Dreamer’s Dream: What Would You Do With $100 Million?

MoneyThis is a question that has been keeping me up at night: what will I do with a hundred million dollars? Choi! I have been picturing going to bed as a “normy” and waking up as a millionaire superstar. The odds are against me, I know, but it always seems impossible until it happens. Ehen, so what will I do with $100 million?

1.  Quit my day job.

2.  Stay home for one week, and all I’ll do is sleep, eat, watch TV. Repeat.

And that is where my fantasy has reached so far. There’s so much more to do, but I’m overwhelmed by what to do with all my money. I mean, which one of my many plans and dreams would I pursue first? I’ll probably just go back to bed and sleep on it for another week. Yup. That’s the plan.

What would you do with $100 million?

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  1. says

    Ah, I will fist of all sleep for one week, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Then after one week I will start to draw up a business plan. I will go on holiday while working on the plan and when I get back I will implement it the plan. In that time I will get married, buy a house, buy a car start my NGO….and just continue with enjoyment life

  2. says

    Is this 100mil tax free or what? lol. I have my mega-million plan kinda worked out. For the most part, i plan on living life as i’ve always done except upgrade a few things here and there, donate some places (and to some people) and switch to working part-time lol.

  3. Funmie says

    I will firist of all withdraw $1milla,…. still got $99 milla pending shey?

    pay off d mortgage, my siblings, parents and sista-friends gets a brand new car.

    then we all go on vacation….

    gotta decide how i split my tithe amongst churches… my church gets the most!!!

    hire me an accountant…. then we go from there.

    Kai, i go don shop tire sha!!! knowing me, i would still be clipping coupons and looking for deals tho. only that i would be upgraded from MAcys to bigger and better… LOL

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