My Complete Thoughts On Kim Kardashian In Nigeria

Darey & Kim

Darey & Kim

Darey (Dare?) had a concert this past weekend in Nigeria. I have read a lot of blogs that reported on the event, and everyone (including people that commented) have said two things in common:

1.  The concert was beyond amazing. It was like nothing they have ever experienced.

2.  Kim Kardashian made no difference whatsoever AND she was on stage for like a few seconds.

When I wrote the piece “Lessons Hollywood Can Learn From Nollywood,” that was my way of highlighting some of the foolishness of Nollywood and Nigerian entertainment in general – for those who did not get that memo. And it’s not just Nollywood, but Nigeria as a whole.

We have something going on with us where we – as a nation – would rather have anything that is NOT of Nigeria. We do not celebrate our own; we do not appreciate our own, and we do not just want our own.

I remember when I was in Nigeria and companies who made plastic would mark it as “Made in Holland” or something like that. Meanwhile, the plastic was made in Aba or wherever else. But they did that because they knew that people loved to see things made in other countries.

It has been a real eye opener for me here in America as Americans generally don’t appreciate products made in other countries to be sold here. When American-made products are advertised, they make sure to tell you that this is American-made. So why is it the opposite in Nigeria?

The same thing applies to our entertainment industry. Peeps are recruiting hosts from America, people who don’t know of or care about Nigeria, people who are just there to get their money. They are overpaid, underworked, and over-celebrated. Tell me, what do the likes of Morris Chestnut, Chris Brown,  Idris Elba, and Kim Kardashian have to do with Nigeria? Believe me, I am not at all hating on these people, but I just know  – and wish that everyone else recognizes – that these people do NOT care about us. Tell me, how many times has America invited ANYONE from Nigeria to come and host ANY kind of event?

When I heard about Darey’s event, I just kept asking myself, “What the hell is Kim K going to be doing there?” And people even paid to see her??? Why???????????????????? You don’t see her enough on television? Really, I’d understand why someone would pay to see the likes of Oprah, Beyonce, Stephen Spielberg, Simon Cowell, etc, but Kim K?? Why? You need tips on making a sex tape? Or tips on getting pregnant for the man that you are NOT currently married to? What?

It sounds like I don’t like Kim K, but that really isn’t the case. I’m indifferent. I just don’t know why we keep celebrating everyone but ourselves.  And when the celebrities come and give us less than whatever it is we were expecting, everyone is up in arms, wondering how on earth this could happen. We give them soldiers to protect them, follow them everywhere, and take pictures for Instagram. We pay them 20 times what we will pay our own, and they do one-twentieth of the job that our own will do.  They don’t know Nigeria. They don’t know Nigerians. They don’t know what the heck we’ve invited them for; all they know is the money. And who can blame them? If some country were to pay me $$$$$ to come to an event I don’t know and pose for a couple pictures, I would do it, too.

Look at this picture of Kim Kardashian and tell me that this is money well spent.

One of these people don't look like the other

One of these people don’t look like the other


P.S. And for the people blogging and saying that she looks “stunning” or “dazzling,” you need to stop with the ass-kissing already. We have all seen Kim K looking fab, and this isn’t a fab-looking Kim K. I’m not saying you should say she looks bad – and I don’t even think that she does – but quit with the lies, joh. Sick of all y’ll kissing ass.

Which way, Nigeria?

On the plus side, I am sooooooooooo excited about my upcoming class. Wooooooooot! Are you coming? Check it out! I’m soooo looking forward to seeing you Eventbrite - So ... You Want To Be A Blogger? (Blogging 101)

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  1. Funmie says

    uhn, my Sincere-absolutely-Fab-Soul-Verastic-Sister,

    i concur, concur, concur!!!!

    the likes of Joke Silver, Onyeka Onwenu, Genevieve, Omotola, Mo, Stella Damasus… These are all women that have paid their dues….
    Shoot even Linda Ikeji, Bella, and my Verastic ofcourse…. these are just a few names off the top of my head.

    The anger inside of me with this Dare guy and his team ehn? He just distracted the glory that he woulda gotten from this concert with the “Kim K”

    Like i said on my FB page, may God give us wisdom.

    P.S She was prolly too tired n exhausted and wanted to wear the barest minimum, hence her leather gear… lol

    • says

      Fufu, I do agree that Kim being there just took the glory from Dare cause now, all people are talking about is how Kim was only there for a few seconds. They’re supposed to be talking about how great Dare’s performance was. Mmmm.

  2. Kc says

    I totally agree Kim looks too plain in this outfit. A lil glam wouldn’t hurt or was she trying to be careful so they wouldn’t steal her stuffs? Plus who wears leather in a such a hot, humid weather like Nigeria. Smh!!!!!

    • says

      Hahahaha at being careful so they wouldn’t steal her stuff. I doubt it. I look at it more like her being indifferent to and nonchalant about the event. She doesn’t dress like when she’s going on a walk sef, so me, I don’t understand anymore.

  3. says

    Dare made a very smart business move by inviting KK…The show was beyond sold out because people wanted to see her…I totally agree with your rant, but the reality is what it is..
    who would pay
    Regular N5,000 | VIP N30,000 | VIP Couple N50,000 | VIP Gold N1million (10 people per table) | Platinum N2million (10 people per table) for a show by Dare (without realizing how awesome it will turn out to be)??

    Na so life be my sister..

  4. says

    I’m not even Nigerian and was shocked when I heard she was a host of sorts. It didn’t add up to me. You’re right. This isn’t glam Kim. This was go to the grocery store Kim. Just my 2 cents. I don’t understand the need for her at this event. Nigerians party pretty damn well without outside influences. I have always loved and envied that. There is no party like theirs.

    • says

      Yup!! Thank you, L. Definitely go to the grocery store Kim. We have all seen the many sides of her, and this is definitely not on her list of glamorous. My people just like bringing American celebrities to Nigeria for no reason. They call it business; I call it ass-kissing (and very foolish, too)

  5. says

    Ah! Vera!!! It’s like you don’t know… do you know the amount of Runs girls in Naija? (lagos to be specific)… eh? To them Kim K is like the ultimate role model… pretty and rich yet doing absolutely nothing of essence.

    It’s like the ultimate Naija runs girl dream. Be rich, famous (worldwide) and do absolutely nothing.

    Lmao… on a serious note though, I don’t hate kim… could care less. But the way people who work hard for their money were just all over her… nsogbu d’ikwa

    • says

      Hahahaha @ the ultimate runs girl dream. Na so oh. I don’t hate her either; I even just started following her on Instagram (today), so that I can feast my eyes on pictures. Still, she had no business being there. Well, technically, she had “business.” Like I said, if I were her, I would go too. Why not, if not?

      And err, yes, very serious nsogbu di

  6. says

    I don’t give a toss about Kim K. Yet somehow she’s in my face like all the time, so why would I want to attend a show just to see her???? I fail to comprehend.
    I agree with u. When I heard about d Moris Chestnut thing and how he refused to stay in one hotel, I went “hooobi” (razz yoruba child style) cos I wonndered what he could have been invited for. Now Kim K. Kim K fa????
    Tres sad. Finis.

    • says

      I couldn’t stop laughing with the Morris Chestnut one cause I was thinking, ntooo, that’s what you people get. You left alllll the Nigerian entertainers and decided to recruit one from America for probably 10 times the price. I’m glad he dissed them; that’s what they get.

  7. says

    Choi! You know, people were already buying tickets for this event before they even brought up the whole Kim K story. And at the end, it was a fab show without her. I still don’t understand what Darey or the even organizers hoped to achieve, but I hope for their sakes that they got it.

    She didn’t even make a little effort to look glam, she just seemed so unhappy to be here. I’m yet to find that day when Nigerians will learn.

    • says

      I know. She did not look like she made an effort to be glam at allll. I guess she was just indifferent to the whole thing. While we are here debating and ranting, she’s chopping the money with Kanye. LOL. Ain’t that something. The day Nigerians will learn, that will be a good day.

  8. says

    This story needs to die jo. If they wanted an Yankee celeb, they should have looked for someone that would bring positive publicity. And there are lots that would have done it.

  9. says

    I attended because I happened to get free tickets…sorry, I’m a very shrewd spender. lol. The show was AMAZING and Kim K’s stay was more fleeting than a thought.

  10. Nadine says

    Looool @ going to the grocery store look…that’s so on point! Seems to me she had a non-chalant view about what was expected of her as per the show. See how well-dressed the nigerians look…
    Like Vera said,we should appreciate our own things and people…Ti n wa Ti n wa!!

    • says

      My dear, and look at how everyone is standing around akin and making her the celebrant of the day, while the real celebrant is standing behind her. This cannot be life nah.

  11. says

    I love you for having this mindset jare!

    I was incensed when they said she was coming. My question was – ‘To do what??’
    And I was right…she came to do nothing!
    All for $500,000. She obviously did it for the money…Do people think she cares about Nigerians?
    The stupidity brewing in our entertainment baffles me

    • says

      It’s really, really quite unfortunate, but it doesn’t even start or stop with our entertainment industry. It’s a national problem. Tell me why Olusegun Obasanjo launched his foundation in London??? When is the Queen of England going to come to Nigeria to launch hers?

  12. Nma says

    Vera, i taya for this matter. Even Americans are clowning Nigerians for this stupid act. Complete inferiority complex! I love how she came there and maga’d them! Chop una money, clean mouth, hop onto her flight and dueced out! I bet those that paid for the VIP ticks were hoping they’d get to dine and wine with her. She and Dare (who very well knew she would only make a 25 seconds appearance) do una “see finish!” Mumu people.

    Tomorrow na Evelyn Lozado dem go go chatter. Continue dashing them money as they mock ur stupidity!

  13. says

    #Oomfs (don’t laugh) said that kim k did a sextape with her boyfriend and bla bla bla, that we are dumb for not kissing her ass (not in those words). It hurt me because they’re people I ‘like’ on twitter, wish they could read this.
    Oh they were reacting to me tweeting that it was wrong for 2Face n co to pose enmasse (or any which way) with kim k, when she doesn’t even give AF (even if she did), I wasn’t being sanctimonious btw. I love ya blog, I love Nigeria (hate the way we behave…at times). Ended up saying too much *sigh*


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