Scandal Has Finished Me. Can We Talk About This?

Scandal has finished me. That is the summary of this post. Like many other people, ever since I started watching Scandal, I have been unable to stop – not that I want to. I want to talk about yesterday’s episode: YOLO (Season 3, Episode 9).

Olivia & Mama Pope

Olivia & Mama Pope

We already know that Mama Pope is alive. We had to wait two weeks to find out why and how she’s still alive. We knew that Rowan, her husband and Olivia’s father had her locked up for 22 years, and we knew he was the devil. We thought we knew he was the devil. PAUSE.

Huck & Quinn

Huck & Quinn

Quinn got her curious ass in a lot of trouble. Her curiosity landed her in B613 as a member. And just as I predicted, Huck found out. I still don’t know if Huck actually pulled her teeth out or not. But Huck got her to agree to do something: kill Rowan. PAUSE.

Fitz & Sally

Fitz & Sally

Vice President Sally Langston is finally ready to run against President Fitz, which in my opinion – and I don’t know much about politics – is political suicide — unless the people hate their President. But they don’t. Plus, history has shown that going against Fitz, Cyrus, Mellie, and Olivia never ends well. PAUSE.

Mellie advising Cyrus about how to deal with a cheating husband

Mellie advising Cyrus about how to deal with a cheating husband

Cyrus has gone and done it this time. I don’t know if he’ll wiggle his way out of this one. Cyrus got the bright idea to set his husband up to interview Sally Langston’s husband because he knew that Sally’s husband is an undercover gay man and might possibly hit on James (Cyrus’s husband). But it backfired in every way possible. James found out he was set up, so out of anger and malice (and possible konji), he decided to sleep with Sally’s husband. Well, I think he slept with him. PAUSE.


Olivia tried to get her mother to escape, but her father put her on the NO-FLY list under the name, Maria, which according to Olivia’s mom was a fake name, and her father was only doing so to ruin her. So, Olivia got Fitz to fly her mother on a military plane to Hong Kong.

And just as the plane took off, Olivia remembered that on the day her mother died, just after she left the house, the phone rang, and the other person on the phone asked for Maria. Olivia told the person that it was a wrong number … because for all she knew, no one called Maria resided in that house. Then, like a ton of bricks, it hit Olivia in the head and she realized that her mother wasn’t a saint, that her father wasn’t a monster, that her father was only trying to protect her, and that her mother was actually a terrorist. REALLY, REALLY PAUSE.


In the preview of next week’s episode, all hell will break lose: Sally kills (or attempts to kill) her husband, and “of all maggots in the toilet,” she decides to call Cyrus to confess her sin. Olivia is telling Fitz to bring her mother back and arrest her. Do you know what it means for a President to fly a terrorist out of the country in a military plane? I don’t know what it means either but this one don pass treason. I hear the voice of Joffrey Baratheon from Game Of Thrones saying, “Bring me his head!”

Oh, and James wants a divorce from Cyrus … or doesn’t he? Millie and Cyrus are now technically in the the same boat: they both have cheating husbands, and they are both willing to put down anything and everything on the line for Fitz. Meanwhile, Fitz is still in love with Olivia, and they are both still fantasizing about being married, having kids, and living in Vermont.

The thing about Scandal is that it is very well written. Too well written. Shonda Rhimes has a way of making you fall in love (or hate) with a character, and then you find out this other part of them that is completely opposite of what you thought of them, and then you become confused and anxious and despondent. She messes these characters up and makes them have some eff’d up issues that challenge everything you thought you believed in. And next thing, you find yourself waking up at 5am and asking yourself, “Who are you, Vera?”

Shonda Rhimes has snatched me by the eyebrows and nose hairs and dragged me across my whole damn living room. I’m bruised and broken. And I’m still panting, waiting with horror and apprehension and unquenchable thirst. I cannot get enough, and how does she do it?

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  1. awa says

    It’s as if you are in my head, these are my exact sentiments about yday’s episode. I’m still confused, how is she a terrorist.

  2. Brooms says

    Too well written. Tripple gbam. HOW do they do it ? I have asked myself time and time again. Who are the writers and what on earth do they look like? What do they eat and where do they sleep to come up with such crispy stuff? I have been at the edge of my seat since season 1.I wasn’t too much into season 3 when it started because the bar had been set so high in season 2, I didn’t think Shonda could possibly top herself. I didn’t want to be dissapointed in case the storyline went south so I grudgingly ignored the first few episodes.I picked up @ Epispode 3 and to my utter dismay, the quality was as good as ever. Could not believe it. Shonda actually topped season 2 with her bad self! Unbelievable. I am floored. Still floored and fallen in love with K.Washington. Vera you can sleep now, Goodnight.

  3. says

    Vera, I wish I could watch scandal due to the accolades the show keeps receiving but I can’t. It’s just not drawing me closer, lol. But…I could feel every moment of tension throughout the whole hour episode, even as a bystander! My twitter L was filled with scandal hashtags and gosh I could only imagine the anxiousness on people’s faces as they shared their feelings. :)

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