The White House Might Be On The Verastic Show Tomorrow

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Two days ago, I put up a write up about the fiscal cliff and how it will impact Africans, if we do fall off it. I was – still am – quite disappointed about how little we (Africans) know about the fiscal cliff, considering that it’s all everyone has been talking about. You do not have to be a political aspirant or junkie to know that there is a fiscal cliff ahead of us, and that December 31st may make or break 2013. Just to be clear, I am not a political aspirant, nor am I am political junkie, and the Africans I am addressing are the one who live here in the United States.

Tomorrow is the last day of The Verastic Show for the year, until 2013. Yes, even I need a break, too. This blog, however, doesn’t go on breaks. Tomorrow’s topic is a light-hearted one: what does it mean when girls say [of men], “We are just talking?” I’ll be co-hosting with Sanmi, a certified instigator. I love it!

However, at some time during the show, I will be taking a call from Sylvie Bello, the CEO of the Cameroon American Council, a non profit organization geared toward immigrants. The Washington Post called it the “first of its kind,” and the DC Mayor recognized its work too. If cuts are made due to the fiscal cliff, this is one of the major organizations that will suffer. As you can imagine, it cannot serve its community efficiently with cuts.

That said, Sylvie Bello is working on having a representative of the White House join us for a few minutes on The Verastic Show tomorrow. Because of the limited time, it is not guaranteed. As you can imagine, they are busy over there at the White House. The bad news is that when tomorrow comes, they might not make it. The good news is that if they don’t make it tomorrow, they will DEFINITELY make it next year when the show goes back on air. This is a promise. [White House, please don't fall my hand ooo! I have made a public promise on your behalf].

On that note, what questions do you have concerning the fiscal cliff? Leave a comment and let us know. Let’s tackle this thing tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Akin says

    Your wedding proposal video was very romantic…May you and Igwe flourish together as you proceed onto the next level. You’re getting the recognition you deserve, CNN and BBC will soon follow suit, and those in corridors of power in Aso Rock will eventually start to listen in to get feelers from diasporans. Days of little beginning should not be despised. I’ve seen people being catapulted onto greatness from such. Go on girl…
    PS: The gidilounge app can be downloaded from google playstore and apple appstore. Playbook is a Blackberry tablet.

    • says

      Amen!!! Thank you very much. Thank you for the encouraging words. I am looking forward to being catapulted. Any day now :-)

      Meanwhile, thank you for the clarification! When I was typing it, Google Playbook sounded weird, like there was something wrong about it. But the silly part is that I have an Android phone, but I was too lazy to check the real thing. Thamks for letting me know.

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