His Name Was Muyiwa – The Conclusion

If you have no idea who Muyiwa is, you should read this short post about him first before reading this one. So, when I wrote about Muyiwa the first time, most of the people that commented were more interested in what happened after the Igbo boy tried to rub my back and I allegedly ran away. Err, it was not alleged o! I did run away. But let me give you the conclusion of the story. Remember I told you that Bianca and I sneaked out of school? Classes were over at 2pm, but we always had to stay Continue Reading

His Name Was Muyiwa

While I was driving to wherever I was driving to two days ago, I remembered my friend, Bianca - not her real  name, but close enough - and how we rapidly became close. Both of her parents were half Nigerian and half Lebanese, so I don't know what that made her - quarter cast? - but she looked like a very light-skinned black girl. Her hair was the same texture as mine, except longer. She was beautiful. She had big eyeballs, pink lips, and big breasts. They weren't that big really, but next to Continue Reading

Whose Fanta Is It Anyway?

I was at the African store the other day when a Kenyan man walked in with his two children - a boy and a girl of about three and five years old respectively.  There was a fridge stuffed with a variety of soft drinks. Naturally, the kids reached for the Fanta.  There's something about the orange soft drink that makes it irresistible to kids (and sometimes adults, too).  I vividly remember Fanta being my favorite drink as a child. Not much has changed since then. However, I Continue Reading

I Wish To Go Back…

It's funny how when you're a child, you spend everyday dreaming about becoming an adult. When I was a child, that was my number one problem. I needed to become an adult, so I could do so many things. I wanted to wear make-up. I wanted to have money. I wanted to paint my toe nails. I wanted to be in the University. I wanted to talk to boys without hiding. I wanted to get married. I wanted to have children. I wanted to live alone, have a job, and be in charge of my life. I wanted to grow Continue Reading