The Subaru Commercial That Reminds Me Of Igwe

The Subaru girl that has stolen our hearts

This post is all kinds of cheesy, but I'll still proceed, albeit with a lot of shame. The first time Igwe and I saw this commercial, we both went awwww. And every time this commercial comes up, I watch Igwe and the way he smiles sheepishly at it. The reason I keep looking at him while he's watching it is because I know that this is exactly the kind of father he will be. He's already talking about assigning bodyguards to the kids twenty-four seven. And if any small boy dares to look at his Continue Reading

Who Is This Woman?

I've been seeing this Chevron ad on television for a while now, and while I'm pleased to know that Chevron Nigeria says they have not had a reported case in twelve years - by the way, what does that even mean? - I am more intrigued by the lady in the commercial. She's at the very beginning of the ad; she comes in wearing pink and swinging a baby, and then says, "You won't take my life." I absolutely LOVE the way she talks. I think I totally have a girl crush on her. I love her accent; I Continue Reading

It’s Vera vs Gustav

Ever since I started writing publicly about seven years ago, I have gotten used to - and sometimes, even welcomed - negative comments. Some of them are there to tell me they do not agree with what I'm saying. Some of them say I do not make much sense, if any. Some say I don't know how to write; and some say that I am just plain stupid.  Okay, then. So about two weeks ago, I wrote about the Gojo Handsfree device and how I found it to be absolutely ridiculous. And I only said this because, Continue Reading