Vivica A. Fox Wants Only Men Between 30 & 35?

Vivica A FoxHuh?

So, Vivica A. Fox was recently on a radio show discussing a lot of things, including her evolution in her choice of men. Vivica was married to Christopher Harvest from 1998 to 2002. I still haven’t forgotten when she dated 50 Cent. Ugh. I was so shocked. That, to me, was like if I read that Kerry Washington is dating Wiz Khalifa. Eww? Sorry, Amber Rose.

Vivica A. Fox is now 49 years old. Vivica has never been my favorite or least favorite actress; she’s just been Vivica, not a maker or breaker of anything for me. Anyway, here’s what she said during the interview, “I used to be so lustful. I would lose my mind over a six pack and a smile, it would get me every time and usually get me in trouble. Pretty eyes, pretty teeth? Forget about it! But, I think now I’m looking for a good partner, just a good man, whereas before it would be mostly physical. Now, I need a man who’s a gentleman, more old-fashioned. Someone who I could laugh with and have fun with. I’m trying to date above 30 now. Thirty to 35 is the window. Not saying I won’t make an exception if someone special comes along, though!”

So Vivica, I hate to break it to you, but you’ve got things all backwards. You’re about 20 to 25 years behind in your choice of men and age group. You should be looking for someone who is 50 to 55. And dating 30 to 35 year old men should be the exception, not the rule.

Of course, young men can (and do) date younger women, but Vivica isn’t like J. Lo for example, who in my opinion is young-ish. Like, we all know that J.Lo isn’t a spring chicken, but we don’t get too shocked when we see her with Casper (I heard they’ve broken up by the way). Vivica, in my opinion, is old-ish. I know it’s a double standard, but May-December souls tend to look better when the man is older, than when the woman is older.

For example, women can call their men “daddy,” and it’s considered cute and sexy. But can you imagine your man calling you, “Mommy?” No woman wants to remind her man of his mom. Yuck. There’s a reason why during sex, men can ask “Who’s your daddy?” and women won’t ask, “Who’s your mommy?”

So, err, Vivica, girl, you’re not yet serious. My short response to this desire of yours: girl, bye!

Girl Bye Gif


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  1. Fad says

    Vera, you basically displayed a classic example of age discrimination plastered all over your note…

    Viva is free to date any man in my opinion once he is not underage..

    She has her reasons for wanting the age group..

    It might be the pampering which your suggested age group wont be able to give her

    It might be lesser mental baggage since your suggested age group have already walked the miles,loads of it..

    It might be sexual reasons.. Research has shown guys from 40 do have a problem with active sex life, so your suggested age group will not have any working tools useful for her

    You also refused to acknowledge evidence based research also termed ladies as sexually active from late 30s to Viva’s age, an appetite older guys will not be able to satisfy.

    Her age also must not be taken into consideration, how she feels internally might not radiate 49 hence she needs a much younger guy..

    Basically their is nothing bad about what she wants, at least we guys do the same..

    Guys will also tell you a much older woman often treats you better and well experience.. They know how to handle a man compared to the younger ones..

    Too many factors to consider and she also is looking fine and edible which any guy would want..

    So Vera, leave her alone o, am a fan of hers, not just a fan, a mental one for that matter..

    • Pendo says

      Well said Fad! I really don’t get the age bias thing I have a friend who is 6 years younger than me but more rounded and mature than I am and I have another one two years older than me who behaves and thinks like she is still 18. I once dated a man who was four years older than me and behaved liked he was under 21 I also dated another one who was 3 years younger but was way more mature than the older dude that I previously went out with. To each their own you can’t help who you fall in love with. Look at Tina Turner who got married to her much younger boo that she had been with for 27 years and he is 16 years younger than her Tina is now 73 her boo is 57 so she got with him when he was 30 and she was 46.

      • Funmie says

        you both have missed the point….

        Vivica has not fallen in love

        she is stating who she wants to fall in love with….

        and for someone that is claiming “changing her ways” from physical attraction to being able to laugh together. and for someone who “used” to be lustful…. she still has a mighty long way to go.

        I totally agree with Vera here, in this time and age of scarcity of men??? Vivica is Unrealistically unreal to expect to FALL IN LOVE with a man age 30 to 35.

        She can be in love with him (the aged 30 to 35). i’ll be damn sure that he is in love with her money/fame :)

        • Fad says

          We haven’t missed the point Funmie

          Still the same stance,principle and criteria..

          She knows what she wants and she is going for it..

          I recently had this same gist when Peter of Psquare got engage to his partner Tayo..

          Tayo is 40plus while Peter is 34..

          I remember telling friends considering the industry he makes his meal ,smart move to marry Tayo who is much older..

          They have dated for years which equally resulted with his starting a family..

          The point here is simple, you can imagine the tolerance from Tayo on various speculations about her partner, but she stayed nicely..

          Just imagine if she was younger than Peter Okoye, she is long gone..

          You cannot beat wisdom when it comes to relationship, not far off you ladies looking for a much older guy, the question then is why???

          Same as Viva, she has her reasons and by all means she is free..

          The funniest thing is that the 30-35 are actually running away from their own age mates, why?? Too much stress, safe to say older women will not mete out the same stress, if at all they do then is minimal..

          So Funmie, make una leave my girl alone o.. She has the same right to be happy, is you ladies that will keep your guys and reduce unmitigated stress giving to that age group..

          • Manny says

            I have to agree with Fad and Pendo on this. Besides Vera, who’s your daddy is not exactly cute and sexy. In my mind, I associate it with spanking and other BDSM. And hell, if a guy asks me who my daddy is during sex, I think an image of my dad would pop up and that sex session is over.
            And Fummie, I don’t think she is being unrealistic regardless of whatever scarcity of men. This year alone, I have had two much younger men drool over me … I’m talking 31 to 25/27. And in my interactions with people, I have seen several older women-younger men relationships in every age cohort. Sanaa Lathan is 42 and is currently dating a guy 17 years younger. There are men that can find beauty in every type of female form, old or young. No be naija where people derogatorily refer to every over 30 as past her time and because of that, women don’t even know that they can be found sexy regardless of their age.

        • Pendo says

          Tina Turner and her boo did fall in love and it’s been 27 years and still going strong so yes Funmie a man of 30-35 can fall in love, remain with and marry a woman 45 and older it has happened before and it will keep happening.

      • says

        Pendo, I should have been more specific in this post. It’s not that I think that no young man can/will date an older woman. It’s that Vivica should find an older man. I really, really believe she should, and yes, I know my thoughts don’t count, but I still want to express them anyway.

    • says

      Fad, that one is your own oh! All these things you typed here na story. Vivica has stated publicly that she wants the whole package: marriage, family, et al. So I don’t think that for her it’s about any one singular thing. And truth be told, she has continuously dated bad boys and douchebags. She doesn’t have to date an older man oh; she can stick to men in their 30s (and keep in mind that she’s been doing this and it has not been working).

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