Any 40 Year Olds In The House???

The big Four OH

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am super excited. I came across this list of 20 things that people should master by the age of 40. Though I still have over a decade to turn 40, I should already be working on and mastering these skills. It's a lengthy read, but you'll enjoy reading it. I started by underlining the things I really connect with, but I was underlining everything, so there goes that idea. Meanwhile, pre-happy birthday to me. When I come back tomorrow, I will officially be one day Continue Reading

You’re Not Getting Younger … Anymore

That's something I have heard more times than I wish to remember.  It has become more prevalent now that I have ceased to get younger. And that's exactly my point. At what point does one cease to get younger? I used to think that one never gets younger anyway. Unfortunately, that's not a universal belief. I cannot count how many times I have been told (by my family and even by people I don't care for) that I am not getting younger anymore. Is this in comparison to the time that I was Continue Reading

I Was Just 21

Is it just me, or does a woman's age begin to speed like light once she reaches the age of 21. Once upon a time, I could not wait to turn 21. 21, to me, was the real legal age. The problem with turning 21 is that 22 immediately follows - and then 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 ... 114... and before you know it, you're wondering where all the time went. I feel like I just blogged about my birthday. Yet, as it is now, another birthday will soon be upon me.Today is the last day of August. I do not know Continue Reading