Beyonce: She Just Keeps On Winning

Let me admit something: I have been liking – maybe loving – Beyonce recently. I am just so awed at her person. She’s famous. She’s successful. She’s married. She’s a mommy. She’s wealthy. She’s private.  She’s beautiful. She’s hella hot. I just love the way we know the things she wants us to know. No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors, and I love it. We don’t see her in tabloids with news about fighting someone. Or cheating (or being cheated on). Or crashing a car. Or smoking a blunt. Or missing a court date (or even having to go to court). I mean, the woman is a super woman. How on earth does she do it? And may I have one of whatever she’s having?

It’s only the middle of February, and she has accomplished a LOT already. If a person was blessed to do one of these things in their lifetime, I think that would be great. To be able to do them in the space of one month – maybe six weeks – is CRAZY. And I love it!

Beyonce at Obama's Inauguration

Beyonce at Obama’s Inauguration

In January, she sang the national anthem at Obama’s second inauguration. She was criticized for lip-syncing, but whatever, that’s done and over with. Plus, no one can say that she can’t sing. We know she can – lip sync or not.

Beyonce for the Super Bowl.

Beyonce for the Super Bowl.









This month, she performed at the super bowl, and she slayed it. I can’t lie. Her performance was a show stopper – literally. NEPA took light after the performance, but who can blame them? Her former group mates – Kelly and Michelle – joined her on stage, and they were accused of merely being back-up singers. *shrug*

Beyonce at the Grammys

Beyonce at the Grammys






And just this past Sunday, she took home her 17th Grammy award – as if she needs anymore. But hey, I don’t think anyone gets tired of winning.

Lastly, her documentary – where I hear she gets very candid – will debut tomorrow, February 16th on HBO at 9pm. I’m looking forward to watching it. It’d be nice to see a part of Beyonce that we have never seen. She’s usually so guarded, so controlled, and so … well, you know what I mean.




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    • says

      I agree!! And that’s what I love most abut her, too — the fact that her personal life is just as organized, like she’s put a lot of thought into every part of her. Great work!

  1. Abot J Kachim says

    Honestly, I am not a “fan” and I am yet to be stung by the »B«. But I have madD respect for her and I am yet to come accross someone who doesn’t. No wonder millions of women all over the world look up to her. She is truly a remarkable woman.

    • says

      Abot, I totally understand where you are coming from. I have never declared myself as a “fan,” but then I see all these things she’s doing, and I am so inspired. She’s not like the rest. Usually people are either great in their career or great in their personal life, but she seems to have found the perfect balance between both,

      • says

        YES at “Usually people are either great in their career or great in their personal life, but she seems to have found the perfect balance between both,”:. Probably thanks to the fact that (despite whatever “image” he may have had as a “tough guy”) Jay-Z IS a supportive partner and they really make each other better.

  2. Manny says

    I respect her hardwork but you forgot to add “so white”. I have stared at her pictures for several minutes and it makes me sad that the more she is successful, the whiter she looks.
    Hey I know she is not 100% negroid but still ……… Oh well

    • says

      You think she’s getting whiter, really? Hmm. I don’t know. I don’t see it. I’m thinking that the look of her skin tone is just due to better cameras and lighting. I don’t know. That’s what I think anyway.

  3. says

    I like her because she works very very hard at everything. She is not the most talented performer but she is one of the hardest working and a perfectionist. And it shows. Kudos to Queen Bey.

    • says

      She truly is very hard working, and it’s so evident in her work. I can only imagine what a typical day would be like for her. Well, kudos to her anyway, and more grease to her elbows.

  4. don ken says

    She’s the only female i can call MY GIRLFRIEND in front of my wife and not sleep on the couch for that,she just continues to grow from strength to strength and yes i must add that her decision to date and marry Jay has really paid off and am so happy for them…

    • says

      Loool. I like your wife already. I think so, too … that marrying Jay Z has definitely helped her. Likewise, it has helped Jay Z, too, to be married to her. They are both very talented and hardworking people.

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