Does Intelligence Really Kill?

Does it?

Okechukwu Ofili is a dear friend, an author, a speaker, and a seasoned host of The Verastic Show. This is his third book, and as usual, Ofili does not fail to deliver. This book is a little different though because Ofili needs our help to publish it. The goal is $5,500. and so far, $5,419 has been raised. So you see, there isn’t much left (but there is absolutely nothing wrong with going above and beyond). Please support him HERE. I already did.

Okechukwu Ofifi - How Intelligence Kills

How Intelligence Kills is a collection of essays and sketches … written/illustrated by author Okechukwu Ofili between 2011 and 2013 in Nigeria. The sketches and writings are a product of the cultural clashes that occurred between the Nigerian world the author grew up in and the American world that he recently returned from. Upon his return, the author found that things that made sense before he left Nigeria in 2000, no longer did now. From the educational system to our religious system, things had changed and for the worse. How Intelligence Kills is a rebellious but honest analysis of these issues, told in a funny and brutally frank way.

I truly believe that this book can make a difference in Nigeria, because of its simplicity and honesty in tackling issues, hope you get to read it. Click here to see how you can get the book

Book Excerpts

On Religion “Three years later, I found myself several thousand miles from secondary school at a church in Houston, Texas, but this time nobody was speaking in tongues or binding out demons. Instead they talked to God in gentle whispers, completely the opposite to the yelling and shouting I was used to back at home. Also, church actually started and finished on time; and on Sunday you could actually go an entire day without some random person asking you the guilt-seeking have-you-gone-to-church question. And my scary dreams? Well, they suddenly disappeared. It was as if the Devil and his whole crew of demons were denied visas at the American Embassy. And I can totally relate to that…” click to see how to get the book

Okechukwu Ofifi - How Intelligence Kills

On Gay Marriage “I confess that I don’t see the big hoopla around gay marriage. I mean I could care less what two consenting men do behind closed doors. Except if the men happen to be politicians deciding how to steal “our”…I take that back…Niger Deltan’s oil money. I confess that I am less worried about two men screwing each other and more worried about a politician screwing an entire nation…over and over again!” click to see how to get the book

On Education “The fact is that our road networks, like our educational systems are built on a system of memorization; you either know the directions or you don’t. There is no logic to navigating the roads…if you get lost…ask for directions or ask jeeves I mean Jesus. But in the western world, if you ask for directions, you are told to head north or south and then to take exit number X or Y. Even the exits are numbered according to the number of miles between exits. It is a very logical system…their roads were probably planned by people who sucked at memorizing.” click to see how to get the book

Dedicated To: The book is dedicated to the victims of the aluu4 mob lynching. “hundreds of people…intelligent and religious stood by and did nothing…and still people have done nothing” hoping that we (not the government) start doing something…

Okechukwu Ofifi - How Intelligence Kills

My people, please support this very important and relevant cause. Go HERE.

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    Great cause for a wonderful book! I love his previous (& current) work and way of sharing these relevant messages that need to be heard. He’s quite the wordsmith. Lol

    iSupport 100%

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