Scandal Season 3, Episode 10: A Door Marked Exit

I’m typing this post as I watch the show. Talk about a live post. Let’s go.

The episode started with Vice President Sally Langston. They showed us how the argument started between her and her gay husband, and how she consequently ended up stabbing him several times with a letter opener. Her husband accused her of always knowing that he was gay anyway and only marrying him to make her look good because apparently she was too old, too rich, and too shriveled to find a man.

Sally called him many, many things, including her original sin, and she said she could not wait for him to meet his creator and suffer for his sin (of homosexuality). According to him, he had everything she needed to become President of the United States: a pair of balls. Then he said it was over and he was leaving. Clearly, Sally didn’t agree to that. PAUSE.

Cyrus came to the rescue of Sally. He took care of it the way Olivia would. They stitched up the stab wounds and called in the doctor to declare him dead. Meanwhile, he convinced Sally to lie and say that she woke up to him dead. He convinced her that Jesus had already taken care of her sins, so she didn’t need to turn herself in. PAUSE.

Quinn went to her B613 office to kill Rowan Pope. But while they were talking, someone came in and said that they knew where Mama Pope is, so the conversation between them never concluded. Quinn went into the bathroom and pulled out the tracking device that Huck put in place of the teeth he pulled out and she flushed it down the toilet. PAUSE.

Rowan Pope was on his way to wherever when two black cars blocked him. Next time we see Rowan, he’s seated in a white tee and his black pants in a room that looks like only certain people can go into it. He’s sitting with Fitz. Fitz wants Rowan to tell him why he pulled down the plane, but of course, he doesn’t. PAUSE. Rowan says to Fitz, “That’s a matter of national security and it’s above your pay grade, Mr. president.” Ehm, excuse me, how can you say that it is above the President’s pay grade?? See insult. PAUSE.

Fitz decides to use some kind of psychology on Rowan. He tells him, “I’m screwing your daughter, you know, every chance I get … the things I can tell you about the way she tastes.” Now, here’s one conversation I’d like to hear between Igwe and my father. “Dr. Ezimora, would you like me to tell you how your daughter tastes?” *clears throat* Not that Igwe would know, of course.  In return, Rowan told Fitz that he just wanted Olivia because she was a door marked EXIT and because he wanted to use her as an excuse to not be President and to fall short of his father’s dreams for him. Oh, and he also called Fitz a boy. PAUSE.

Rowan talking to Fitz

Rowan talking to Fitz

Mellie was thrilled when she heard that Sally’s husband was dead because to her, that meant that Sally would drop out of the race. Even when she found out that Sally killed her husband, she was not phased. If anything, it made her even happier. She paid Sally a condolence visit where she threw all kinds of shade at Sally. She was sure to tell Sally that she was happy that they could both work together for the betterment of the President. READ: I know your righteous ass killed your husband, and if you try to run against my husband again, I’ll make sure the world knows what you did. Cyrus told Mellie that hell hath no furry like a woman whose husband is sleeping with another man. He was right. PAUSE.

James (Cyrus’s husband) suspects that either Cyrus or Sally killed her husband. So he reports to David Rosen who does not trust him because the last time he trusted James and brought him to court to testify against President Fitz and the rigged election, James got on the stand and said he had no idea what David is talking about. I predict that David would eventually call James to the stand, and once again, he would deny knowing anything. PAUSE.

Olivia comes in to see her father while he’s in “custody” with Fitz, and her father confirms that he pulled the plane down because his wife (Mama Pope) convinced him that there was a bomb in the plane, so he took it down because he figured it’d be easier to kill 300 people in the air than let that plane land in London and kill thousands at the airport. He thought he was doing good. Now he’s angry that he was tricked into doing bad. PAUSE.

Olivia talking to her dad

Olivia talking to her dad

Quinn goes back to the office and reports to Huck hoping for a welcome, or at least a pat on the back for coming back home in spite of taking the tracking device out. She figured she could have run away and Huck would never find her, but for coming back, she expected something. Instead, Huck said, “If it wasn’t for Olivia, I would have pulled out all your teeth. If it wasn’t for Olivia, I would have peeled off all your skin. If it wasn’t for Olivia, I would have killed you. Right now.” He also told her that she’s no longer a gladiator, so Quinn went back to her B613 guys. Is it love? Is it like? Is it even real? I don’t know.

Scandal: Huck talking to Quinn

Huck talking to Quinn

Jake came to Olivia to say good bye. He did not say where he was going, but it was implied that he was only trying to get away from Command (Rowan). He tells her that no matter what happens, he wants her to know that he loved her. They kissed.  However, the next time we see Jake, he’s sitting on Rowan’s chair and quoting Rowan back to Rowan. Jake is the new command, and I have no idea how this will end.

Scandal: Jake Saying Goodbye

Jake saying goodbye to Liv

Mama Pope’s plane never made it to Hong Kong. It crash landed somewhere in the desert where she killed everyone on board.  She, however, called Liv to tell her that she knew she (Liv) was angry at her and that she loved her. Olivia asked many times where she was, but she didn’t tell her. Instead, she promised that she could see Olivia soon. She was in front of the White House!

I can’t even predict what will happen next. I’m so lost. Scandal has a way of messing with my head and making me feel like there’s something wrong with me for not being able to predict the future. For all we know, Jake might be the real bad guy, Olivia’s mom might be an angel, B613 members might be the heros, and Cyrus might be going to heaven.

P.S. There was a scene where Olivia ordered Fitz to capture her mother back, and the look on Fitz’s face was, “Chineke God of Heaven, this girl has put me in trouble! My millitary plane is in the desert after escaping a terrorist — and she’s worried about her mom? Abi I dey mad???”

P.P.S. At some point during the show, my laptop froze and I had to restart it, so forgive me if I missed some happenings. It’s a sign that I need a new laptop.

+ All images via Scandal’s official Twitter account

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