Who Is This Woman?

I’ve been seeing this Chevron ad on television for a while now, and while I’m pleased to know that Chevron Nigeria says they have not had a reported case in twelve years – by the way, what does that even mean? – I am more intrigued by the lady in the commercial. She’s at the very beginning of the ad; she comes in wearing pink and swinging a baby, and then says, “You won’t take my life.”

I absolutely LOVE the way she talks. I think I totally have a girl crush on her. I love her accent; I love her voice. I love her spirit – or what I think is her spirit. Who is she? Is she Nigeria? What’s her name? Where is she?

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  1. Manny says

    All these syrupy ads :)
    By the way, the kitchen the pregnant woman was standing in looks more like a kitchen from the help movie than a kitchen in Nigeria.

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