The Amazon Drone Is A Thing Now, And I’ve Got Some Questions

At this point, I cannot even be forming shocked when I hear of new technology promising to take us to heights never reached before. I remember when cell phones started coming out with cameras and I thought it was the craziest thing ever. Now you’d have to go to the museum to see phones without cameras. I wonder what kind of technology we will have when my children are my age now. Crazy, huh?

Amazon Drone: Coming to homes near you [Image source: NBC News

Amazon Drone: Coming to homes near you [Image source: NBC News]

Anyway, as we all know, Amazon revolutionized the way we buy things online. It was Amazon that put e-commerce on the map. And today, it’s absurd when a company doesn’t have an option for its customers to buy online. Yikes. Now, Amazon is trying to change the market yet again. First of all, let me mention – because I know they want to know – that I am still mad at Amazon for changing its minimum order for free shipping from $25 to $35. I mean, what is up with that?! But I digress.

So, Amazon wants to introduce delivery via quadcopters (drones). If you’re like me, the mention of drones makes you think of two things: bombs and spy cameras. Yes, I know that drones are only the carriers, not what is being carried. That said, the idea of having packages delivered by the drones does sound very interesting. I mean, you order something from Amazon and the drone delivers it within 30 minutes. That’s faster than pizza!

As exciting as this sounds, I do have some questions for Amazon, and I’m hoping that Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO will get back to me with the answers. He has my e-mail address from when I order from Amazon.

1. What are the odds of this drone hitting me in the head?

2. What if I’m not home? Will the drone know?

3.  What if the drone goes to the wrong address?

4.  What if the drone gets into an accident on its way? I’m assuming that fellow drones will be in the airspace, too?

5.  Who will be controlling this drone?

6.  What else can the drone transport?

7.  What is the weight limit of the drone because I might need to go to Nigeria real quick?

8.  Will there be an extra charge for this service? Wait, it’s called Amazon Prime Air, so the question is, how much more will it cost?

9.  Will the drone be able to act as a transportation service to deliver other things to people?

10.  Speaking of delivering other things, will the post office start using drones, too?

11.  What if the drone gets caught in a tree?

12.  What if I throw a stone at it?

13.  What if I shine a bright torch at it and blind it?

P.S. Yesterday was Cyber Monday, and Amazon got 300 orders every second. Second, not minute. That’s 18,000 orders per minute and over a million orders per hour. Choi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. says

    Like seriously you’ve asked all the questions i have but one more will the drone ring my bell when it drops the package in front of my house. What of people that live in flats?

  2. Ese says

    LOL! this is my most hilarious read ever…you asked almost all my questions…apart from cant my neighbor not shoot it down and steal my packages?
    What prevents it from landing in my pool?
    Would we have to construct Drone landing bases in our lawns?

  3. Manny says

    My fear is that with all the drones that will be in the airspace daily in the coming years, we will have to go to the highest mountain before we can pray to God. Those drones will be causing interference with prayer waves.
    I’m also mad at amazon for increasing their minimum for shipping but there are ways around that
    1) Share amazon prime with friends and family …… up to 5 people can share and you can have separate accounts so other people don’t need to see that Vera mainly buys condoms and lubricants haha
    2) If you have a .edu email address, sign up for their student prime trial and after the trial period ends, they will offer a year’s prime to you for $39
    3) Not amazon but if you have an amex card, you get shoprunner 2 day shipping free. E.g. I order most of my toiletries from drugstore . com and I get them in 2 days free. And dominoes free delivery too.
    BTW, if you don’t have friends and family to share prime with, there are several forums online where you can share with strangers for ~$16

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