The Subaru Commercial That Reminds Me Of Igwe

The Subaru girl that has stolen our hearts

The Subaru girl that has stolen our hearts

This post is all kinds of cheesy, but I’ll still proceed, albeit with a lot of shame. The first time Igwe and I saw this commercial, we both went awwww. And every time this commercial comes up, I watch Igwe and the way he smiles sheepishly at it. The reason I keep looking at him while he’s watching it is because I know that this is exactly the kind of father he will be. He’s already talking about assigning bodyguards to the kids twenty-four seven. And if any small boy dares to look at his daughter too long, the body guards will question him. Uhmmmm!

There is no bun in my oven yet, but there’s still the twin situation. Unless this time is different, I am already looking forward to the comments: Vera, are you having sex with Igwe? Do you support having sex with a man you are not married to? The answers to your questions are yes and no, respectively. Err, err, no buts. I’ll explain some other day. Or maybe not šŸ˜€

Isn’t it just the cutest video? Feel free to e-smack me if I’m being silly.


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  1. quaggar says

    And you just had to take the joy of asking those questions away from us. Mschewwww.

    SO unto the next one – you know there are some positions that augur well for twins, right… so are you guys doing them? *evil grin*

    • says

      Hahaha. Quaggar, sorry, I have been asked the questions so many times – especially when I say something about kids with Igwe – so I decided to answer before I’m asked. And for your own question, I have not found out yet oh! I hear there are positions, but I don’t know them yet. I’m researching šŸ˜€

  2. Dalu says

    I had tears in my eyes d firsdt day i watched this ad. It’s so cute!. Shows how sincere a father’s love is. May God bless u & Igwe with beautiful kids to shower this love on, amen

  3. says

    This is indeed the cutest ad on TV right now, I love it. We were actually talking the other day about how Subaru has cornered the market on the chessy car ads, I think I’m getting a Subaru when the time is ripe. :)

    • says

      Hahaha. Myne, they have gotten you, ehn? And there’s this other Subaru ad I like, too, of some little kids pouring water inside the car, in the name of washing his car. Too cute! I’ll blog it when I find it.

  4. says

    Oh yea, those subaru ads are the cutest…This one had me awwwwing and the other makes me long all the more for my boys…I can picture it….my baby boys pouring water in their daddy’s car trying to wash it,, my big boys coming out of the house and seeing what they have done screams “AAAhhhh, motigbo (if that is even a yoruba word and not that he’ll be yoruba children have killed me….hiohiohio

    I cant wait o jare….

    • says


      LOL. Glad you’ve got it all figured out. My Yoruba is a little rusty, but I think mo ti gbo means “I have heard.” I don’t know.

      P.S. You sound like me, saying he won’t be Yoruba. Mm hmm. Look where that has landed me. LOL.

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