Obama Is Still MY President. The World Is Happy Again

Oh, my Goddddddd!!!

I am rolling with joy here. I’ve been nervous all day, not wanting to watch television, but needing to anyway because I just had to know what was going on again. And I’ve been sitting here with Igwe and DJ watching the votes come in. They have been laughing at me because every time they call a State for Romney, I star freaking out all over again.

Okay, I can now go to bed. President Barack Obama is still my President. Should he decide to run for a third term – in spite of it not being allowed – I would totally vote for him again. I am so, so, so, happy. And I feel so blessed to witness this.

I don’t even care what plans Obama has for the next four years. I just want him to win. And he has won. So I can sleep easy. Congratulations, Mr. President!! As of right now, Obama has 274 electoral votes and he only needs 270. All the States have not even been counted, so I can only imagine what it would be like when they’re done.

P.S. Did you hear about the buffoons (AKA politicians) in Nigeria who are having a party in Eko Hotel to watch the U.S. Presidential make-up? Did you read the part where I said “U.S. Presidential?” ┬áDa hell?????????????

This just in!! Romney isn’t conceding the loss of the State of Ohio to Obama. He’s not conceding now, but he will concede later. We’re used to him flip flopping anyway. Na today???

Goodnight, sweets! Gotta go stay up to watch MY president speak! Wooooooooooooooooooooot! Oh, happy day!


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