It’s The First Lady’s Birthday … And She’s Now On Twitter!

First Lady, Michelle Obama

Yesterday, January 17th was the birthday of our First Lady, Michelle Obama, and she turned the big four-nine! Some less interesting people may call it forty-nine. I prefer four-nine. Meanwhile, she is now on Twitter. I had no idea that she was not on Twitter before. She also has a brand new hairstyle — bangs.

I like the hair on her – not that she cares – and I think it makes her look more youthful. Her Twitter account – @Flotus – will be managed by her office, and whenever she puts out a tweet herself, it will be signed, mo. Her husband signs as bo. Cute! I wonder what GEJ and his wife sign as. Just kidding. I’m not wondering. We don’t want Patience on Twitter embarrassing us on a virtual level.

So far, the First Lady’s office has only put out three tweets. And as I type this, she has 61,656 followers, but we know this is nothing compared to where she’s headed. The woman is loved and adored. It was in her second tweet that the picture of her new hairdo was released.

First Lady, Michelle Obama and her new bangs

Yeah. Happy birthday, FLOTUS!! Many, many happy returns. What on earth does a First Lady get for her birthday? I’d like to find out myself.

Oh, make that 61,657 followers.

Yup. I’m now following FLOTUS


  1. Pendo says

    She was on twitter through her office her personal tweets were always signed – MO so followers always knew when she was the one tweeting but I guess this is now her personal personal account…

    • Pendo says

      Can’t remember the previous handle thougheven though i was following but i remember her tweeting happy birthday to her boo:)

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