Let’s Talk About [Oral] Sex

I can just see the excitement on everyone’s face.  You sex-deprived lot!  Consider this post a rejoinder to my post, Bless Me Father For I Have Kissed.  Now, in case no one noticed, the operative word in the title of that post was KISSED.  As in, we were supposed to be talking about the critical issue at hand aka my predicament: the taboo in kissing before marriage.  

I happened to mention (in one tiny little sentence) that it was also mentioned during the dinner/conference that oral sex between married couples is a sin.  Just because of that small sentence, everyone abandoned the issue @ hand (my predicament) to talk about why they must have oral sex when married…come rain, come shine.  Even Banky W commented.  Rumor has it that he was right in the middle of a concert when he heard Verastic Dot Com published a post saying that having oral sex with his future wife was a sin, so he quickly stopped the concert to come & comment.  Okay, I lie.  I am the sole starter and spreader of this rumor.   But it could have been true… no?
After eighty-seven comments, five truths have sufficed: 
1.  Una too love oral sex (you love oral sex too much)!!  
2.  You will all have first-class tickets to hell.
3.  You will be at the honeymoon suite in the penthouse of hell.
4.  I’m not going with you.
5.  I’m really, really, REALLY not going with you.
So a lot of people asked where it says in the bible that oral sex between married couples is perversion.  I have looked through the bible, and of course, I cannot find the following exact words (if that is what you are looking for):
“Thou shalt not suck on your neighbor’s penis.”  OR “Thou shalt not lick your neighbor’s vagina.”  No, those words are not there exactly.  However, the following words are there:
**  ”Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.” (Lev 18:22)
**  ”Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it.  A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.” (Lev 18: 23)
**  ”Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery…” (Romans 13:13)
** The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambiton, dissensions, factions of envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like…” (Galatians 5: 19-21)
These words are not mine obviously.  They are from my bible (Women of Faith Study Bible.  NIV).  ADifferentNaijaSpec, I hope these bible quotations have answered your question about what is considered a sin.  Direct any further questions to God.  LOL.  
Nice Anon asked, “Is feeling for the size of the thing considered or can it be counted as kissing too?  I ask because no one wants to end up with an Asian sized thing.  You know they are known for having peanut sized thing.”
Ehm… Madam Nice Anon, I will go ahead and make an educated guess here: God will not approve of any feeling for the size of “the thing” before marriage.  LOL.  I might be wrong oh, but something just tells me there is no way to explain that to God.  Besides, how many Asian “things” does it take to prove your hypothesis?  Plenty!  So how many have you felt?  If your answer is “at least half of the Asian population,” I’ll give you my advise: stay away from the Asian men.  Ha ogodo nwoke aka ka ogodo nwoke ha gi (Leave men’s trousers alone so that men’s trousers will leave you) …. so says my mom…. and no, not to me!  That is what she used to tell our help, Nkechi…. right before Nkechi got pregnant.  It is safe to assume that Nkechi didn’t listen, but anyway…
Per the comments I’m receiving, lemme clarify something up: The reason why “orgies” is in bold is because I mentioned it as a sin in my other post.  I put it in bold here as reinforcement.  The relationship between oral sex and animals?  Well, technically none.  But the conference I attended considers oral sex as perversion while the bible considers sex with animals as perversion.  It might help to read the first post, Bless Me Father For I Have Kissed.  Now that we have tackled this oral sex problem, can we get back to the issue of my kissing or lack-of-kissing  palaver?
P.S. For those that want to know who I have been kissing… send me a Range Rover Sport and we can talk.  But the most important thing is that My Kisser would prefer to be addressed as My Kisser (not my Kissee as someone/some people called him) because he initiated the kiss.  Hey, I’m just the messenger here.  *wink*  If you need clarification, direct your questions to him.  I’ll be sure he gets them.
Your thoughts?

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  1. bumight says

    vera, whats with u and oral sex sef! then u’ll come and say that searches for oral sex are bringing people to ur blog! schew!!

    ehen, now that we’ve settled that, can we all go back to (the anticipation of )guilt-free-marital-oral-sex? cos the bible clearly states that sex with animals is perversion and not oral sex!

    yay! for the bible! LOL

  2. bumight says

    ok, I think i’ll keep space for temite. SECONDDDDDDDDDD!!!!


  3. bumight says

    omigosh! still nobody again? *singing* This world is not my home, i am just passing by…heaven is my home

  4. Nefertiti says

    Bumight, something dey worry u seriously. I just woke the whole damn neighborhood laffing at ‘dis world is not my home’ crase child!

    Vera, u sef. You know peepu will come rushing when they see Oral sex. I agree with Bumight jor. Plus I assume u are trying to tell us something by putting orgies in bold. An orgy is sex with multiple partners at once or group sex. I don’t believe it implies oral sex. I nor be pastor tho.

    On ur plight omo, like I said, as long as u can padlock ur yansh, u are fine. However, no ‘sucking on ur neighbor’s penis’ o! *Pulling at her ears for emphasis!


  5. Repressed One says


    I’m still trying to decipher the first one.
    Animal ke? Correlation?
    Orgies – When i hear orgy i think…bunch of people doing weird ungodly stuvvs.

    oya bring another one…lol [father forgive me]

    I know of ONE person who didn’t kiss her hubby till her wedding day.

    Kissing no be taboo but if it condemns you, to you it is sin. Then there’s the whole ‘one thing leads to another’ quanta…

  6. Nice Anon says

    I think married folks should do whatever it is they want behind closed doors. Sex na sex. It doesn’t matter if you decide to do it with your nose, na you sabi.

    LMAO! Asian men are known to have small penises. I don’t need to sample the whole of Japan to know this.he heheheeeeeee

  7. Temite says

    errrrrrrr What am I 5th. I dont even know sef. but I am SECONNDDD. As my ABURO (Bum of awesome might) safed the space for moi. Ose jooo aburo, wa da gba, waaa tun da rugbo to gbo, hehehehheheehe!
    VERA – Nothing in all ur VERSE mentioned oral sex o. It says dont have orgies, and dont sleep with a woman like u are sleeping with a Man, which techinically says dont have anal sex or gay sex. That is all those verses mmention jooo. Me I am not saying anything about that oooo I am not saying I enegage in such activities, I am just saying. XOXO

  8. SHE says

    What’s with Bumight? Don’t you have any scrota (plural of scrotum?) to study today?

    Vera, I thought you wanted to prove to us, with the aid of the Holy Book, that Oral sex between married couples is bad? Ehn, I haven’t seen any proof in this post o!

  9. Adaeze says

    I can’t do nothing but lol
    ya’ll funny. i’ve come to notice every single post in blogville regarding sex gets practicly run down with comments. There’s obviously something veeeery intriguing about it, lol.
    As for the issue, like others here I don’t think the quotes talk anything about oral sex between married couples, neither do they talk about kissing. That pastor took his interpretation to a “HOLE NOTHER LEVEL” (anyone watched MadTV u’ll know what i mean lol) Hey if you’re married what you do is your own business in my opinion.

  10. Afrobabe says

    And of course my comment is still going to be on the oral sex aspect of your post…lmao…

    That ur bible passage still doesn’t mention the thing oh, it seems subject to interpretation…who decides what an orgy is and isn’t…in my language orgy has nothin t do with oral sex…just plentiful sex with plentiful people!!

  11. LusciousRon says

    Hmmn. You have done it again. Don’t go complaining about people’s searches now.

    I am thinking of the appropriate response while laughing like an idiot!

    I am going back to my files before I get the boot.

    Vera leave oral sex alone jare.

  12. bArOquE says

    Vera nwannem, considering that we're all sinners, thanks to pre marital sex…provided it is not 'inordinate', there's nothing sinful about sex with married couples…those people who preach these things, I STAND BOLD TO SAY, are the most PERVERTED people & thus need Christ more

    PS: who appointed Bumight moderator of this blog?

  13. scribble,me.free says

    i still havent seen anywhere that it says ‘oral sex is perversion’..all these weapons fashioned against the Cunning Linguist…they shall not prosper o!

  14. Anonymous says

    Maybe i need to re-read the post but i still don’t understand how ANY of those scripture quotes deem oral sex as a sin. I guess i’ll be seeing some of you in hell then

  15. Ms. SpicyTee says

    Bumight..wetin u drink? You don kolo.. Kai u re a case..Lmao..Next time get a space for me too..

    @VERA… Mi o mo ibi ti ma gbe oro e lo.(wont translate..go figure). You and Afro are always turning me on.But all wat u’re preaching re ur own. Its been long that I kiss sef, and I want bountiful, then go all d way to some smooching, then have me lick all the way up while I moan and groan in ecstasy..(If God see it as a sin,he wont have created them too and made us need them)..

  16. Naughty Eyes says

    Forget all the oral sex talk jare! Who the hell is My Kisser????
    *practicing latest karate finishing moves*

  17. FineBoy Agbero says

    Lailai! Nowhere for ya Bible verses were there even subtle references to oral sex. Abi u think say dem just invent am? It must be practised in the days of old too.
    SO, i no believe u. NOthing is absolutely wrong with enjoying God’s own created pleasures with ur partner. Lailai!

  18. Naughty Eyes says

    And I support anyone who supports oral sex between married couples. Even if both partners want to do it hanging from chandeliers, whatever they do is their business! They are married abi?
    PS: Come out straight… Are you saying you won’t do oral sex with your hubby (the “not following us to Hell” part)?

  19. fluffycutething says

    LMAO i don't think i'll be coming to this place while at work oh if you see laugh when i laugh now… i don't even know who is madder whether it's Vera or Bumight…

    "this world is not my home ke????" so now There's friends & family facility on commenting things????? You can keep spaces for people???Ha Mo ke'ran LOL

    AS for **** (i cannot say it i have a child now please "***"), my Mr "CLAIMS" he does not like to do it so therefore he will be getting none from me…

    i guess this means we will be first in line in Heaven on that day!!!!!!!! ;) ;)

  20. Confessions of a London gal says

    So the Bible has confirmed all those things, ehn?

    Guess I am just gonna have to talk to God to see if he’ll make an exception cos I sure aint stopping! Unless of cos I see these exact words in King James Version “Thou shall not lick, caress, suck or nibble on a man’s kokomycine” :-)

  21. Bibi says

    I dn’t get the don’t lie with a woman as one lies with a man- is that talking about homosexuality? Well, thank God oral sex is not a sin (with the spouse) of course *wink* lol

  22. Confessions of a London gal says

    Oh I know!

    What if i let the man do me, but I dont do him?

    Surely, I’ll still go to Heaven? abi?


    Oh well! At least I tried! lol

  23. Tigeress says

    Which one of you here has seen an Asian man’s prick. Vera have you- cos that ur comment……….

    Anyway, i still dont get it. Are u saying u believe oral sex is still a sin even between a married couple. For the folk in the seminar u went for- i’m sure they must have given a reason- pls do share.

  24. poeticallytinted says

    Err… Is it safe to assume oral sex is okay then? lol

    Far be it from me to hold “ogodo nwoke” (man’s trousers) when there are better things to hold ;)

  25. CultureCynic says

    (deliberatly avoiding the men the men issue)

    If oral sex was actually mentioned and indeed considered a pervasion, shldn’t it be fair to assume that the ppl who wrote of it in the bible just didn’t like it or weren’t getting any, so they had to condemn everyone else for doing it? dont we call them haters??? just saying

  26. Just...Toluwa says

    so u still did nt show that oral sex is a sin. Perversion can be defined differently.

    am i going to hell?

  27. Vera Ezimora says

    Bumight: This girl, you’re really mad ooo! So you want to monopolize my comment space abi (not that I mind sha)? Anyhoo, since google already directs people here for oral sex, I figured I might as well keep the flag flying. LOL @ guilt free marital oral sex. I sure do hope that’s the case.

    Original Mgbeke: Yes, you’re definitely second. Don’t mind Bumight. Kolomental. Animals have nothing to do with oral sex… except that they are both classified as perversion.

    Nefertiti: Orgies is definitely not the same as oral sex, I know. But I mentioned orgies in my post last time, so I was just tryna reinforce that it really is a sin. Thanks 4 pulling my ear. There will be no sucking of my neighbor’s penis, I promise. LOL.

    Dante: Congrats oh, nwa nne’m. Odiro easy. Bumight has gone mad. I think she musta dug her hand too deep into her patient’s you-know-what.

    Repressed One: She didn’t kiss her hubby till their wedding for real?? WOW. Did they live on different planets? Or perhaps in different eras? LOL. Correlation between animals and oral sex? They’re both perversion…apparently. Come oh, did you people not read this post? I go wound pesin oo.

    Gee: Congrats on being 4th. Bumight will be just fine. I’ll give her a tranquilizer soon.

    Nice Anon: Hahahahaha. “Ikom?” Hahahahahaha. Babe, biko don’t kill me with laughter here. I was under the impression that married people should be allowed to do whatever too… but I dunno!

    Temite: This your disclaimer is too loud ooo. Makes me feel you’re guilty. Hehehe. But I should correct you though. The verse (Lev 18:22) doesn’t say you should not lie with a woman as you would with a man. It says you shouldn’t lie with a man as you would with a woman = homosexuality is a no no.

    SHE: Prove to your people ke? No oh! I was just tryna make myself feel better (not that I’m admitting that I plan to have oral sex with my husband ooo). But people wanted to know where in the Bible it said something to that effect and I didn’t find it.

    Ms O: I don try finish. I have told you everything I found. Since the married folks said it’s a sin, I don tell una say una dey go hell faya.

    Adaeze: Well, in all fairness, it really wasn’t the pastor that said it. It was the older married folks. But you’ve made an excellent observation: posts on sex are very intriguing. Maybe I should blog about sex more often sef. LOL

  28. AnyaPosh says

    wow…u don come again vera. how na?

    bless me father for i have sucked…and will continue sucking in the future.

    i think anything btwn married couples is permissible and shouldn’t be considered sin. anyhoo, that is my own opinion.

  29. juiceegal says

    Wel personally i bliv d churches jst exaggerate things……d decision 2 hv oral stil lies wit d prsn at d end of d day
    nd lol about him bein kisser nt kissee…i guess his ego ws at stake here..lol
    1st time here….nice post

  30. Vera Ezimora says

    Afrobabe: For once, I’m with you, oral sex has nothing to do with orgies. But one thing is for sure… I’m gonna have to blog about this kiss… again… by itself!

    Luscious Ron: I have left oral sex alone, but has oral sex left me alone? No! LOL. Wetin man pikin fit do na? I gorra gorra blog about it. Besides, the searches have been bringing people to my blog long before I blogged about it sef, so whatever now. lol.

    Baroque: LOL! Y are you calling all of us sinners? Haha. Ah, if only I could look into the lives of those people that preached this thing to us… but why bother sef? I have my own issues. As 4 Bumight, she’s high on something. I just don’t know what it is yet.

    Scribble: Hahahahaha. You’re a mad man. So you call them weapons fashioned against the Cunning Linguist ehn? You’re baaaad! But anyway, I hope they don’t prosper sha…! Hehehe.

    Anonymous: True. None of those scriptures says oral sex is a sin. And yes, you’ll be seeing some of “them” in hell. LOL. I don’t know why the people told us it’s a sin. I personally still don’t get it.

    Ms Spicy Tee: Ehm… did you say I turn you on? As in…? LOL. Babe, I’m flattered oh… but how now? How I take do am? All these moans and groans on my blog are crashing my system. Biko stop it right this minute. Hehe.

    Naughty Eyes: Hahaha. Dude, you need to send me a range rover sport, and I’ll give you his address. Don’t break your hips while you’re practicing those moves ooo. LOL

    Fine Boy Agbero: I love the way you described it, “God’s own created pleasure.” I love it!!

    Naughty Eyes: I’ll like to see what they look like hanging from chandeliers while having sex. As for that your question ehn, you will have to be there to see for yourself. *Vera sticking tongue out*

    Fluffy Cute Thing: Bumight is a mad girl. I no know who send am message to grab space 4 other people oo. So hubby doesn’t like to “do” it ehn? Does that mean he doesn’t like the whole idea of oral sex, or does that mean he just doesn’t like giving it? Oh, well. LOL @ being first in Heaven.

    BSNC: Thank you, darling. Read on too. :-)

    Confessions of a London Girl: LOL. I’m pretty sure you’ll never see those words….especially the kokomycine part… in King James version for that matter. Hahaha.

    Bibi: Yes, that’s definitely talking about homosexuality. lol @ the oral sex bit. You’re elated ehn?

    Confessions: You’re a mad girl! LOL. No matter who does the do, all na “oral kissing,” so whether he does or you do, dem go still record your name 4 book.

    Tigress: No, I don’t believe it’s a sin. I’m open to changing my views once I find proof that it’s a sin. The married folks in my church didn’t give any other explanation other than it being perversion, but according to the book of Levicticus, perversion is sleeping with an animal.

    PoeticallyTinted: Hahaha. What better things might you be referring to? Please, share with the rest of us, so that we too may hold the better things.

    Mizchif: My dear, na so my mama talk am oh! Oh, if only Nkechi had listened! LOL

    Culture Cynic: *swallowing big gulp of spit* I think that might anger God and cause Him to strike you with thunder. But you can try sha… Besides, there is no need to call them (the people that wrote the bible) haters since they didn’t say oral sex between married couples is a sin.

    Toluwa: You descent into hell depends on you ooo. What were you doing last night? LOL.

  31. Vera Ezimora says

    Anyaposh: LOL! You’re really a mad woman. You have sucked and will continue to suck in the future? Well, as long as it’s between you and your sweerie pie (hubby), all is well.

    Jaguda: Thank you for being ever so eloquent in your comment. LOL. That special someone must be really lucky.

    Juicegal: You’re right; the decision remains with the person/people involved. As 4 My Kisser, well, it is always imperative to set the facts straight. E no dey hard for things to become hard. Besides, we should always give credit where it’s due, no? *wink*

  32. CultureCynic says

    emphasis on the “if”….

    mmmmmmmk and if God strikes me down with thunder for posing a “what if” question then i suppose he will flood the ppl who said oral sex b/w couples/kissing is a sin….

    btw i didnt really know tht the punishement for posing a hypothetical question was death by thunderstorm, i guess i will just stay my ass home from now on then

  33. NigerianDramaQueen says

    U this Vera your not a serious somborri @ all oh!
    Me I’m going to heaven-first class ticket sef!
    And wetin take concern all the scriptures wey you quote for here with oral sex?!
    Meanwhile, if true true oral sex na sin, na you go first go hell because na you dey think/write about am all the time! And you know what the bible says about committing sexual sins if you think it in your mind….
    *sticks tongue out*

  34. Writefreak says

    Bumight, you’re too funny! You even saved your rival a space! lol

    Well Vera, seeing that oral sex is not performed with animals and it is not an orgy, i would say it is GODLY sex…Amen!

    God help you and your kisser! lol

  35. wordmerchant says


    Aha..so really oral sex is kinda ok and some of us may get a ticket into heaven, maybe we won’t sit in first class but economy will do

    having sex with animals is just so ewwwww.

  36. FFF says

    madam vera, now u want me to talk bah? i resisted commenting on d oral sex thing (on dis blog sha) b4, but e be like say u want me 2 talk by force. ok, here it goes. there is a very good reason i clearly seperate church from God. cos people force their opinions down ur throat & swear it's a message from God!!!!! Bullshit! Dat person dat says oral sex is a sin is probably not having enough sex in her/his marriage, & what's worse, they don't mind!!!!! Can u imagine how quickly boring it can get doing only d missionary style with ur husband very time????? Unless, both husband & wife r just comfortable with d husband puttin it in & waking his wife up once he's done with his business, church should not start dictating to married folks wot 2 do with their bodies!!!!!!! especially, when these husband of these very virtuous wives r getting their groove on with chicks who don't mind going down on dem, while their holy wives 2 'keeping the will of God'

  37. Vera Ezimora says

    Culture Cynic: You sound pissed. R u? If so, to God be the Glory. J/K. Seriously, I’m hoping you forgot to add “LOL” like I forgot to when I replied your message. I’m obviously hoping you know I was kidding. But if it makes you feel any better (or worse?), God can still strike you down with thunder even if you stay your ass @ home. He has that kinda power.

    Buttercup: LOL. You’re happy about this ehn? Come oh, this post is not an endorsement from me for you to “go ye into the world and suck.” Nope! That’s not what I’m saying.

    9ja_Kuti: My dear, help me ask them ooo! I don’t know what makes them think they can come here and protest. Yeye people.

    NigerianDramaQueen: Come, dis babe… mind your sef ooo! What is wrong with you sef? How dare you accuse me of thinking/writing about oral sex? Okay, I wrote about it, but does that mean I’m thinking about it too? I mighta just wrote it without thinking. Did you think about that, Ms. Smarty Pants? LOL.

    Write Freak: Na you talk am ooo. You’re the one who said that oral sex is a godly sex. Ehen. Because when God begins to dash people ticket to hell, na you talk am ooo. Na you go dey for front row, testing the fire. And “AMEN!!!” God should definitely help me and My Kisser. Why not, if not?

    Word Merchant: LOL @ Economy Heaven. Well, me, I’ll be in first class. In short, My Kisser and I will go in a private jet. We can’t be mixing with you people, you know. LOL.

    FFF: Ah, the thing pain you oh. LOL. But why must the woman be sleeping while the man is handling his business? What if she’s reading a magazine instead? But you know what? There is only one way to find out. Next time I go to church, I will ask those married folks how many times and in what positions they have sex. Of course, I’ll ask what kind of sex they engage…. for the purpose of research, of course. :-) If kasala burst, I go talk say na you send me o

  38. StandTall-The Activist says

    So where did the preachers that have condemn oral sex get the idea that it’s forbidden from?

  39. wordsmith says

    ah ah bumight. ALL i have to say is joker… about kissing maybe because kissing is a gateway activity. as its not easy to engage in full blown making out and stop and go now abi? so kissing is the weed of physical romance.

  40. Anonymous says

    I have been reading this blog for a while but this is my first time commenting and all I can say is “loves it”.. soo much……

    bout oral sex.. me I believe that I should be able to do what I want to do with my sexual partner without anyone judging me… even if I am not married to that person..

    But as the world we live in is very judgmental I know people would judge me if I sneeze the non-socially acceptable way.. LOL

  41. adifferentnaijaspec says

    Vera u have performed again…ok i will refer to ur bible verses.

    funny tho, i put it up on my status that i heard oral sex when married is a sin, Mehn u need to see COMMENTS…I could not cope, i had to change my status quickly..lol
    yeah so i agree with u, people(including me) LOVE ORAL SEX…a bit too much!

  42. Funmie says

    oh mehn… some of these comments are hilarious… i am sitting here and laughing my head off… Ireti is starring at me saying.. OK, aunty Funmi,…buahahaha

    people dat wrote the bible are hating…oh Lawd…ahahahha
    You guyz are meeting eachother in hell? no be samll matter o…

    yes ke, i was there live n Direct and “they” told us that ORAL SEX IS PERVERSION… i must say that confusion has happened to me since that day… as in Fantasy is a sin sef…. my thooughts.. as in my own personal thinking… is a SIN?

    The ways of God are indeed mysterious

  43. ochuko says

    This Vera sef!!! eniwayz you’ve driven home d point wit proof. enione dat wants 2 argue wit dis should bak it up wit bible passages oooo… In addition, Man shall not live by ‘bread’ alone!! – what do u think ‘bread’ means?LOL…
    You are so funny :-)
    [how do i attach and send you the range rover sport? provide an upload link]
    Come sef, I challenge you to write a post that no one will comment. It’s a challenge u can never pass – u wan try? LoL

  44. Rita says

    Vera, even with all the bible quotes, you have not convinced me. Please you need to go and research on this, and put up ANOTHER post…The issue is not tackled…lol…

  45. Aphrodite says

    The bible talks about ‘Perversion’ but where did it list Oral sex as a perversion?

    Abeg me i no gree o VERA!

  46. Omotee! says

    Eh, Chim o! Vera, u dey normal so?what is it with u and oral sex anyway?!?!

    i am not convinced that oral sex between married folks is wrong, bearing in mind the “sanctity” of marriage. as long as both parties consent to the oral sex, i do not think it is wrong (of cos animals are excluded).

    i pray and wait earnestly for the day i will scream FIRST!!!
    Temite, watch out!

  47. aloted says

    I loved this post!

    so i checked the meaning of orgy (other bible versions call orgies, carousing) in the dictionary and this was what i found-

    1. wild, drunken or licentious festivity or revelry.
    2. any actions or proceedings marked by unbridled indulgence of passions: an orgy of killing.
    3. orgies, (in ancient Greece) esoteric religious rituals, esp. in the worship of Demeter or Dionysus, characterized in later times by wild dancing, singing, and drinking.

    i dont think orgies define oral sex o.

  48. MissLove says

    This is some serious yarns oh!! although I still believe that orally sexing someone is not the same as lying with a man as if he were a woman…I pray I am not construing the words to interprete the bible in alignation to my feelings for oral sex!!!! this needs further elaboration oh!

  49. Anonymous says

    Marriage is the license you need to have sex – sex outside marriage no matter who or where is a SIN.

    If you’re not married – then you don’t have the right to engage in SEX.

    Oral sex I believe isn’t sin – because your wife body belongs to you whilst your belongs to her.

    Oral sex is simple – using the mouth to lick, give head – suck other part of the your spouse body whilst having sex.

  50. The Paradigm says

    sigh !!! lol @ anonymous ” i guess i’ll be seeing some of you in hell then” feel that same way : ( really i dont see where its written that’s its a sin. i hear some pastor’s saying it but !!! i guess i just wanna see it in black n white. !!!
    love the post thou : )

  51. Vera Ezimora says

    Standtall: Honestly, I don’t know where they got the preaching from. I couldn’t find it in the bible.

    WordSmith: Yes, I understand what you’re saying: once you start kissing, bodily juices will flow, certain body parts will enlarge, and certain activities will be hard to resist. Okay, maybe you didn’t exactly put it that way but… lol.

    Anonymous: Aww. Thank you!! I’m glad you like my blog. Please keep reading and commenting. I love reading the comments. As you can see, you can remain anonymous. Per oral sex and sex in general, well…. honestly, I firmly believe we shouldn’t do it b4 marriage (even though we do). But I’m not saying so because of what society deems to be the norm. I’m saying so cause that is what Babe God has ordered.

    ADifferentNaijaSpec: LOL. So you’re one of the people ehn? Hehehe. I can only imagine the kind of comments you got on facebook. And it’s really always entertaining to see how emotional people get when they hear they are not allowed to have oral sex after marriage. Hehehe.

    Funmie: My dear, we were both there oh when they said unto us, “thou shalt not have oral sex after marriage, for that is considered perversion.” I don’t think I’m confused per se. I’m just not convinced that they are right. I am, however, convinced that too many people are in love with oral sex.

    Ochuko: LOL. What exactly are you implying sef? What do you think “bread” means? Hehehe. Yeye pesin. I don’t want my range rover thru a link. I want a physical form of it – parked in front of my house. As 4 that your challenge, you know I can put up a post and just turn off the comments, abi? Dat’d count, right?

    Rita: Another post??? LOL. It’s because of people like you that my blog is getting mad oral sex hits, and now you want another post? LOL. No oo! Hahaha. Anyway, if it makes you feel any better, I’m not convinced.

    Aphrodite: It doesn’t say it anywhere. I did look through the bible and I couldn’t find anything, so you’re justified to no gree. lol

    Jayla: I still don’t know how those married folks came up with it. I wish we would have that conversation again; I would really bring it up.

    Omotee: Well, you’re right in line with everyone else here. No1 seems to agree that oral sex is wrong between married couples. My dear, there is nothing going on between me and oral sex ooo. I was just tryna help you people out. LOL.

    Aloted: You loved this post ehn? Well, we thank God. I agree with you.. orgies doesn’t mean oral sex. I’ve always thought it to mean group sex, so I still don’t know where the married folks in my church got their interpretation from. Gosh, I wish we would have that conversation again.

    Miss Love: LOL. I see that you and oral sex and very good friends, ehn? Well, oral sex is definitely not the same thing as lying with a man as if he were a woman. Lying with a man as if he were a woman is homosexuality, or at least, that is what I understand it to be.

    Anonymous: Gbam! You have said it. Preach on brother/sister! We have heard it from Anonymous’s mouth: Every married person should please go home and engage in oral sex. It is for the betterment of everyone. Hehehe.

    Temmy Tayo: Don’t be lost oh. Speak your mind!! How do you feel? *wink*

    The Paradigm: Like I said, it isn’t written exactly like that in black and white, lol, but the thing is that I don’t think it’s written @ all. If it is, I have not found it. I’ll be happy if anyone can help me and prove me wrong. Until then…

    ChiefO: You’re a mad man. So what are you saying? You no go do? *HISS* Commot for here jare, make pesin see better thing for road.

  52. ChiefO says

    Vera that is what ‘researcher’ said o. If you need the detailed result of their ‘research’ then let me know.

  53. ChiefO says

    Vera that is what ‘researcher’ said o. If you need the detailed result of their ‘research’ then let me know.

  54. Lati says

    ehn Vera….im speechless! But thank God I’m permitted to do whatever I like with my husband-well when i get married, LOL. Biko, enuff restrictions already.

  55. Anonymous says

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  57. says

    Y’all need to study Songs of Solomon via new eyes and understanding!The bible really is a complete manual and covers all aspects of life

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