My Entire Thoughts On Ese Walter And Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo (And Their Alleged Affair)

The COZA scandal is no longer news, and I rarely blog to give you news anyway. But this scandal is one that keeps on giving. Where is Olivia Pope when you need her? Every time I read an update on this story, I cannot help but wonder, WWOD [What Would Olivia Do?] Be still, Gladiators. Be still.


I find it rather interesting that most of the criticism  of this case (whether you’re TeamEse or TeamPastor) is that the man in question is a Pastor. What about the fact that the man in question is a married man? Oh, I know, I know. Men will always cheat, right? That one is old news, right? E don tey wey yansh dey for back, abi? Pastor, as far as I’m concerned is only a job description. The only person that can say if you are a “Man of God” or not is God Himself.

About Ese: I applaud her bravery to come out and publicly tell a story like this, considering the country we live in/come from. Nigeria is a patriarchal society that by default, expresses the man and represses the woman. No matter which way this story is told, there will still be people who would label her the devil. That said, Ese is a grown ass woman. And as a grown ass woman, when a grown ass man tells you to meet him at his hotel room, your antennas should be fired up. Say, your antenna missed that sign, what about when a grown ass (and very married) man  tells you to sit on his laps?

According to Ese, on her blog: “While there, he sat on a reclining chair and asked me to come sit on his laps. This was a bit awkward for me and I froze for a moment as I asked why. He said he had told me to feel free with him and loosen up. I found myself strolling to sit on his laps. At that moment, I felt like a little girl who was experiencing something her mind couldn’t fathom. He asked me to kiss him and all I could think about was seeing him preach on the pulpit back in COZA Abuja, Nigeria, which was my home church. He again said ‘feel free Ese.’ And asked again, that I kiss him.

A few hours later, let’s just say, we were rolling under the sheets. It felt as though my mind had paused. I am not saying I was jazzed, (although it’s possible I was in some trancelike state and didn’t know it but I just was so afraid that I couldn’t say or think otherwise.) That was the beginning of this affair. A sexual affair that went on for a little over a week, DAILY!”

The good thing is that at some point, she decided to call it off. The better thing is that she put her story up. I’m glad that she is at a point where she knows that people will condemn her and she doesn’t care. I’m glad that she also acknowledges her wrong doing and doesn’t.

About The Pastor: He said yesterday in church that He has talked to the Lord, and the Lord has told him to be quiet. If you believe this, then I’ve got a plot of land in Jupiter that I’d like to sell you. I may be coming at this from a biased point of view because I am suspicious of “Men of God.” It is not that I don’t believe there are men of God, but rather because (1) I do solemnly believe that I am equally a [wo]man of God, (2) The man of God is fundamentally still just a man, and (3) I don’t trust men (human beings),  (4) I cannot vouch for the godliness and righteousness of anyone, and (5) I’d really rather go to Jesus. Only.

When a scandal like this erupts, there is only one of two things that should be said (1) I did it, and I am sorry, or (2) I did not do it, and I will be suing for libel, or worse case scenario even, (3) I have been advised by my attorney to not speak on this issue yet. Telling us that people (including big men in government) have called you and told you not to speak because they understand is utter nonsense, and saying that you have been told by God to be quiet is even more nonsense.

But here’s what sickens me most: Even if Pastor Biodun were to admit to doing this and admit to more girls, and even say that he is not sorry, he will still have church followers, and people will still put all the blame on the women he slept with because they were sent by the devil to distract their holy Pastor.

We have a long way to go in Nigeria and as Nigerians. We worship our spiritual leaders and take their word, even over the word of the God they are supposed to be taking orders from. We have a society where the man is always the king of the castle, even if the queen is the foundation. Women are always seen as less than their male counterparts, no matter how much they have accomplished.

What needs to be done: Ese needs to provide proof of this affair. Call logs? Texts? E-mails? Pictures? Hell, give us a Facebook Poke. The Pastor has fans and worshipers who will never believe that their Pastor can be up to no good, so right now, it’s her word against his.

Bottom line: Two consenting adults have indulged in a morally despicable act (adultery). Same shit. Different day.

P.S. Although I do believe that the Pastor is guilty, the reality is that this affair is still alleged — until Ese provides proof.

P.P.S. There is a report making its rounds about one Franca E who said that she was almost a victim of Pastor Biodun, and that she has proof. I blogged about it yesterday, but I cannot say for sure that the story is real. Someone might just be entertaining us, for all we know. Read the story here. To her – if she does exist, I say the same thing: provide proof.

P.P.P.S. What about his wife? How is she taking all of this?

UPDATE: The is follow up to this post about the bible verse, “Touch not my anointed,” which a lot of people have been using as the reason to not question Pastor Biodun. Apparently, he’s anointed. Who knew? Read HERE.

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    • says

      It’s a legitimate concern, and I don’t think too many people stop to think about her. Like what is she going through? Does she believe (or know) that he’s guilty? Does she think her husband is being framed? Most times, women usually know the truth – even if they don’t admit it.

  1. ola says

    Wow at daily sex…is that what the doctor ordered for the two of them abi God tell them do? Two of them get issues big time.

    • says

      Hahaha. That’s the one that is paining you? Looool. Well, studies show that sex can help burn calories, put you in a better mood, and make your skin glow — among other things 😀

      • Manny says

        yes Vera, no wonder you lost weight and no wonder your picture above is lighting up my screen and no wonder you have been loooooling all over this post.

        • says

          Hahahahaha. Manny, I did not lose weight oh! Igwe is currently in Naija, so no workout for me. We’ll catch up when he returns. Per loooling all over this comment, ehm, it’s just that it was robustly funny. 😀

  2. Fad says

    I still can’t see anything out of the norm in this case.

    Nigerians are just making noises, its not today Pastors have being sorting things out, equally ladies also throwing themselves at Pastors like candy, so its an acceptable game in my view.

    I believe Ese although she too was a willing participant in my view, she could have stopped it if she wanted to, after all the first intimate contact was in London where a single noise by her would have got the Pastor arrested.

    Basically am with Ese, I sure hope she finds closure with her story.

    • says


      I completely agree with you. It’s not abnormal at all that affairs happen between a Pastor and his member (or between a married man and another woman), but I agree that she could have stopped sooner. I’m glad she stopped eventually and even had the wisdom to tell her story.

  3. Funmie says

    I was scared of what MY Vera would write sha… LOL

    but #sigh…. u took it easy this time.

    we need proof lady… well, ladies at this point

    without proof, i cannot say i believe this… because of the Verse that says… TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED, and DO MY PROPHET NO HARM.

    parts of me believe sha, but i’ll leave it alone to God.

    But y’ll heifers (fake pastors/prophets) piss me off when u do stuff like this in an attempt to make MY GOD look bad… chai, God is indeed awesome.
    if i were God, thunder for just dey strike anyhow at any place and at anytime… explains why i am just human afterall.

    • Funsho says

      Why are you ladies still waiting for proof?

      You are not the only one sha Funmie, loads asking for proof..

      That report was robustly detailed for it to lack merit or needing further enquiries.

      I read that mail few times just to understand or to identify any inconsistencies, but she made it meaty enough for anyone to believe her hence proof not needed in my view.

      God dey..

      • says

        Hahahaha at the report being robustly detailed. Loool! But Funsho, you know a good writer can come up with this story and make it even more meaty. Like I said, I do believe her, but for her cause to carry more weight, some kind of proof (like the one Franca has) will be appreciated.

    • says

      Funmie, are you joking about this touch not my anointed thing you wrote here? I’m asking cause you know that’s part of the nonsense he told Ese, so you writing it here now has just inspired me to write a whole new blog post on it.

      And err, what do you mean by being worried about what I’ll write? Warn yourself oh! I always take it easy, and I always try to be objective (although I fail sometimes).

      Whatever, Fufu. Kiss my booty.

  4. says

    My only major concern was Pastor Biodun’s wife. Heck, the disgrace! I can’t begin to imagine what she’s going through. Then, my Dad said what if she is used to such things from her husband but decided to keep mum about it. Seeing as, our society advises that women tolerate ALL sorts from their husband and even more, he is a ‘pastor’
    I was equally alarmed when I heard that, some members of the church put up his picture on bbm and wrote “I love my pastor” UGH! If I were a member, I sure as hell would not even care if the story was true or not, eww why should my pastor be associated with such nonsense? And as for Ese Walters, I salute her bravery truly but then…sigh.

    • Funsho says

      If Ife is talking about Pastor Biodun’s wife, something tells me she’s fine, probably use to this sort of issues..

      I bet such gist is not foreign in their household, this just happen to come to the public’s attention..

      However I felt like you during our scandal here in London with Glory Bible Church..

      That ripped me apart, aside the respect I have for Pastor Odulele, the thought and knowledge that his were young boys literarily killed me.. I lost sleep for few days due to his one.

      He pleaded guilty and was sentenced, that was a defining moment for me since I was battling publicly that he was framed, similar to the noise everyone is making now vindicating Pastor Biodun..

      Anyway sha, only the most high knows who are his true servants..

      You can check out the case on this link

      So when talking about wives, Pastor Odulele’s wife is one I always pray for, dealing with ladies one thing, but with young boys is entirely another line..

      God help us.

      • says


        I didn’t know anything of this. I’m gonna go read the story. That’s so unfortunate. There is so much pressure on Pastors to be perfect. I wonder if this leads them over the edge. Still, they have to take responsibilities for their actions.

        • Fad says

          He was the best, respected and community oriented.. So when this happened we guys went through a rough patch.

          Assuming it was another lady, guess that would be classified as the norm but the teenage boy just neutralized us..

          When Ife brought Pastor Biodun’s wife, you really don’t want to meet Pastor Odulele’s wife, very kind and gentle lady..

          Most left the church because of her since staring at her and how damaged she must feel gave us all major concerns on Sunday worship.

          I still believe Pastor Biodun’s wife knows what the time is, she knows the runs already..

          Pastor is too handsome for Ese to be his only catch, Ese was just brave to talk about it in public..

          Few must have gone through his anointed hands, most definitely..

          • says

            Awww. I even feel the pain in your words. I don’t mean to sound all goody two shoes, but I really think that situations like this is just the devil winning a battle. When a man of God has an inner demon like this one and falls from grace like this, the devil rejoices in his camp. After all, he only comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

    • says

      Yes, I heard about the BB things. I heard that they were sending mass messages via BBM (forget what those are called) to say that they stand with and support their Pastor. Good for them. That said, let’s remember that there is always a possibility for an innocent person to wrongfully accused, but I don’t think this is one of those times. And it’s also possible that his wife is used to it. Like your dad said, women are expected to tolerate everything.

  5. says

    Oh WOW! After reading the Pastor Odulele’s story, instead of anger, I felt pity…and disgust too. Oh gosh, woahh. That’s a really deep one. I never heard of that. I’m kinda trying to agree with you on that; perhaps, they feel so much pressure, they tend to fall over the edge.
    I think that if it was a lie, ones first reaction would be to come out and deny it. This is too grave an issue to just keep mum about it. But then again, people are different. However, I strongly believe the story.

  6. says

    Of course, Only God knows the whole truth; He and the parties. So, I’d like to hear a detailed side of the story before crucifying anyone.

    However, assuming Ese’s story is true, she’s got big issues: like u pointed out, how could her feminine antennae miss the signs? Sit on my laps and give me a kiss. I’ll tell u what, she didn’t mind sleeping with him at all! Trance like state my royal ass. To my mind, she doesn’t really sound remorseful for what she did; screwing a married man for whatever reason is WRONG. I’d love for her to apologise to his wife and drop the higher power abuse theory. She was not raped. They didn’t have sex just once fa. Biko, this abuse concept don’t work mate. It sounds to me like an affair gone wrong. but that’s me sha.

    That being said, I’d point out I’m not team pastor at all. MBA. I have no excuse for him at all. I wouldn’t excuse any married man cheating for whatever reason, pastor or not. But of cos the fact that he’s a pastor just makes it worse. And all that taking time to give a robust reply, nah men. It’s either: Ese’s story is true and I apologise, I shall be taking time off the pulpit for a while OR Ese is a liar I didn’t do it. You usually don’t need time to bring out the truth; looking for time just to reply just sounds like u want to cook up a story.

    As for those coza members and their support for their pastor, I just laugh. Brainwashing is such a scary thing. I was a coza member for about 2 yrs and I was a worker. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t fit in and left. There’s that funny expectation for u to keep chanting ur support for coza and the Pastor (not necessarily God) for everything and i just didn’t get it. In coza I tell u as a matter of fact that if u are the type that dares to question some doctrines or things u do t agree with, u will not fit in cos u r trying to cause strife in the body of Christ. Tehehe. So, the people chanting “we celebrate u pastor Biodun” etc are trained to not necessarily engage their brains. Like someone said, even if hes found guilty, these people will come up with their love and support and find a scripture to excuse the sin.
    So am back in my church where the Pastor is absolutely not God and can be questioned about anything. Not that it makes the church or pastor perfect but there’s…… Checks and balance.

    Anyway, all these is assuming the story is true.

    • says


      Oya ten gbosas for you. You have hit the nail on the head. I believe Ese’s story, but we’re gonna need proof. What she said makes total sense and sounds very plausible that it really did happen, but until we have some proof, we can’t just ignore the possibility that it isn’t true. As for the Pastor and his church, they will all be fine. They can keep chanting their love and solidarity all they want, it won’t do or undo what has already been done.

    • Yewande S. says

      Omotee you are spot on. HAHAHA… Now I understand the comments I have been seeing all over from COZA members, “I celebrate you permanently,” “I celebrate you deliberately,” bla bla bla. I was wondering what all the nonsense chants were about. I guess that must be how they say it in COZA. Brainwashing is a terrible thing. God has given all of us brains to think with. Some of us want to play it safe, and choose not to engage our brains or question authority. Rubbish!

  7. Ere says

    At the end of the day it two consenting adults that had sex. Both were wrong. It so easy to say it the Devil, I think we give the Devil too much credit. When clearly in this situation, it both parties foolishness and bad decision that got them in this mess. As an adult you should be able to distinguish what’s right or wrong. On the other hand, no proof is needed of an affair, if the pastor didnt have an affair he would have vehemently denied it, yet he comes up with the biggest cop out “the Lord told me to keep quiet”, abeg
    take several seats. this is clearly not his first affair. It time for the pastor to step down, but
    unfortunately it won’t happen. Just like this story, it will run it
    course and be swept under the rug. Everything back to as is.

    • says

      Ere, I totally agree with you. It’s two adults that have done something very foolish. They were not forced or pressured to do it; they just did. And you’re right, too, an innocent pastor will move quickly to deny the allegations.

  8. Ere says

    Then again if Ese is going to expose the pastor like this, she might as well go all the way. Text, call logs, picture…post it online. I agree, Vera.

  9. Mowo says

    Its sad really that our good pastor cannot say yes i did it , no I did not but says instead that he is coming out with a robust reply. May God help us all, we are surely in the end times anyways the Bible has made it clear that by their fruits you shall know them the truth of this saga will eventually prevail.

    • says

      Mowo, he cannot say it because he knows that he did it. And only gullible people will sit down there and be clapping for him. That’s one of our problems in Nigeria: accountability. How can a whole pastor be accused of something so terrible and those clapping people do not have the sense to say, “But Pastor, did you do it?”

  10. Enitan says

    For the mere fact that this man wants to wait to make a “robust reply”, I think he did what he has been accused of. Anyone who was innocent would categorically say they were innocent and not be waiting to make a pomp and circumstance reply. His words even depict arrogance which is probably why he has the guts to continue doing this to people. There is a report of him being suspended previously by his ‘father in the Lord’, so that means other ‘men of God’ knew and have known of his acts??? Na wa oh! I am not surprised because the bible says that not everyone who calls Him Lord, will enter the kingdom of God. That is why we have to pray and ask God for discernment through the Holy Spirit. Even this verse that most people have butchered the true meaning – touch not my anointed, applies to ALL of God’s anointed because as true Christians who walk in the way of The Lord, we are all Kings and priests. Another thing, we women need to also be vigilant. I am in no way blaming the man’s wife and I feel so sorry for her. I can’t imagine what she is going through but we wives need to start talking and correcting our husbands. It is the Nigerian mentality that the man is the head of household and is allowed to do whatever he wants. The man starts to do something that is not right and the woman keeps quiet, then it transcends into something bigger and then she wants to talk or get angry or whatever. We all have a part to play in order to live a fulfilling and blessed life. Lets stop with the traditions abeg!! The man was talking about grace, the bible says that should we continue to sin that grace may abound?

  11. nike says

    Hi Vera. Lovely post. The truth is every man is vulnerable, and of course no one is perfect. However this so called Pastor is a serial chat. When he was in ilorin,I know 2 girls he was sleeping with. As I told my husband, he knows how to pick his victims.n he will never go for the spirikoko’s always the ones that are a little vulnerable and damaged. The funky sisters that will not be able to speak out cos they will be accused of seducing him. The ones he can easily manipulate. Sighs. He is a repeat offender and his church’s success as only made him more arrogant. I pay Ese has proof she can show. Our that someone else comes up with proof. It’s just sad offer of the girls an taking about just got married. She will never speak up now.
    And her had the nerve to speak such bullshit in the church and his congregation was still hauling him. Religion is indeed the opium of the masses.
    I am so angry.
    Everyone use jus condemning that poor girl. Isn’t it obvious she’s damaged and that’s why she was easy prey. I liked the fact she made it clear he didn’t rape her. She got bad when she discovered he didn’t feel remorse or guilt. Don’t know why she was surprised sha, the guy………..
    Anyway don’t let me drive on and on.
    Love your blog!

    BTW you can do a Google search on one tunbiolusanya. He goes to coza and wrote a blog. In the blog he mentioned some stuff about Biodun and his previous (well some) sexcapades in ilorin.

    • says

      Thank you for stopping by, Nike! And thank you for your comment. You know I will definitely go google him! I am not surprised that he is a repeat offender at all. I think I would be surprised if he wasn’t a repeat offender. Like I said in the post, I am proud of Ese for coming out and telling this story. No other woman (except Franca who came out after Ese) has dared to, so kudos to her.

  12. mark says

    I read through the story from Ese, comments, and even the pastor’s response not to forget You the Blogger nice job anyway. First, the pastor should be checked no mention of condom using, with all the allegations from all corner shame on You pastor abi u dey 2baba categories when prefer ” live band” no cd lol Pastor no dey play safe? And again he (pastor) mentioned God told him to keep quiet abeg when? Make una ask am oh! God Almighty is all about the truth nothing but the truth. Why is it that for all the pastors in COZA its just the same Pastor Biodun name that keeps popping up abi na only him be anointed man for COZA? wen dem won spoil him calling? Abeg make una reason am na! The pastor knows more than what he is not wanting to admit. For the lady she clearly knows what she was getting herself into coz she admitted to have heard stories about the randy pastor so she was expectant of it not judging but working with facts from her escapades. She trying to play the victim here I don’t follow coz the Bible clearly stated Adultery is a SIN and mind u she shouldn’t be surprised when she eventually gets married nemesis will surely catch up with her that is, when u sleep with someone else’s husband time will come when your husband will experiences same faith am not wishing bad but na law of karma.
    As for the wife well trust Nigerian Wives to always cover for the husbands, but assuming it were the woman vis visa na Village she for see herself sharply abi na lie? We men dey most time dey get away so easily @ times. I guess she is keeping quiet, well as a loving and devoted average Nigeria women, mothers or Ladies in love would do abeg make una correct me if am wrong oh! Coz knowledge na POWER. I sure know and believe the Pastor will never owe up because 9ja Pastors funny wella and 9ja no dey believe in second chance, fuck up na fuck up shekena.
    As for the church and members in Abuja Branch well no be one Pastor them get na, he (pastor Biodun) is replaceable abi na lie? To be honest only God Almighty knows what happens in closes doors, our mind and things around the world. Let us know that God is watching oh! e no dey sleep 24/7

    • says

      Mark, you’re right on the money. It sounds crazy to even be wondering if the Pastor used protection, but it is a reality that we must face. I hope he did. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  13. mark says

    Just read pastor odulele story, from the story u will see that he initial denied all allegations but when people came out with the facts and truth he had no choice but to owe up about is sexuality problems believe you me that courage coz he even said that such act contradict with God’s doctrine, that to show you we re human and can make mistakes which people can help and learn from such mistake. Unlike our pastors here in Nigeria they will never admit nor deny any involvement instead they will go about their business as if the media hates them but we must times learn from the truth from the media the latest happenings abi na lie? From Pastor Odulele story you will see that the appropriate authorities did their role and duties to ensure that the truth be told and held by all to know that such things truly happens and no man is too Holy or above sin but in Nigeria here, na story to be read and passed on which is not suppose to be so.
    Stories like these can almost question our faith in churches and so called Pastors. Where we are suppose to feel safe and seek for more guidances to our day to day life but in most cases its not so, we read about stories here in Nigeria and nothing seem to be done to the accused people its a shame coz things like these keep happening and nothing much seem to be done to check mate or completely eradicate such practise in our society. God help and bless Nigeria with true leaders and God fearing Men of Faith. Amen oh!

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