Let’s Go There … Again!!!

It’s that time of the year again. The Nigerian Blog Award is bizzzzack!!  Before I tell you why I deserve to win, I just want to thank everyone who nominated me. I am very, very grateful — especially seeing as I did not even know that nominations were already in session. If I had known, well, perhaps, this post from last year will give you a clue about what I would have done.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Yours truly – yes, the one, the only verastic blogger, has been nominated in five categories (and I did not even have to fight for them), and here are the reasons why I should win all the categories I was nominated in.

1.  Best Daily Read: Pick a day — like today, and I’ll give you something good to read.    
2.  Best Use of Media/ Including Social Media: How many other blogs do you go to where you can both read, hear, and vote?  On Verastically Livin, you can!  I mean, super stars have been created on the Verastically Speakin’ Talk Radio! Okay, maybe not  super stars exactly — but somewhere close. Oh, but it gets better than that! Verastically Livin’ also has a ‘Prove Your Like’ Facebook widget. If this is not head-turning, gotta-vote-Vera-in cool, tell me what is.

3.  Most Humorous Blog: Wasn’t it I who came up with the secret formula to fix this so-called economic recession (by seducing men and producing baby girls)?  Wasn’t it I who told you of the Priest who inquired of my stance on oral sex?  Wasn’t it I who told you that Turai Yar’Adua vanished into thin air after thanking me for my alleged prayers?  And  wasn’t it I who told you just how hard men have it? It was I, was it not?

4.  Most Unique Voice: Who, me? *Looking around, confused* Oh, my. How I have longed and waited to hear this. I have a unique voice?? Finally, someone sees [hears] it! People have been falling in love with everyone’s voice but mine. I mean, just this Saturday, all my co-hosts [Aribaba, NaijaBloke, and BDON] shamelessly fell in love with Life of a Stranger’s voice — right before my very ears! So, yes, if not for anything else, I need this award to validate me. 

5.  Nigerian Blog of the Year: There are two reasons why I qualify to win this category (i) I’m Nigerian (ii) It’s the year 2010. Oh, I have a third reason … (iii) I’m better than all the other nominees. Yes, all nine of them.

But just in case you need to be persuaded just a wee bit more, here’s my history with the Nigerian Blog Awards.

2006 [The first ever Nigerian Blog Award]
  • Blogger I’d Most Like To Meet —> Winner
  • Funniest Blogger –> Nominee
2009 [The second Nigerian Blog Award]
  • Best Everyday Read –> Winner
  • Most Likeable Blogger –> Winner
  • Blogger Most Likely To Become A Celebrity Off Blogging –> Winner
  • Funniest Blogger –> Winner
  • Bloggers’ Choice Award –> Nominee
  • Most Creative Blogger –> Nominee
  • Dedicated Blogger –> Nominee
  • Most Likely To Become A Talk Show Host –> Nominee
  • Most Popular Blogger –> Nominee
  • Most Stalked Blog –> Nominee

By now, your hands must be itching to vote for me. Of course, of course.  Voting commences on the 31st of May right here. Friends, let us remember that this is a war, an unfriendly war, where we must do all that we can to make sure that I win.  Anything and everything that can be done to stop my opponents must be done  — including, but not limited to holding other opponents and their blog(s) in hostage until the voting season is over.  Alternatively, you could demand that their names be withdrawn from the contest. Doing that will earn them their freedom.  Henceforth, anyone who is not Vera Ezimora is an enemy, and must be treated as such. Yes, in all categories where Vera Ezimora/Verastically Livin’ is nominated, blind your eyes to all other nominees, throw e-eggs at their blogs, and cajole them into vote for Vera Ezimora instead.

Voting commences on the 31st of May — right here.
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  1. Gee says

    ehn to my comment–
    but Vera see naw–u have won too many ooo–biko give space to ur other competitors naw–i promise you i will vote for you if the others have won more than you–
    but if they have not–i will ask u to share the joy of being a winner with them too–LOOOOL

    Vera nor come stone me ooo–
    ok my vote is coming–LOL

  2. Myne Whitman says

    And see me wanting to make you my campaign manager, you have declared yourself persona non grata, tehehe, Kudos on the nominations girls and may the best wo(man) win..

  3. Beulah! says

    Hahahaa, Vera!!!!!…u tew funny. Anyways, i like you so i will def vote you but as for making enemies of others??..i nor dey ohhh..lol

  4. EDJ says

    @Myne I thought I was going to be campaign manager?

    Vera as we are not competing against each other in any category (at least this year), I assure you you have my vote.

    The only problem categories are Best Use of Media/Social Media and Nigerian Blog of the Year.

  5. bob-ij says

    TOP 10! wooh! But Vera you've won too much already ah ah! You're a vet! lol! Congrats Nne! Hope you win!!


  6. histreasure says

    babe, you too funny…and na all-out war here o…lmao..and veteran like you sabi how to do it..lol

  7. 2cute4u says

    Okwa gi?! Iga gi egbu mmadu!
    See me laughing stupidly!
    I'd vote for you..
    *Continues laughing as I leave*

  8. Jaycee says

    Ha ha ha @ this post. smh. Vera the Vera…you went all out.

    I nominated you sha, I won't tell you which one…:)

  9. mizchif says

    You don win too many award before sef. Me i didn't even get nominated this year.
    Infact i'm burnt!
    Infact i'm not voting for you again:p
    Ngwa beg me well.

    Goodluck in this unfriendly war.

  10. The Life of a Stranger called me says

    ehe Vera, I blinded my eye to everone to all the categories you were nominated for and voted for you sharp sharp.. and the one where jaycee was I voted for her too.. and also for zoe kwa. I did good oo ;).. Obviously there were no categories that you were in that I did not press VOTE for vera :) ;).. LOL

  11. Tolu Akanni says

    first timer here…luv ur blog!
    This is some quality campaign going down here..u have my votes 4 sure!

  12. Vera Ezimora says

    Gee: Just for making such a statement, I will not congratulate you for being first on my blog. Awards are just like women's shoes, there's no such thing like having too much. You berra vote for me before I hurt you.

    Myne Whitman: Me, campaign manager? LOL. I'll campaign for you if it doesn't affect me. LOL. Now, go and vote for me! And tell all of Washington to vote for me, too. Tehehe.

    BBB: Ehen, that's the most important thing. As long as you vote for me, that's all that marras

    Beulah: Okay, fine. You don't have to make enemies of the others as long as you vote for me and only me in all five categories that I've been nominated in :-)

    Doll: *gasp* How could you! How could you say that to me?? You've hurt my feelings. But I know you don't mean it, so I forgive you. Now, go ye into the internet and vote for me.

    EDJ: Honey, they are not "problem categories." There's a rule to these things. If ever you're confused about who to vote for in any category, vote for the last person! It's a rule, I promise.

    Ms O: I'm hurt that you even said that! Of course, I voted for you. Haba why?

    Entombed: People don't win based on how new/fresh they are na! Kini??? Abeg, vote me in jare!

  13. Vera Ezimora says

    Bob IJ: "Won too much?" No such thing!! Congrats on your nomination, too, love. Hope you win!

    His Treasure: Yes, ke!! Na since 2006 I bin dey do this na. So, why shall I shy?

    Sting: "A couple?????????" Where in this post did you see me asking for "a couple" of votes? I asked for five votes! Sting, I will sting you oh.

    2Cute4U: LOL. Nne, biko when you're done laughing ehn, just jili nwayo and go and vote for me. LOL.

    Jaycee: You nominated me??? Awwww! Thanks, babe!! Thanks a lot. Not fair that you won't tell me which one sha, but I guess I'll have to manage. lol. Thanks a lot. And yes, I definitely went all out.

    Baruch Lady: Awww, thanks!!! I'm very grateful. Don't forget to vote.

    Mizchif: Okay, please nau. You didn't get nominated because you're just too good for this, that's why. *swallows gulp* Ehen, go and vote for me oh —- PLEASE.

    Good Naija Girl: Thanks, boo! Wish you luck, too.

    Life of a Stranger: In short, the big love I had for you before just became wayyyyyyy bigger. Thank you, very much. Ehen, you're a true daughter of ehm… daughter of your father and mother. Good job! Keep it up. Now, find another compura and do the same. LOL.

    Tolu Akanni: First time here and I already have your vote? Yippee!!!!! Thanks a lot!! I'm grateful. Thanks. Hope you come back.

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