The Moment I Fell In Love With Real Housewives Of Atlanta Again

Did anyone else watch yesterday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta? Say you did, please. I thought the first reunion was the best one because Porsha literally dragged Kenya by the hair and dragged her across the floor, but I was wrong. I fell in love with Real Housewives of Atlanta again yesterday when Phaedra gave her a read and her her laid flat on the ground – not literally.

As usual, there is a lot of argument going on between everyone and Kenya. No one really jumps in contribute to the argument between Nene and Kenya because two of them are the least liked cast of the show, so sure, they can be off with each other’s heads. If I had to pick a winner between Kenya and Nene, I’d pick Nene for sure.

The best part, however, happened when Phaedra went in on Kenya. Everyone was silent during and after that speech. Igwe and I simultaneously said, “Damnnnnnn!” after she was done. She gave Kenya a read that Kenya will not forget in a hurry. Phaedra said that while she’s spending the weekend with her family, Kenya is busy ….

“And while she’s sitting around, running around talking about my husband, my — the father of my children, and she spends her weekends pedaling through sperm banks, looking through catalogs to try to find a donor, honey, you don’t know if your baby daddy will be an ax murderer or a child molester, because what you will know is that he needed $10 to get him a medium sized pizza, so he ejaculated in a cup, so you could have a kid. Now, check that.”

Damn, Phae-Phae!!! *Thumbs up*

Phadra Parks at Season 6, Part 3 Reunion

I literally had goosebumps. It was too good. I have always liked Phaedra. In my opinion, she does the best with fighting people with her tongue. I would not want to go into a war of wards with Phaedra. And I guess it makes sense that she’s the best with her words since she’s a lawyer … and fighting with her words is what she does in court.

Kenya had nothing to say after Phaedra had washed her, rinsed her and hung her out to dry. When push comes to shove, it is the truth that Kenya is browsing through catalogs for a sperm donor while Phaedra has a family – whether or not her husband is a criminal.

Even Andy didn’t know what to say next. After he recovered from his shock, he asked Kenya how she’d feel if someone was flirting with her husband. Kenya said she would not dignify that comment with an answer and Phaedra chimed in and said that she [Kenya] could not dignify it because she did not have a man. And as if she had not received enough insults, Apollo found it to be the perfect time to add, “You should get your toenails done because they’re dirty.” Wait, why won’t you watch the clip for yourself?

Go Phaedra!!! The Reading Award definitely goes to you. And you are currently the housewife I’d most like to meet. Anyone who can shut Kenya down definitely deserves one yansh throwaying from me. Poor Kenya, they had her ass cheeks spread so wide on the show, they might have given her a new hole.

For the other cast of the show, I have only little to say about them:

Nene: She’s slipping at the Queen of the show, and she doesn’t quite know how to deal with it. The blonde hair looks good on her and works as a signature style on her, but that lace front was distracting to the eyes.

Cynthia: Weak. Weak. Weak. Can’t stand up to her husband, Peter. Can’t stand up to her annoying sister. And can’t stand up to Nene. Girl, bye.

Kandi: Love her. She’s currently the only one who says it like she means it when it concerns Nene. She doesn’t say one thing in front of Nene and then another during her confessionals. And she’s the richest of them all. Oh, speaking of being the richest, when Nene said that none of the girls on the show are on her (Nene’s) level, Kandi confidently said that she knew that Nene was not referring to her. Yaasssss! But err, Kandi needs to learn how to stand up to her mom.

Porsha: I love the new Porsha. Ever since her marriage to Kordell ended, she’s been bigger and bolder – and I not referring to her enlarged breasts. She’s just been visibly more confident, happier, and more of herself.

Kenya: Let’s just say that she got gang-raped in the butt by the cast with no vaseline. She was chewed up and spat in the gutter and washed away by piss. You get the picture?  I didn’t know that Porsha dragging Kenya by the hair across the room was the pleasant part for Kenya.

Goooood stuff!

Do you think they’ll all come back for the next season? If not, who do you think will not be coming back?

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  1. LolaofLife says

    Girl.. all the way from our twitter convo.
    I swear for real Reunion was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The silence after Phaedra washed Kenya’s face with pineapple juice…….even Andy couldnt talk. Chei Chineke.. I agree with the order of ladies. Phaedra is it for the Season. I dont really like Nene. She wears a mask and her sharp mouth doesnt help. Cynthia is a weakass but her husband complements her. I dont want Kenya is the next season.. She has too much shit everywhere unless if DBanj will be on the show as her imagary prince.

    • says

      When I started watching this show (last season), I really like how direct and “honest” Nene was. But this season, I saw her in a different light. What I originally asserted to be confidence became arrogance, and it just wasn’t cute. But I’ll pick Nene over Kenya any time.

      As for Kenya, I’m still shocked over what Phaedra said to her. But I liked it! Every word of it.

  2. Ola says

    Vera you mean oh for the “gang raped with no vase line comment”. I felt a little bit sad for Kenya after the sperms pedaling comment from Phaedra because I hate to see people use someone’s life problem/issue against them. As for Cynthia, she is the WEAKEST link. Poor lady can’t stand by what she said. Kandi is awesome. She doesn’t like to talk but don’t step on her toes and expect her to be quiet about it. Nene for is all shade and her fame is becoming like a broken record especially for the cast.

  3. Denice says

    Seriously?? You guys are cheering Phaedra’s insult to thousands of women who struggle with infertility?? Last I checked her husband was a felon

    Enough of this ‘best read in history’ crap. When are we going to stop glamorizing trashy and low life behavior ?? Grow up

    • says

      Denice, you don’t like Phaedra and that’s okay (I don’t like Kenya either). But don’t come here and sound like you really care about women who struggle with infertility. What about the women who struggle with husbands who are felons? Kenya deserved every word that was said to her.

      Considering that she cannot get even a fake boyfriend, she has no business talking down about someone else’s husband (especially one that she had inappropriate communication with). Those who live in glass houses do not (should not) throw stones. It is not a coincidence that Kenya is the only one who got beaten AND insulted so many times. She got what she asked (even begged) for. Go Phae-Phae!

      By the way, when did Kenya become infertile? She just doesn’t have a man crazy enough to deliberately get her pregnant.

  4. Denice says


    You seem to think that it’s ok to burn down everything to make a point. That’s stupid and trashy. I don’t care about any of these women really, they’re making a living and don’t care what you or I say or think

    But to have an ignorant opinion celebrating vicious comments on infertile women is misguided. So stop making everything about not liking pheadra . She said something stupid and the others said too. We shouldn’t be cheering for anyone

    I seriously doubt you’re a woman Vera, maybe a man pretending to be a women. No woman would ever say another woman deserves to be beaten.

    God bless girl!

    Ps I can come in here anytime I want.

    • says


      I don’t appreciate you coming in here [again] and telling everyone that I’m a man pretending to be a woman. I was trying to hide this a secret till later. Now you’ve told everyone.

      As I said earlier, Kenya is not infertile (unless you both have spoken privately on this issue). Not being able to get a man does not translate to being infertile.

      P.S. Are you infertile finding it difficult to get a man? Is that why this cuts you so deep? Bless you, love. There is hope — yes, even for you.

  5. Denice says

    Wow, you’re way dumber than I thought! All that fat hot to your brain lol
    You’re missing the point dummy! Doesn’t matter if she’s infertile , you can’t offend everybody just to hurt one person, but of course you’re too thick (literally) to understand that lol

    You really should’ve stayed in school to be able to think critically. Obviously this is a site for dummies who think it’s cute to be trashy and ‘men’

    Snap snap, Holla back, and whatever other eye rolling you can think of , fatty!

    I’m off this ghetto trash site :)

    But you’re still da man!!

    • says

      See, this is why I don’t like Kenya. Not only is she not very smart, but she’s got you too thinking like her. How you gon call this a site for dummies when you’ve read and commented? What does that make you, Kenya? And now, you see why people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? And also, you see why Kenya got what she deserved – hair pulling, body dragging, and that last bit about the catalogs for sperm.

      Matter of fact, I’m gonna go watch the video again. It’s Monday, and the day is draggggiiiiinnnnngggg.

      *singing Aloe Blacc’s song* You can tell everybody … I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man …

  6. Denice says

    One last thing before I go
    Since you think gang rape is so funny and hilarious, I heard it’s all the rage in Nigeria! Hmmm since that’s where you’re from , no wonder you think that . Please don’t being tense ideas to our country


    • says

      Damn it, Denice! I didn’t even finish the last comment and you already replied again. I’m at work, girl! You read my about page and found out my country? Awwww. You’re too sweet.

      But err, no, you’re actually wrong. Gang rape isn’t the rage in Nigeria right now. It’s just fraud and terrorist attacks and kidnappings — you know, the sweet stuff.

      Thanks for reading, Denice. Don’t forget to subscribe 😀

  7. Stacy says

    Wow! How did I go from reading a positive piece to this angry page here

    Is this even the same website??

  8. Pendo says

    Na wah *checks to see if I am still on Verastic because if feels like I am on LIB with these comments* dayummmmmmmm but i love the energy you two have lol!

    Ok my two cents Phaedra may have checked Kenya but she went about it the wrong way making fun of someone’s fertility issues is not cool. This same Phaedra once refered to Kenya’s eggs as being scrambled that is not cool at all. It doesn’t matter that Kenya is the wicked witch of the north attacking somebody’s fertility issues is a low blow and Phaedra already lost me as a fan with the scrambled eggs comment now she just proved how much more I really can’t stand her. I would rather be like Kenya and go through catalogs of potential screened donors than have babies with a known felon like Apollo

  9. Adabeke says

    Vera Vera, oh how I love your blog.

    Abeg make una leave my girl Cynthia alone biko. I think often times, people confuse kindness for weakness and it is truly what I think is happening with Cynthia.

    As for Nene, I cannot stand her.
    If she thinks she is the only one holding the ratings, she is sadly mistaken. I love how she is incredibly rude and condescending but if someone does it back to her and treat her the same way she treats others, it’s a problem….Kandi also made this point on the reunion show. No matter how much she says she apologizes or make side comments about it, she is rude so she should go back to her slave husband who I wonder how he puts up with her.

    Love me some Kandi….but omo why can’t you stand up to your mom? There is a difference between “keeping it real” and just plan rudeness. Kandi keeps it reql.

    Kenya just cracks me up with her fertility bull. Girl if you are going to bite or slap someone, expect to be bitten or slapped harder and if you don’t, have several seats with a seat belt. For those of you that feel for her, please stop….she should stop biting people and she wouldn’t get bitten.

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