Without Action Is Dead…

...That is what James 2:17 says: "In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."This must be the reason why that Nigerian woman I met at the store bought a pair of shoes she did not need and wrote out a check of hundred dollars.  But of course, she prayed while writing the check: "Oh, God, I don't even have money in my account.  This check will not bounce in Jesus' name.  I cover my account with the blood of Jesus."Sometimes, I think I have faith, but when I meet Continue Reading

Against All Odds…

I know you do not know me, Sir, but I would like to personally say, Congratulations President Barack Obama.The first time I knew of Barack Obama was when I saw him on the Oprah show, and at that time, he had not declared his intention to run for presidency. If he had, I would not even have blinked. Honestly, I would have thought, "Here goes another one....he is doomed to fail." When I heard Hilary Clinton was running, I was indifferent. I was indifferent because I wanted Obama to win, but I Continue Reading