100 Orgasms A Day? It Does Exist!

There are women who are having big trouble having an orgasm, and then, there are women who have too many orgasms. They are even called unwanted. And while it may sound like an oxymoron to put orgasms and unwanted in the same sentence, it is actually possible.

It’s something called Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder [PSAD].  I thought it was a good illness to have until I read exactly what it means and feels like: PGAD occurs “when a woman’s genitals are sexually aroused for hours, days, weeks, or longer, but the woman doesn’t feel any desire to have sex.”

Women who suffer from this illness get turned on by just about everything, like, Rachel, a mom and wife in Atlanta who suffers from this illness. She gets turned on by doing laundry, especially when it’s in the spin cycle. I’ll never look at the washer the same way again, and next time I do laundry, I’ll wait for the spin cycle — just to see how it feels, that’s all. For experimental purposes, that is.

Watch the video for yourself.



Credit: Huffington Post

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    • says

      See accusation oh! LOL. I was not googling anything. I just happened to stumble upon it … same way I stumble upon everything. Fear not, I do not aspire to have 100 orgasms a day. Who has time for that? I’ve got a blog to update. Tehehe.

  1. Nice says

    The disorder is real my dear Vera.
    I will advise you to get you boyfriend to makelove to you to a point where you experience multiple orgasms.

    A lot of West African men do not know this though!!

    I mean 95% of them just pound yam.

    • says

      Hahaha @ pounding yam. What are we to do about this? Who is going to teach these men how to make love? Per the disorder, it’s unfortunate that it’s real. However, the literature doesn’t imply that having multiple orgasms a day can stop it. I mean, how many orgasms can you possibly have in one round of sex? Three? Four? Seven? Then what happens when the urge comes on again?

      • Nice says

        Dear Vera

        The way to get rid of the yam pounding is for women to tell the man what they wish him to do to them
        i.e TEACH.

        Because of man’s egotistic nature he will not admit to his flaw especially in this area, I suggest you dump him like the way you would a hot mushy moimoi.
        The one who says to you’ please teach’ me is the best man one that is hard to find in the black nation, treat him like a king and learn together.
        The normal multiple orgasm one can have is up to 3 that are intermitent in one round of sex and the subsequent two would even take place without intercourse.

        my African mothers and sisters have been denied this joy for centuries Now is the time to SPEAK OUT and have one of our basic unmet need MET.

        • says


          It’s quite a sad thing to know or imagine that our mothers did not or do not experience this pleasure – not that I want to imagine my mother having an orgasm right now. But I’m happy that our generation is not as stiff, that we – men and women – are open to learning more about this sex thing.

  2. says

    One of Grey’s Anatomy episodes was about a lady with that illness, I confess it looked attractive then sha. But after she analysed it I felt so bad.
    This multiple orgasm mata ehn, toh.

    Meanwhile I saw a dirty yoruba movie where they made it look like old n bush pips understand great sex. I laughed like a mad person ehn. An elderly lady’s MIL advised her to use “aboniki” to help her situation when her husband wasn’t showing her love. Hei, chim o!!!!!!

    • says

      Biko, what is aboniki? Never heard. Per the illness, unfortunately, it’s one of those things that people who don’t have it think of it more as a blessing than a curse. While having orgasms may be euphoric, I’d rather have them when I actually want to have them, not because I cannot control them, and they have to happen.

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