I Hope This Touches Something In You: Vouch Only For Yourself

Robin Williams

Long before Funmie and I met our respective partners, I remember Funmie used to wish to have her relationship be like this couple or that couple, and I always used to say, I just want my relationship to be like mine. I said this because I did not know what was really going on in anyone's relationship behind closed doors. Years later, I especially believe in this. Yesterday, I mentioned in my post how sad and shocking it was that Robin Williams killed himself, but later in the day, I watched Continue Reading

Being Nigerian: The Burial Fund Edition


About 50% of my job entails meeting people and asking them some very personal questions, as required by the State of Maryland. When I first started at this job, I shadowed people more experienced and learned the trick of the trade. Then there was that first day that I had to run the meeting myself, and I went with my Supervisor. It was a few hours before the meeting that she told me I would be the one running it. All good. The meeting was going fine until I had to ask the person, "Do you have Continue Reading

RIP Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe

Waking up in the morning to news of someone's death - especially that of an icon like Chinua Achebe is all kinds of depressing. He was born in 1930 and died at the age of 82. He has published many popular and influential books, including Arrow of God and Anthills of the Savannah. His latest work, There Was A Country was published last year and is a detailed account of the Biafran war from his eyes and his participation in it.  His most popular work, Things Fall Apart was published in 1958, has Continue Reading

Nigerian Man Is Raped To Death By His Six Wives

Three days ago, Mr. Uroko of Benue State died from being raped by his six wives. Well, four actually because he died in action as one wife was still on her way to the bed, and the other had not even begun her journey yet, so something tells me that she might still be horny. Mr. Uroko - according to this article - was a successful man and a philanthropist. His love for sex encouraged him to acquire more women. Continue Reading

Times Like This, I Really Want Answers From God


I had a long post typed up about Dana Air. But Google Chrome decided to crash. I don't know what to say at this point to make anything feel better for anyone. I don't think that there's anything I can even say. The picture above is of the Anyene family. Onyeka Anyene Maimuna Anyene Noah Anyene Kayenochi Anyene I hear they were all killed in the crash. I hear the entire family was wiped out. I don't know if this is true.  And I wonder if the father/husband was in the plane, too. Continue Reading

Remember Phylicia Barnes???

Phylicia Barnes

Between December 2010 and early months of this 2011, Phylicia Barnes's picture was everywhere. And I especially remember her because she went missing here in Maryland. I saw her picture on people's cars, on people's doors, on t-shirts, etc. No one knew where Phylicia disappeared to. There was no indication that she ran away, and there was no clue as to what happened to her then. Or where she could be. Eventually, her body turned up afloat a river.   Continue Reading