How To Find The Perfect Fit Bra

Finding a bra that fits perfectly can be difficult enough when you wear a size A-C but when it comes to bigger cup sizes the struggle reaches a whole new level.

Over recent years the average bra size in the UK has risen from a 34B to a 36D and as a result an increasing number of larger and more uncommon sizes have made their way to the underwear departments. However, it can still prove to be an arduous undertaking when bra shopping for fuller sizes such as DD+.

Specialist brands have emerged that better understand the needs of a fuller bust. Their designs incorporate extra support, stronger, thicker straps; they come in a range of styles and have some really fun and sexy materials available too.

Some high street shops have introduced brands that specialize in larger sizes, but when you have always struggled to find the right size, bra shopping can become more of a chore than a fun-filled afternoon, and the dash to get in and out as quickly as possible hinders the opportunity to really try on all styles and find different designs that you like with practicality being at the forefront of the final purchase.

But help is at hand to put the fun back into bra shopping. If you know what size you are (and this means really are) then you will find retailers online who have all of your favourite specialist brands available at the click of a button.

No longer are you bundled into a changing room to try on bra after bra only to get frustrated and disheartened when they don’t fit properly. From the comfort of your own home you can search through pages of bras that you know are going to fit and you can take your time choosing different styles of bras to suit your outfit or occasion. You can then try them properly in your own bedroom- oh the wonders of modern day technology.

There are some fantastic sites available such as that has a great selection of cheap bras with all the favourites, including Panache bras who have been celebrating curves for over 25 years. Sizes up to 40K are specifically designed to provide the perfect fit and comfort for fuller figures combined with designs that leave the wearer feeling sexy and confident.

Finding the perfect fitting bra has never been easier.

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