Genevieve Nnaji Gets Tickets To Beyonce’s Concert … And A Fight Breaks Out

The Instagram post that started it all

The Instagram post that started it all

There I was browsing through my Instagram feed when I noticed that our Genevieve put up a post about getting her tickets to Beyonce’s concert. I’m assuming it’s the much talked about Mrs. Cater concert. But the picture Genevieve put up is the controversial bow down picture.

See, when I heard that Beyonce released a song titled, Bow Down/I Been On, I assumed she’d be singing about being the Queen Bee, being on top, being the best, and everyone else needing to respect her work and accomplishments, etc. This was my assumption before I heard the song.

I’m not the girl who knows breaking news as it breaks. I’m the girl who finds out about it some hours weeks later. I even found out I was dating Igwe long after I started dating him, but I digress. There are instances where I find out immediately, and well, to God be the glory. But when I saw Genevieve’s post, I was just going to go past it, until I noticed the comments.

Just some of the awesome comments

Just some of the awesome comments


More awesome comments

More awesome comments


Omo, na fight oh! 610 likes and 89 comments later, it was a severe state of kolomentality. People were calling themselves everything from dumb to idiot to ashewo, and of course, illuminati was mentioned. Ah, ah! On top of Beyonce concert tickets??? Whatever happened to just looking at a picture and moving on (and hitting the like button if you like it)?

Genevieve used her money to get herself some concert tickets and peeps are vexing and disappointed in her, talking about how she’s 33 and needs to grow up?? *falls off chair laughing* Seriously, all you people that go around leaving mean comments on things that ain’t none-ya damn business, you need to take several damn seats.

So Genevieve is 33 and wants to attend a Beyonce concert. Ehen?? Wetin consign yansh with toothbrush? What exactly does age have to do with Beyonce’s concert? In other news, I have finally listened to the song. It wasn’t love at first listen, but it sounded better the second time around. And I’ve listened to it several times, just to get a real feel for it. It’s okay. It’s not the best I’ve heard from Beyonce, but I don’t hate it.  And my conclusion on what the song is about? I’m not even completely sure. And if you care to listen to it, enjoy. I love the rasping in her voice when she says, “Bow down bitches.

In other, other news, Keyshia Cole needs to also take a damn seat. First she went after Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child during the Super Bowl half time show, and now she’s going after Beyonce.

Keyshia Cole's tweet about Beyonce's Bow Down/I Been On song

Keyshia Cole’s tweet about Beyonce’s Bow Down/I Been On song

So Keyshia, why you mad though? I think you’re just mad cause singing on Jimmy Kimmel Live is the highlight of your career this year (and of course, going after Destiny’s Child. Watch out Kelly, you’re next!)

And to the Nigerians fighting on Instagram and other social networks, STOP IT!

If you’re interested in the lyrics of the song – according to Lyrics 007 – check them out below.

I’m out that H-town
Coming, coming down
I’m coming down dripping candy on the ground
H, H-town, town, I’m coming down
Coming down dripping candy on the ground

[Verse 1]
I know when you were little girls
You dreamt of being in my world
Don’t forget it , don’t forget it
Respect that, bow down bitches
I took some time to live my life
But don’t think I’m just his little wife
Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted
This my shit, bow down bitches

Bow down bitches, bow bow down bitches
Bow down bitches, bow bow down bitches
H-town bishes, h-h-town bishes
I’m so crown, bow bow down bitches


I’m out that H-town
Coming, coming down
I’m coming down dripping candy on the ground
H, H-town, town, I’m coming down
Coming down dripping candy on the ground

[Hook x2]
I been on, I been on, I been on
Tell me who gone take me off
Take me off, take me off, take me off

[Verse 2]
Rolling high, leather and louis
Keep it trill, that’s what good
Kiss my momma, show that love
Pop them bottles in that club
I heard your boo was talking lip
I told my crew to smack that trick
Smack that trick, smack that trick
Guess what they did, smack that trick
Gold everything, gold ass chain
Gold ass rings, gold ass fangs
You could see me stunt when you turn and you scream
You could see me stunt when you turn and you scream
I’m bigger than life, my name in the lights
I’m the number one chick, ain’t need no hype
The capital b means, I’m ‘bout that life
The capital b means, I’m ‘bout that life


I’m in to my baby hair with my dookie braids
French’s, boodaying in the parking lot
Shout out to Willie D
I was in that Willie D video when I was about fourteen, looking crazy
Shout out Pimp C
You know we used to sneak and listen to that UGK
Didn’t do your girl but your sister was alright, damn
In ya homeboy’s Caddy last night
Hold up, Texas trill
H-town going down, man

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  1. says

    I went through those comments o smh. Someone named v204 took it upon herself to educate Gene and the rest of us on the reasons why she should not have bought the ticket! I mean, it’s okay not to support something, but dang!!! The said v204 was at work o, and kept saying she had X hours to go so people should bring it on, on top person Instagram picture again kwa!!! lol.
    It was too funny, people have time freal!

    • says

      Yeah, I read her comment when I first read, but I guess I didn’t get a screen shot of it. V204 is hilarious!! I felt out laughing when I read the comment about Genevieve being too old to buy tickets. That was just too funny. Like what does age have to do with this?

  2. says

    Lol that’s how I saw the comments too and I was confused; I’m sure the babe was just wondering what came over them. Nigerians can fight for Africa!!! That’s the same way they go on and on on Linda’s blog *sigh*.

    Err…lemme go and listen to the song. At least I’m a bit better than you :p. For me, I’ll see the headline of the breaking news or title of the new song and listen to it/read the story weeks after the hype around it goes down. Yup, I’m weird like that. That’s why I love gossip bloggers; I don’t have to stress myself looking for gist. Lol. Bye.

    • says

      Ms. Dawari, I will try to keep you updated here, promise. I’m not about to become a gossip blogger oh, but I’ll be more current on current events. LOL. But yeah, Nigerians can fight shaaa!

  3. Manny says

    seems like Beyonce bothers herself about what people say about her. I can tell her for free that no matter what you do, people will talk shit so ignore them jare. Poor girl, I’m not a big fan but can they just let her breath???

  4. Funmie says

    I respect Bee for her hardwork and private life.

    But this song is kinda tacky and just messed up her silence for over the years. Maybe she needed to vent sha.

    Dear Beyonce, I dont have half, quarter of your money YET. But people still talk about me. so go figure.

  5. says

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