Meet The Man Who Was Born Without A Penis (And Has Slept With More Than 100 Women)

Andrew Wardle was born without a penis; he was born with his bladder outside his body – a condition known as an ectopic bladder. This condition is quite rare, happens to about one in thirty million men. His friends don’t know that he has this condition, and he has managed to keep it a secret, until now that’s he coming out of the closet and sharing his story. He has a tube connected from his bladder to help him pee.

Andrew Wardle, man born without a penis

Andrew Wardle, man born without a penis

But now, Andrew is going to undergo surgery to have a penis constructed out of some tissue taken from his arm. After about a year and multiple surgeries, he will have a fully functional penis, like every other man. He’s really excited about it, but he doesn’t know if he will use his penis to become a daddy because he already accepted that he would never be able to become one. So now, he’s kinda freaked out — understandably.

“If all goes well, he will be able to achieve an erection using a pump device to force blood to flow into his new penis, which will be created from skin and fat from his forearm into a functional penis, putting his insecurities about his sexual capabilities firmly to bed.”

But here’s the part you have been waiting for: Yes, he has slept with women. Over 100 women to be precise. He says they love him because he’s not threatening (which I totally understand because a hard penis has a way of looking at you, like it’s threatening to do something to you — which it usually does. Not that I have ever seen one, of course).

Andrew says he satisfies women in every other way except actual intercourse. Here’s how Huffington Post UK is reporting it:

He explained: “I could urinate standing up with the tube, but if anyone ever looked, I would just joke that I had a small penis.

“I hid it from everyone – apart from girls I took to bed.”

After opening up to his first girlfriend at the age of 17, Wardle realised there were ways he could please women that did not involve full sex, and has gathered a wealth of experience and a few props to help him along the way.

He said: “I’ve done everything you can imagine, apart from full sex. Ladies love me because I’ve got the gift of the gab and a handsome face.

“Only once has telling a woman I don’t have a penis turned out badly. She got angry and punched me in the face.”

Wardle became addicted to drugs during his 20s as he worked at Butlins in Minehead.

He said: “By taking drugs I gave myself the perfect cover.

“I’d take girls to bed but tell them I things could only go so far because I couldn’t rise to the occasion.

“Most of the time they didn’t seem too bothered – they liked the fact I could pleasure them in other ways and never expected anything in return.”

Wardle, who hit rock bottom a couple of years ago and tried to take his own life with an overdose of pills, was thrilled to learn that specialists have developed a way to build a penis.

Question: If you did not have intercourse, does it still count as having slept with the person? Just curious.

P.S. If he had over a hundred women with no penis, imagine what he will do WITH a penis??? *faints*


  1. Pendo says

    Of course if you share a bed with somebody regardless of what did or did not happen then practically you have slept with that person by virtue of sharing a bed hahaha. Dude is a Casanova 100 women! Dayummmm

  2. Moyo says

    WOW this is miraculous really. Kudos to the guy though 99% satisfaction rate without his penis. Pretty sure not much men can say that

  3. Gérald says

    With or without, this is not the problem…
    And maybe with his new “toy” he will be totaly different, and not in the good way ;)
    The “toy” don’t build the brain ;)

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