Guess Who America’s Most Hated Woman Is [Allegedly]?

Mystery Person

According to the news filtering around the web waves, she is hated for the following reasons: 1.  Being beautiful. 2.  Winning awards 3.  Being cast to sing in a movie (and daring to sing it well) 4.  Apologizing for mistakes she did not make 5.  Dressing so nicely 6.  Being so in love with her husband 7.  Being so darn perfect. Oh, okay. The report is that when you Google search for Anne Hathaway + hate, the results are triple that of when you search for Osama Bin Continue Reading

Anne Hathaway’s Nipples: They’re Just Like Mine

Anne Hathaway's sewn-on nipples

During the Oscars on Sunday, a lot of things happened, and a lot of questions were asked. Like, who was the best and worst dressed? Was Seth MacFarlane actually funny? When did Jamie Foxx's daughter grow up to be so beautiful? How come our First Lady, Michelle Obama is so cool? And the most important question of all: what on earth was going on with Anne Hathaway's nipples? Anne wore a Prada dress that looked very nice on her - conservative in the front and liberal at the back. I don't know Continue Reading