About The Songs That Were Banned By NBC In Nigeria

NBC = Nigerian Broadcast Commission

Every now and then, NBC gets it in their heads that they should ban a few songs. I think they get bored and decide that they should flex their muscle and ban something, just in case people have forgotten who they are and/or what they can do. And that, my people, is how they came to ban this new batch of songs.

Your Number by Ayo Jay

So, here’s a list of the songs that just got banned for having lewd lyrics or visuals. Normally, I know what that means, but per NBC’s standards, I have no idea what that means. Still, I am tickled.

1.  Paper Remix by Timaya

2.  Caro by Wizkid

3.  Your Number by Ayo Jay

4.  Tony Montana by Naeto C (ft D’banj?)

5.  Couple Decale by Minjin

6.  Jack Sparrow by Rayce

7.  Ice by Kelly Rowland

8.  Ukwu by Timaya

9.  Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

10.  Birthday by 2 Chainz

11.  Pour It Up by Rihanna

12.  Oluwa Ioni by Quest

13.  Nawti by Olu Maintain

14.  Stupid Love by Olamide

15.   Thirsty For You by Ash Hamman

16.  Voom Va by Skuki

17.  Sexy Ladies by Timaya

18.  Kosere by LNC

19.  Sunmomi by Shaydee

20.  Ngelele Dance by Baby Rhymz

21.  Ghost Mode by Phyno

22.  Voice On The Street by Olamide

23.  Gobe by Davido

24.  The Matter by Maleek Berry

25.  Afefe by Dr. Sid

Some of these songs are quite old already and no one is playing them anymore – not at parties and stuff anyway. So I’m wondering if NBC has been in deep slumber and only just realized that these songs with alleged lewd content have been playing?  Songs like Stupid Love by Olamide and Tony Montana by Naeto C, they’re old as heck.

While I do think that NBC has lost its wits – though it has probably never had it – these artistes do need to record radio-edit versions of their songs. Or they can bleep out the naughty words.

That said, I don’t know about you, but for me, this ban only makes me curious about the songs I don’t have. The highlighted ones are the ones I already have. The rest, I have either never heard of or just don’t care to have.

Off to download and enjoy!

P.S. I just discovered Your Number by Ayo Jay yesterday, thanks to Igwe. Love it!!!

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  1. MsDawari says

    They just got to banning Nawti and Gobe? Those songs are soooo old. What is wrong with these people? But Caro and Tony Montana?? Really?? I agree with some of the songs like Ukwu and a couple of others but really the list is annoying as heck.

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