Safe To Say, No One Takes A Selfie Like Obama

The little Obama selfie that was

In the past couple of days, my blog was hijacked by sponsored posts, and I mean that in the best way possible. Love it! And that's why I'm late in talking about Obama's epic fail --- according to some people who clearly have something stuck up their a-hole. When I first saw the picture of Obama and the Prime Ministers, my first reaction was awww. I thought it was mighty cool to see leaders of the world - literally - doing something as simple and casual as taking a selfie (by the way, selfie is Continue Reading

Dear Ann Coulter, To Have Multiple Orgasms From A Nigerian Prince, Press 1 – Again

Image source: WikiMedia

Yesterday on Nigerian Twitter, people were pissed about Ann Coulter's latest article, titles, "To Speak To A Nigerian Prince About Your Health Care, Press 1 Now." If you're wondering what on earth she's talking about, it's about Obama's healthcare website that isn't working. So what does this have to do with Nigeria? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a damn thing. You know, I get humor. I appreciate humor in any piece of writing. If she had stopped at just including Nigerian in the title, Continue Reading

What Are You Worth?

L-R: Damon Davis (Director for the Healthcare Initiative), Chiquita Brooks LaSure (Deputy Director, Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight), and Anton Gunn (Director, Office of Internal Affairs

The debate over healthcare and insurance is one that is best understood and appreciated by people who know what it’s like to be sick and not be able to afford the needed treatment. Years ago, I suffered what was supposed to be minor stomach flu. I had all the classic symptoms: nausea, diarrhea, cramps, and fever. The cramps went from bad to worse, and while I feared that what I was suffering might have been worse than the stomach flu, I made Google my doctor and refused to go to the hospital Continue Reading

Guess Who Was At The White House??? Meeeee!!!

My White House Badge

And no, my people, I was not there as a tourist. I was there as Press. The Human and Health Services Department held an event at the White House yesterday to discuss the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts minorities. I collaborated with the Cameroon American Council, but it was my merit that got me there: Verastic. When the e-mail got back to me and asked for my details (full name, date of birth, social security number, etc), I sent it in, but I did not really expect it to go through. I Continue Reading

Africans Are Immigrants, Too. Did You Know?

Yvette D. Clarke, U.S. Rep

I was just having this conversation with Igwe the other day about how every time they talk about Immigrants and Immigration, the focus is on the Hispanics/Latinos. Naturally, as an African Immigrant, this bothers me. For example, during every election, everybody wants the Latino votes. What about the African votes? I know people like to bundle us up as African Americans, but it is not that easy. I look at it more as there being Black Americans and then African Americans (us). As you know, Continue Reading

It Was Barack’s Inauguration, But Michelle Stole The Show!

The Obamas

While still unpacking, Igwe and I paused to enjoy the inaugural celebration, and it was beautiful. Or as Britney Spears always said on X Factor, "it was amazing." There were [are] too many things that fascinated me about the Obamas. First of all, I think it's safe to assume that the Obamas can afford to buy almost whatever they want. Whether it's a Rolex watch, or a pair of red bottoms, or the priciest Tiffany jewelry, so why don't Continue Reading

CBN Featured Me … Kinda Sorta

On Wednesday, December 12th, I put up a write-up - Whose Mouth Will You Have To Stop Feeding? - about the fiscal cliff and how it will impact us - Nigerians, Africans, Immigrants. Two days later, I received a tweet from one of my followers telling me that I was featured in a 700 Club report. So off I went to dig. And I found it! It's not that Vera Ezimora herself was featured per se, but more like Vera Ezimora's tweet about the fiscal cliff appeared in the report that CBN did about Continue Reading

The White House Might Be On The Verastic Show Tomorrow

Keyword: Might Two days ago, I put up a write up about the fiscal cliff and how it will impact Africans, if we do fall off it. I was - still am - quite disappointed about how little we (Africans) know about the fiscal cliff, considering that it's all everyone has been talking about. You do not have to be a political aspirant or junkie to know that there is a fiscal cliff ahead of us, and that December 31st may make or break 2013. Just to be clear, I am not a political aspirant, nor am I am Continue Reading

Whose Mouth Will You Have To Stop Feeding?


Yours? Or someone else’s? You may be one of those people who tune into stations like CNN and MSNBC only accidently, and when you do, the first thing you notice is that your television has a lot of pixels. My, the clarity! And that the lady giving the news is kind of pretty. Look at the fullness of her lips. And that the man next to her is a sharp dresser. Where did he get that suit from? And while you ponder all these very important things, your right ear might overhear – also Continue Reading