Book Review: Feddie Girl by Nona David

Feddie Girl is a book set in U.S.A and Nigeria.  Anyone can read and enjoy this book, but if you went to school in Nigeria, then you really need to read this book.  If you went to a boarding school in Nigeria, you really, really need to read this book.  If you went to an all-girls federal government college in Nigeria, then don’t even bother reading this review. Just go ahead and buy the book right now.

Although I did not attend a federal government college, I did attend an all-girls’ college, and many of the practices are the same (with the exception of being called a Feddie Girl, of course).

Feddie Girl is about Carlotta Ikedi, a thirteen year old spoiled, half-caste teenager whose bad behavior landed her within the gates of FGGC Uddah. Carlotta was as clueless as you can imagine. On her first day in school, she promptly asked for some Diet Coke — and extra ice.

Reading this book brought back a lot of memories from corporal punishments to morning duties to inspections to college-speak to verbally-abusive teachers, and to strict living – with lights out, rising bell, and mean ‘witchy’ prefects . If you went to college in Nigeria, you’d remember being told to “kneel down and fly your hands” You’d remember college-speak like “please, allow me,” “please, spare me,” and starting your sentences with “You girls…”

Feddie Girl reminded me of subjects I had long forgotten, like Integrated Science, Business Studies, Introductory Technology, Home Economics, and Agriculture. It reminded me of those times in class when there’d be no teacher, and somehow, a totally senseless argument would erupt, and before you know it, the entire class is throwing missiles at each other in the form of shoes, textbooks, and notebooks. And I was forced to remember the insults we used to haul at each other. I did not know the meaning then, and I still don’t know the meaning: “You stupid, bombastic, jabajantic, nonsensical…” And, of course, in every class, there’s always one ‘Iroko tree,’ a person who is noticeably taller than everyone else.

Feddie Girl is an entertaining, exciting, and engaging page-turner, full of unexpected twists and turns, several trips down memory lane, and lots and lots of humor. My only regret is that I did not read this sooner. The moment I started, I couldn’t stop.

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  1. Tiwa says

    Whoaw..I'm first? It must be Christmas.. :D
    A friend of mine told me about this book recently and I was contemplating buying it…but now, since Aunty Vera has spoken, I'm off to make my purchase by force by fire.

  2. CaramelD says

    I don't know if I'm ready for all the memories that will come flooding back as I start page one. I started Federal Owerri fresh from London and the first thing someone asked me was "what lie did you parents tell you to get you on the plane?" LMAO!!!!!!!

  3. Feddie Girl says

    Thanks for the wonderful review, Vera. I'm glad you enjoyed taking a humorous trip down memory lane with "Feddie Girl."

    @CaramelID, Funny you should say that. It's basically the same reaction I get from people, only in my case, I deserved what I got. I actually started enjoying my self in the Feddie School once I got over the whole awkward "Diet Coke and extra ice" situation.
    So, what exactly did you "do"? Lol!

  4. CaramelD says

    @ Feddie Girl, I was one of the few students from 'abroad' who hadn't been told that their Granny was at death's door or who had been put on the plane because they were running wild back in London LOL!! My Dad simply sat me down and told me that I was his only child and I was losing touch with my homeland so I should go back.

    For the record, the first 3 mths were something else but I wouldn't give up those 6 yrs for anything in the world including water shortages, snakes in dorm, pounding toilets, unblocking gutters, fighting to iron your clothes, homesickness, useless punishments, dining food and fetching countless buckets of water.

    Look forward to reading your book.

    • chizzie says

      @Caramel, snakes in dorm? Woa! Others were all true though. So which set did you graduate. While I was there, we had lots of ‘janded’ people.

  5. Vera Ezimora says

    Tiwa: Yes, ke! You must oh! I totally enjoyed reading it, no doubt.

    Caramel: LOL. Don't mind the person jare! Didn't you enjoy being a Feddie Girl? LOL. Anyhoo, the book is a great read sha. I loved it.

    JustJoxy: Thanks, babes! Don't mind Caramel.

    Funmie: I suspect that that's why she's as mad as she is right now.

    Feddie Girl: Anytime, darling! I absolutely enjoyed reading it. "We" should do it again.

    T. Notes: You totally should! I guarantee you, you're going to love it, too.

    Caramel: Oh, ada obodo oyibo, adi'm very sorry. LOL. Please, don't remind me about that pounding toilets thing. That was an absolute mess! I used to fake having 'skin irritation' #HISS

    So Sexy: Yes, you do, darling. You'll love it, for sure.

    His Treasure: Yay! Tell me how it goes when you're done reading.

  6. chizzie says

    For me, being a feddy girl was a dream come true. I was admitted in several schools ( airforce, command ) and private ones but I told my mum its FGGC owerri and no other. I heard about feddie girl about 3 or 2 years go but have not been able to buy it.
    All my experiencves there were worth it. Federal Government Girls Colleage will alwyas be d best part of life. You needed to experience the after inspection flogging. Early monday morning labour. After visiting day pounding of toilets. Games. Pals and vals day. All so uncountable.

    • says

      Loool. While I cannot say that these experiences broke me in high school, I really don’t know if I would want my children to go through that. Oh, well. Thank you for reading.

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