What If Oscar Pistorius Is Innocent?

I’ve been following the Oscar Pistorius murder trial – and it’s hard not to when it’s on TV all the time – and Igwe and I have been debating the innocence or guilt of Oscar Pistorius. Igwe is pretty sure that he’s guilty. I, on the other hand, wonder what if he’s innocent after all?

Oscar Pistorius

The prosecutor – fondly known as The Pitbull – has been doing one hell of a cross examination. I wonder if I wouldn’t just break down and admit to guilt, just to not have him ask me another question – not that I’m saying Oscar should do this. No, not at all. Oscar’s story doesn’t hold a lot of water in my opinion. His story about not knowing it was Reeva in the bathroom makes me wonder, but where did you think she was when you woke up and thought there was an intruder in the bathroom? Wouldn’t the natural reaction (when there’s an intruder) be to first look for your loved ones – wife, children, siblings, etc?

Still, what if he’s innocent? Crazier things have happened, no? What if his version of the story is the truth and he really did not mean to kill Reeva Steenkamp? What if he just finds himself in a case that is wildly against all the odds? If this were Nigeria, I’d almost bet everything that he would be found innocent because he’s a wealthy and popular guy, and in Nigeria, this would make you untouchable. I don’t know how the justice system works in South Africa, but he better thank his God that he’s white. Apartheid lives.

What I know for sure is that I’d always rather see a guilty man go free than see an innocent man be locked up for a crime he did not commit. It’s so unfortunate that a young man with so many talents and a bright future would be fighting for his life in court. And it’s even more unfortunate that Reeva Steenkamp’s fate has been sealed in such a permanent way. May her soul rest in perfect peace. And may God give her friends and family the fortitude to bear this loss.

Seriously, what if Oscar Pistorius is innocent? Do you think he’s innocent or guilty?

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  1. says

    And you said you’ve been following the case.

    See, Apartheid or not, the judge is black. If Oscar is white, Is Steenkamp black?

    About wealth, do you think Steenkamp is poor?

    About Nigeria, do you think anyone would be ready to listen to Oscar at all?

    Please, Vera, when giving opinions about such sensitive issue, a little more research is not too much.

    P.S: Some people call Oscar my friend and brother because of how interested I am in the case. I have even tweeted about it a few times. But my blog, not yet. The matter takes a lot in.

    • Quaggar says

      Hmm… but @Tope in the end you did not give your own opinion. At least Vera gave hers, whether you agree with it or not. Closed mouths don’t get fed, you know…

      @Verastic, I think he is guilty because his story hasnt held up well for me, but then.. we leave it for the judge to decide. I have always found it a bit discomforting though, that another human being’s opinion gets to decide a case. The juror system I feel is a little better as hopefully more heads together may lead to more balanced reasoning. Unfortunately not every country practices this. As for Nigeria’s legal system, let’s not even go there…

      • says

        Quaggar, honestly, I would not want to have a job where someone else’s life depends on my opinion or actions. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be for this judge to make her decision. Per the jury, I think it’s a double-edged sword. I think the jury might decide based on emotions why the judge will decide based on facts, but neither of them is God, so everyone could be wrong. The best option would be to subpoena God and demand that He shows up in court to tell everyone what really happened. Lol.

    • says

      Tope, please read the entire post and understand it well before coming for me. Whether the judge is black or white does not change the fact that Oscar is white. Whites are the majority and they hold more power. You think that the judge cannot be influenced or threatened just because she’s black? She’s a black judge presiding over a white guy. That’s all.

      Nowhere in this post did I imply that Reeva isn’t wealthy. I was not even considering her wealth. I was only thinking about Oscar’s wealth and popularity. And as for Nigeria, if this had happened there, then no, the people would not hear what he has to say because the people will have no choice. In Nigeria, in cases of “The People” vs “The Rich & Famous,” the latter always wins. If he lived in the boondocks, then maybe there’ll be jungle justice then.

  2. Damilola says

    I don’t care what this Oscar says, all I know is that he’s guilty, very guilty and he should be purnished for it

  3. says

    Vera, I’m as confused as most people. I started out thinking it was a honest mistake. But with the way the persecution poked hole in Oscar’s defense, I’m beginning to think otherwise.

    In either case, it’s evident that Oscar has some anger and anxiety issues. I’m thinking….even if there was an intruder in the house, must you fire at them without even seeing who the person is?

    The fact is, he killed Reeva. Any reason for such an action does not erase that fact.

    Come to think of it, when you hear something strange, what’s the first thing you do? For most people, they’d like to know who/what’s behind the sound. You’d holler “….who’s there?” You don’t just get up and start shooting.

    I’d let the court decide if he’s guilty or not.

    As far the Nigerian legal system, I don’t think Oscar’s fame will do him any good in this case if it were in Nigeria. Reeva’s parents seem to be well-to-do and the case has been highly publicized.

    • says

      Honestly, Segun, every time I watch it on TV, I feel like the facts imply that he’s guilty – I know, but a part of me just wonders, what if he isn’t guilty? Yes, guilty of killing her, but was it necessarily murder? *sigh* So, so sad what is happening. If he is guilty, then I hope he does not go unpunished. But if he isn’t guilty, then I hope the judge rules right.

  4. Fad says

    Vera, he is guilty, no sympathy needed..

    The intention was there and that is enough for me..

    You know ladies are natural screamers, so Reeva was screaming as would anyone with a gunman after them and yet he continued shooting, not once, not twice, not thrice but FOUR times..

    That alone confirms his intention to kill her..

    Assuming he pleaded guilty and accept responsibility, equally blame temporary loss of control due to rage, then we can show sympathy for such unfortunate error

    But refusing to accept responsibility and crying daily like a kid whose bike was stolen, nahhh he is guilty

    Hopefully when he comes out from prison, he should be encourage to take up acting since he can act very well..

    Guess Reeva’s unfortunate demise has opened another opportunity for him..

    No sympathy, he is going to jail, jail as in J.A.I.L…..

    • says

      Fad, I know he is guilty of killing her, but I just wonder if it was murder. I honestly cannot say with confidence that he is or isn’t guilty. I just pray that he gets what he deserves – whatever that may be.

      • Fad says

        Thought I quickly clarify this for you Vera since am a legal mind.

        You wondered if it was murder.. Legally once the intention is there, then that is murder..

        You could decide a man chasing a screaming lady into a toilet, releasing four fatal shots doesnt have the intention to kill

        You could also decide if it was manslaughter, but then you need to establish recklessness if it was voluntary.

        The problem you will have is four fatal shots couldnt be tagged as reckless since it continued from a single shot..

        You could also say is involuntary manslaughter and use Oscar’s defence, fear of an intruder..

        Basically this is just to give you primary indicators on the possibilities.

        The only issue you have if not convinced about murder is to look for a way to isolate intention, and also the four shots…

        Just a single shot would have made a sensible and reasonable justification for alternatives aside murder, unfortunately we have four targeted bullets

        The problem here also is that he never accepted he lost control during the fatal event thus rendering other alternatives void..

        Guess am bringing you to my world…

        P.S Kindly tell Igwe, your new weightloss shape need to be capped.. Since Igwe is Yoruba man,am sure he will tell you we are allergic to size zero…lol

        • says

          Fad, you have already lost me oh. Me, I don’t know about all these your legal talk. I just feel sorry for him, and I hope that he gets what he deserves. If he killed Reeva on purpose, then I hope he pays the price. If not, I hope they let him go. I’m really not trying to convince anyone of his innocence or guilt.

          Looooool at your P.S. Not to worry, I can never be a size zero :-)

  5. Tokunbo says

    I agree very much Vera, I’d rather a guilty man goes free than an innocent soul convicted but I just dont see Oscar’s story being true. I’ve put myself in his place at the crime scene from all angles and something just keeps tripping. Besides, if I were truly innocent in this case, I’d feel so horrible I probably would spend more time feeling awful and sorry than arguing desperately to avoid a punishment afterall, intentionally or not, I did kill a person, someone I loved so much at that.

  6. gabe says

    Me I don’t understand how he will dodge this one o. U slept with someone ( a very noticeable someone, if I may add), u woke up @ nite and d person is not there. U heard noises in the bathroom, it didn’t occur to u ONCE that she went to pee or shit, u didn’t bother to ask ‘babe, is that u in d bathroom?’ U grab ur gun, u shoot once, u didn’t wait for who was shouting, u started doing commando shooting. Omo, d guy is lucky I’m not on the jury. I would have convinced everyone else he wanted to use her for ogboni.

  7. Michelle says

    Vera, the main thing Oscar is accused of is premeditated murder – and as Gerrie Nel explained it – when he fired he’s intention was to kill (whether it was Reeva or an intruder, doesn’t matter, the state’s case will just be stronger if they can proof he knew it was Reeva behind that door) – you are not allowed to shoot unless your life is in direct danger… My opinion, no matter what he’s story – he is guilty of what he is accused of (I personally believe he killed her in a fit of rage – but even if he didn’t, and he’s story is true about the intruder – he still should have acted differently)

    • says

      Michelle, I complete agree that he should have acted differently. And he’s story is difficult to believe just because it seems like something that no normal person would do naturally. When I was asking what if he’s innocent, I really just meant what if his version of the story is the truth. He would still be guilty of killing Reeva no matter what, but what if he did not mean to? *sigh* Oh, well ….

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