In Case You’ve Lost Track Of All The Recent Celebrity Divorces

Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo

I know that celebrities are always separating and divorcing, but for some reason, it feels like, there has just been so many separations and divorces recently. Usually, we hear about one divorce/separation, and then we have a couple months to talk about it before the next one, but now there are too many being talked about. I can't even put a post for each one. So in no particular order, here are the recent divorces and separations that I know of/remember. 1.  Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey: Continue Reading

Leonardo DiCaprio Has Never Touched Drugs?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Never? Never, ever? Wow. I am impressed.  It's not that I expected him to be a drug addict, but there are just too many stories of celebrities being bad floating around the place. One thing they all say is how difficult it is to be so rich and famous and all the pressure that is put on them. Boo hoo, cry me a river. But knowing that Leonardo has never touched drugs is simply impressive. Depending on how you look at it though, you may argue that he has indeed touched a type of drug since he Continue Reading

6 Surprisingly Gay Celebrities

She's probably most known for her role as Miranda on Sex & The City. Apparently, she came out as bisexual a while ago, but she has a wife.

I read this post on Hollyscoop about 20 gay celebrities. I didn't know all of them, but I was shocked by these six, as I really did not know they're gay - with the exception of Raven Symone who I already blogged about here (on May 23rd 2o12 ). What rock have I been living under?             My biggest gay shocker is definitely Matt Bomer. How can a man this beautiful be gay? I mean, look at his eyes. I think that for us Continue Reading

New Couple Alert: Superman, Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill

News is filtering through the web waves that our newest Superman, Henry Cavill is dating Big Bang Theory actress, Kaley Cuoco. I think they make a good looking couple, and I'm telling you what I think because I know that Kaley and Henry both care about my opinion. Henry is 30, and Kaley is 27. They've only been a couple for a little bit and they are not even making public appearances yet --- except for this public hike *one brow up* I don't have much to say about them, but I do like her, Continue Reading

Fan Slaps Beyonce’s Butt During Concert


Some things you just don't even know how to respond to. So there she was - the Queen Bee herself on tour in Copenhagen, Denmark and performing her song, Irreplaceable - the song I had advised Solachi to walk into her wedding with (and she refused. Have no idea why). Anyway, fans joined in and sang with Beyoncé, and when they were done, she turned around to walk away, and guess what happened? This ass hole straight up tapped that ass. Not the kind of tap that Morris Chestnut and the likes talk Continue Reading

WARNING: Do NOT Come For Rihanna

Rihanna's Instagram

Because she will come back for you. Rihanna put this picture up yesterday on Instagram. I follow her, so I saw it. But I didn't quite understand it. I thought it was one of those funny pictures people make and everyone reposts it. But I started reading some of the comments (there were only about 12,000 at this point), and I saw that some people were in favor of her putting the picture up while others felt it was a tad bit immature. Apparently, the story here is that the girl had been Continue Reading

Am I The Only One Who Thinks Rihanna Puts Up A Front?

Rihanna giving her fan, Tami Black, a kiss

I know that Rihanna is well known for being crazy. When we see a semi naked picture of her, it's like, yeah, whatever ... it's just Rihanna being naked. Nothing new. I follow her on Instagram, and she always puts up half naked pictures with captions that have to do with bitch or something in that regard. But every now and then, it feels like the real Rihanna shows up. Or maybe I'm over thinking it. For example, during her 25th birthday celebration, there were pictures of her with Chris Brown, Continue Reading

Guess Who America’s Most Hated Woman Is [Allegedly]?

Mystery Person

According to the news filtering around the web waves, she is hated for the following reasons: 1.  Being beautiful. 2.  Winning awards 3.  Being cast to sing in a movie (and daring to sing it well) 4.  Apologizing for mistakes she did not make 5.  Dressing so nicely 6.  Being so in love with her husband 7.  Being so darn perfect. Oh, okay. The report is that when you Google search for Anne Hathaway + hate, the results are triple that of when you search for Osama Bin Continue Reading

Hol’ Up! Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough Are No Longer Together?

Ryan Seacrest and girlfriend, Julianne Hough

No way!! I know what you must be thinking: Oh, Vera, I didn't know you liked them that much. Well, I don't. I mean, I do. More like, I'm indifferent. I'm happy when I see them together because celebrity relationships are shorter than Keek videos. But these two, they've been together for over three years. That's good. They cited hectic schedules as their reason for break up (sure). But there are other reports of why they broke up. Some say she was too young (24) and she partied a lot. Some Continue Reading

Tina Turner On The Cover Of Vogue

Tina Turner on the cover of Vogue Germany

Tina Turner is on the cover of German Vogue Magazine for the April issue, and is the oldest woman ever to be on the cover of Vogue. This woman is seventy-freaking-three years old, and she doesn't look a day over 50. My, my, my! Tina Turner is wearing a navy gown by Armani, styled by Nicola Knels, and photographed by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer. Go girl! You look gorgeous! Before her, the oldest person to cover Vogue [American] Magazine was 62 year old Meryl Streep, and that Continue Reading